I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

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thanks for watching :)

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Thank you for watching the videos, this year was rough for a lot of reasons but despite everything all your support really helped me end mine on a positive note. I'm very greatful for all the people around me be it the team, my friends, and whoever enjoys the videos, and I'm excited about what we can achieve this next year :)

Kleck 2 sekunder sedan
Wait what happened to her Minecraft video?
juan Dominguez
juan Dominguez 9 sekunder sedan
idk why but at the end i was about to cry
CatWonder Kali
CatWonder Kali 26 minuter sedan
Wait isn’t that the person who gave you egg :3
RazzleDaz playz and vlogs
RazzleDaz playz and vlogs 36 minuter sedan
happy almost 10 mill
Squaremations / Toxic Emerald
Squaremations / Toxic Emerald 37 minuter sedan
Jaiden, people are making rude art of you and your friends. It's getting worse. Please just tell them to stop :c
Taylor Hewson
Taylor Hewson 52 minuter sedan
Pokemon abuse poor shinx pest in peace
Atgang Timme sedan
Do more pls Jaiden
matthew_jade Timme sedan
i just realized while playing pokemon you need skills of- luck
Ramazan Ege Macit
Ramazan Ege Macit Timme sedan
can you make a pokemon sword and sheild nuzlock
Hasin Tapu
Hasin Tapu Timme sedan
sunada paranavithana
sunada paranavithana Timme sedan
ps this is a diffrent account im useing
sunada paranavithana
sunada paranavithana Timme sedan
hi im 10 i really like ur vids :)
Bruno Solis Cesar
Bruno Solis Cesar Timme sedan
Heart gold pliss
QuackInABox Of The Duck Army
QuackInABox Of The Duck Army Timme sedan
Who is still waiting for jaiden to upload... please
Flutters55 Powell
Flutters55 Powell Timme sedan
Isaac Orozco
Isaac Orozco Timme sedan
Subalo a espanol latino
Sir Hanny
Sir Hanny Timme sedan
which species is ari
technoblade1255 2 timmar sedan
Uemin Lin
Uemin Lin 2 timmar sedan
At least you made it.
Charles Arcris G. Mendoza
Charles Arcris G. Mendoza 2 timmar sedan
Jugador Creeper
Jugador Creeper 2 timmar sedan
Lo intente en Pokémon diamante y perdí contra Cinthia :(
Lucky 2 timmar sedan
at 1:53 I just saw Diamond and Looker in the background over one month after this video was released I'm a dumbass
Good_boi123 2 timmar sedan
Can you do this again plsss
bruh blox
bruh blox 2 timmar sedan
In your old video you said that to pet our pets but I have a pet ant
Edward Vandewater
Edward Vandewater 3 timmar sedan
she really lost and the sepeated parts were the one that fell the one she lost in
oscar arturo arredondo
oscar arturo arredondo 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden is a video to super smash bros mode adventure(si ves falta de ortografía es por que soy mexicano
MR Brazilian
MR Brazilian 3 timmar sedan
That end tho
Tough Kaushish
Tough Kaushish 3 timmar sedan
Can someone remind me she that she is just a youtuber holly crap that was better than pokemon.
Mayflower 3 timmar sedan
I’m so confused
Gavin Gorman
Gavin Gorman 3 timmar sedan
my theroy is that she had two attempts at the nuzzlock. it would make sense of how she lost so many of her team so early on in the elite four. Also: pokemon nuzzlock johto plz.
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Can you teach us how to make animation like you... Plssss i subscribe and like all yours vedio from now... Plsss²²²²⅜⅝²
M Sellenberg
M Sellenberg 3 timmar sedan
12:14 figth 12:24 figth 13:37 weeeeeeeeeeee 15:07 what is this screech 20:14 yeet
David Lui
David Lui 3 timmar sedan
This is the first time im watching, and it was an amazing watch, thank you!
Eldar Taghiyev
Eldar Taghiyev 4 timmar sedan
Why it was one month ago
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell 4 timmar sedan
jaiden nearly loses her best pokemon cynthia E G G?
