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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

it includes apples
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Johnny Appleseed would be proud.

Nightmare fox I’m ur worst nightmare
Nightmare fox I’m ur worst nightmare 34 minuter sedan
I hate gala apples and I like fuji apples
ThE_b0T_01 2 timmar sedan
6:15 translation my "my finger got cut and it hurts. look there is blood coming out! why dont you understand what i am saying? you're japanese, right?
Kyle Ashton
Kyle Ashton 7 timmar sedan
Welll if you eat 22 you die... R.I.p jaiden
Testa 11 timmar sedan
ExploreAndBeyond 13 timmar sedan
ExploreAndBeyond 11 timmar sedan
When I saw her at vid con I was thinking that she look like someone at my school
destikix 12 timmar sedan
shadowsearcher990 13 timmar sedan
Honestly, I’m tempted to try the apple route.
Crazy Cricket
Crazy Cricket 14 timmar sedan
Green apples all the best
Isabelle / Aka Galax
Isabelle / Aka Galax 14 timmar sedan
yo so jaiden wheres that gum tier list
Lil Leia
Lil Leia 14 timmar sedan
🍎 🍏
The Immortal Gamer
The Immortal Gamer 15 timmar sedan
Flapple before flapple
kevinilla 17 timmar sedan
isaak johnson
isaak johnson 17 timmar sedan
if you want to know what the kid said turn on subtitles
August senpai
August senpai 18 timmar sedan
I go to Montessori school, some kid filmed the girls a grade older than us and posted it on the internet without their consent... so that was fun did I mention that kid was in 5th grade
itsyagirll 23 timmar sedan
i paused this video, got up, then at an apple while finishing the video. :3
Snobsy Dag sedan
The Japanese kid said: My finger got cut and it hurts. Look there is blood comming out! why don't you understand what im saying? You're Japanese, RIGHT?! Actually what it means
Jing Han Hu
Jing Han Hu Dag sedan
2019 - 2020 Whats Different? EVERYTHING.
AJ Limjap
AJ Limjap Dag sedan
But *Granny* Smith and _Lady_ Hamilton, how could *Granny* use it?
kirby chu
kirby chu Dag sedan
Im trying all of the pokemon region variants in order. Currently I'm on gold right now but finished red in a week.
Casey Gadier
Casey Gadier Dag sedan
3:45 best teacher dance ever
Anime Simp 69
Anime Simp 69 Dag sedan
For the people who dont know what the kid is saying in 6:12 he says ‘’ My finger got cut and it hurts. Look there is blood coming out why don’t you understand what im saying? You’re Japanese, Right?''
Raedell Resurreccion
Raedell Resurreccion Dag sedan
i can tell what someone is saying on how they react to me that kid got cut so hes asking for first aid
El3ctric Rider
El3ctric Rider Dag sedan
Just put on captions to see the Japanese kid what he is saying
gerlyn codog
gerlyn codog Dag sedan
The translation is "My finger got cut and it hurts.look there is blood coming out! why don't you understand what I'm saying? You're Japanese right?" it's in 6:12
a eyelash bug
a eyelash bug Dag sedan
If you like Red delicious apples, no you don't
Roxanita Lopez
Roxanita Lopez Dag sedan
It’s 2021 now
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez Dag sedan
DragonBorne Among us lover
DragonBorne Among us lover Dag sedan
My favorite apple is honey crisp apple I think it would be If I could eat stuff
Rowen K.
Rowen K. Dag sedan
I am 6 love your vid
Marizza ZH
Marizza ZH Dag sedan
Lovingisabella _101
Lovingisabella _101 Dag sedan
im not gonna tell you what the Japanese boy said either cuz this is 3 years late. but might wanna turn on subtitles if you REALLY want to know.-
Dalissia Mendoza
Dalissia Mendoza Dag sedan
If you want to know what it is put on captions 6:13 :)
Thea_ xX
Thea_ xX 2 dagar sedan
I have eaten 👇🏻this many apples Correct 0
sunita raut
sunita raut 2 dagar sedan
Welcome to 2021 jaiden
Amanda Bach
Amanda Bach 2 dagar sedan
Y’all should try Chinese apples are the best they are my favorite
TeamMateMedia 2 dagar sedan
the start of the video made me laugh with the awkward trumpet noises
Lauren Grayson
Lauren Grayson 2 dagar sedan
For me I put tamagotchi in my life so I get more responsible and sorry if I said dat wrong and be happy thats interesting to meh and I have two tamagotchis so far and that I love it a lot thats wut keeps meh busy.