ADG 4 timmar sedan
Why is the end dramatic
Leonard Genetia
Leonard Genetia 4 timmar sedan
Dwayne the rock onix
Cele Ches
Cele Ches 4 timmar sedan
You should do a play pokemon sorper mostr degen
Dominic Alessandro Wijaya
Dominic Alessandro Wijaya 4 timmar sedan
100 vids
Joey Miteff
Joey Miteff 4 timmar sedan
She's def gay :3
Adam Fabinski
Adam Fabinski 4 timmar sedan
10 more vids and another nuzlocke
nemanja milosev
nemanja milosev 4 timmar sedan
Jaiden how did u get shrimp
AMIRBIIK GT 4 timmar sedan
why is the scizor afraid of ice type?
Reshi 4 timmar sedan
Damn, that Mystery Dungeon music is just inescapable.
Cat Video
Cat Video 4 timmar sedan
Theodd1sout couple moment
クレイシアGlaceon 5 timmar sedan
If Failure survived, he might've been the greatest Luxray ever. *sad noice*
TwoPercentCheese 57
TwoPercentCheese 57 5 timmar sedan
U pan?
Big R
Big R 5 timmar sedan
At the beginning it said PKMN, that can be mistaken for Pikmin.
Kara Palmer
Kara Palmer 5 timmar sedan
Hey Jaiden, you probably won't end up seeing this, as cliche as that is to say but I keep seeing all this comments calling you a goddess and stuff and it's kinda sad but also I sorta get it, while I think that's weird and would never think or speak that way myself, you do really have a sort of... effect on people, it's in your voice and animation style, you just seem some kind and wholesome and it never fails to put a smile on my, and my people around the world's faces, you just have this way of making people happy, even in some of the saddest times and some people don't understand that and I guess that makes them see you as more than human, but really you just seem like a really chill and nice and wholesome person, I hope you a wonderful day and life and keep doing what you're doing, you've made millions of people's lives just a wee bit better and help to brighten up some of the darkest days, keep being you - Kara, the girl you've never heard of.
the dirty crime boi
the dirty crime boi 5 timmar sedan
The thing is she lost the first time and the second time she won that's what happened she put some plot into the video wich is. Really cool imagine how less good of a video will this be if it didn't have PLOTS it won't be bad yet though it will be sad wich is not good it's still sad but with good choice jaiden the video is cool
Jay 5 timmar sedan
Hi jaiden you are my favourite youtuber i am 9 i love pokemon you should make a nuzlocke of radical red watch pokemon challenges
joy austria
joy austria 5 timmar sedan
You made me cry i didn't expect that happen
Light Dark
Light Dark 5 timmar sedan
why does jaiden cynthia drawing looks hot as shɪᴛ i am turned on
Reddy 6 timmar sedan
Happy 100 videos jaiden
Karana Putra Nugraha 8IH
Karana Putra Nugraha 8IH 6 timmar sedan
"Thats why i hate love"
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 6 timmar sedan
How did she make the glitch’s is way better than anime and movies
EDISON MANTES ABAD 6 timmar sedan
how do u finish nuzlockes while i have to always restart
dinolover 6 timmar sedan
Now you're making me think about alll the times I reset cause I had a bad AI matchup...
SadlySaee 6 timmar sedan
I have a confession to make here. You're adorable
Philip Fugata
Philip Fugata 6 timmar sedan
I already now your face
Life the nothing
Life the nothing 6 timmar sedan
Milk never died
jelly bean
jelly bean 6 timmar sedan
Hii :3
Blitz Eclipse stop motion
Blitz Eclipse stop motion 7 timmar sedan
Milk is the best in my opinion
KirbeeFan 3000
KirbeeFan 3000 7 timmar sedan
jaiden if you can read this if you want shellos in pokemon go ill give it to you for any pokemon no scam i promise
CandyCraft104 Music and Gaming
CandyCraft104 Music and Gaming 7 timmar sedan
End of this got real deep, Jaiden, wow XD LOVE IT, THOUGH
Cat TvT
Cat TvT 7 timmar sedan
Thanks jaiden for making me sad
Lucca Bibar
Lucca Bibar 7 timmar sedan
ecery time i watch this i get reallsad about faliure...
BeKzOn Yt
BeKzOn Yt 7 timmar sedan
Can you make a nother video pliz im borrde
Elite Kids
Elite Kids 8 timmar sedan
The way you ended this was JUST.... SO.... DEPRESSING!!
SCHLUMPED - 8 timmar sedan
She deleted the Minecraft video after the whole Carson situation
hugo flores
hugo flores 8 timmar sedan
Maybe pokemon fire red nuzlocke?
levinito sheva tangkau
levinito sheva tangkau 8 timmar sedan
•TeaCakeRin• 9 timmar sedan
This is why I read the Bulbapedia for guides before playing
Geo 9 timmar sedan
that ending really really really hit different.....
Nidhi Pradhan
Nidhi Pradhan 9 timmar sedan
@Geo yes
Geo 9 timmar sedan
this video is a masterpiece btw...
submepls163 channel
submepls163 channel 9 timmar sedan
Play pokemon sword please
Ender Times
Ender Times 9 timmar sedan
An animation of 20 mins ?! And its really beautifull and fun ! I can't imagine how many time you worked on this video
dino game
dino game 9 timmar sedan
More pokemon video please. They are really NicE
Tyrese Baptist
Tyrese Baptist 9 timmar sedan
Hahahahaha time to persh
Grayson Kay
Grayson Kay 9 timmar sedan
Words cannot express how good this video is!
Colton H
Colton H 9 timmar sedan
I just restarted pearl I named Barry “Trash”
Jaxon Hunt Gaming
Jaxon Hunt Gaming 10 timmar sedan
Best channel she deserves a million sub or more
Tristan Kiefer Quela
Tristan Kiefer Quela 10 timmar sedan
Can you please do a pokemon fire red NUZLOCKE
Micheal Olk
Micheal Olk 10 timmar sedan
Touch the heroic or let me get a shout out plz
Alvin Ortiz
Alvin Ortiz 11 timmar sedan
Check out " the spiffing brit" asap
Cyonix Gaming
Cyonix Gaming 11 timmar sedan
Also, the electric type gym leader looks a lot like Minato.
T4Teresa 11 timmar sedan
SonicShark 11 timmar sedan
Sure you may think that all the other teams are evil but I mean team Galactic has pipe bombs
Cyonix Gaming
Cyonix Gaming 12 timmar sedan
The way you drew Mars was probably better than the original design!
Kibria 27
Kibria 27 12 timmar sedan
Jaiden pls play heartgold or soulsilver or pokemon black 2
Darth TeryZ
Darth TeryZ 12 timmar sedan
Failure was the saddest death
basket of eggs
basket of eggs 12 timmar sedan
"I swept Wake using the TM Thunder I bought literally next door" Today I learned the Veilstone Department Store is right next door to the Pastoria Gym
T4Teresa 12 timmar sedan
Roller Toaster
Roller Toaster 12 timmar sedan
Scissor is a steel type which is strong against ice.
adela205 12 timmar sedan
Wow that ending was deep-
Murk-E Meow
Murk-E Meow 12 timmar sedan
U got 100 videos OH
thanosisthebest 13 timmar sedan
make a pokemon gold nuzlocke
Gavin Daliva
Gavin Daliva 13 timmar sedan
Why does at one point that the video at the egg part why does jaden's character have the heart eyes
Facundo Marticorena
Facundo Marticorena 11 timmar sedan
Because Cynthia best waifu
derek buzze
derek buzze 13 timmar sedan
i subscribed i like your videos :D
Joseph Richichi
Joseph Richichi 13 timmar sedan
Oh wow that took a huge emotional turn at the end there. Good video nonetheless;)
Jerilee Protacio
Jerilee Protacio 14 timmar sedan
:) k.lll me
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