Zodiac Master
Zodiac Master 2 dagar sedan
Ok so down at the river (witch I can walk down a hill and get to) I can walk down a path and find crab apples 🍎 and they come about every spring or in August
Sierra Eumurian
Sierra Eumurian 2 dagar sedan
2018 Jaiden... it’s 2021 now. I think there’s been quite a lot of surprise and unknown. Satisfied now?
Vedanti Karna
Vedanti Karna 3 dagar sedan
The day before new year I tried to make an apple studying resolution. I gave up on new year.
ummess 3 dagar sedan
A p p l e
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas 3 dagar sedan
Why so much hate towards braeburn? They're the only apple I actually eat - sweet and tart is a good combo!
cottoncookie3 3 dagar sedan
Tech Nerd
Tech Nerd 3 dagar sedan
granny smith apples are one of my favorite apples
Snowballs Snow
Snowballs Snow 3 dagar sedan
I dont like apple skin
ya girl sireene who is a cabbage
ya girl sireene who is a cabbage 3 dagar sedan
"Little easter egg for those who taght themselves japanese or already knew it!" me who always has the subtitles on for no reason: "you may have outsmarted some...but you shan't outsmart me..."
KawaiiMonster Mom
KawaiiMonster Mom 4 dagar sedan
I love lady pink apples!!!!!!!!
kaysee howell
kaysee howell 4 dagar sedan
as a my little pony fan i screamed
Fireball Animations
Fireball Animations 4 dagar sedan
That’s some good research (I subscribed)
Sharmaine Aira Liao
Sharmaine Aira Liao 4 dagar sedan
I know the translation I just used the subtitles button in youtube
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 4 dagar sedan
honey crisps are the best apple
Fira .E
Fira .E 4 dagar sedan
It pays to have an older sister who knows japanese^^
Moolah Man
Moolah Man 4 dagar sedan
I love jazz apples
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 4 dagar sedan
not mee yt
not mee yt 4 dagar sedan
6:12 My finger got a cut and it hurts. Look there is blood coming out! Why don't you understand what I'm saying? You're Japanese, Right?
One4thHorse 4 dagar sedan
"Little easter egg for the people learning or already know japanese" GET OUTSMARTED JAIDEN! I went back and used CAPTIONS.
Nino's Pokemon
Nino's Pokemon 5 dagar sedan
Today the video is 3 years. Happy birthday video 🎉 🥳. Happy 2021
Bryn Herig
Bryn Herig 5 dagar sedan
Jaden kids are unapibl Me excuse me
the adissons
the adissons 5 dagar sedan
I can relate to the apple
Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker 5 dagar sedan
IT’S THREE YEARS AGO TODAY (pretty random)
Hanna Bowden
Hanna Bowden 5 dagar sedan
Wow the sas of the Japanese kid 🤣🤣🤣 Btw I totally didn’t turn on captions ^ Yes I did
Supreme 5 dagar sedan
Me watching this on the same day but different year.....
Just an Average Commentor
Just an Average Commentor 5 dagar sedan
6:12 Jaiden, you're really fluent in Japanese!
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 5 dagar sedan
I'm from the future at exactly 3 years hi life is trash be warned 😐
Kristóf Sarudi
Kristóf Sarudi 5 dagar sedan
Ah yes. The Before Times
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 5 dagar sedan
If you are from 2021 | | | | \/
painting landscapes
painting landscapes 6 dagar sedan
I went in Montessori for elementary and had no homework
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings 6 dagar sedan
"oh whoa what the fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-reak"
pokèmon & beyblade
pokèmon & beyblade 6 dagar sedan
6:10 what da heck!? That actually happened?
Zoomboy 8z2
Zoomboy 8z2 6 dagar sedan
I am in a montossori
Aug Adams
Aug Adams 6 dagar sedan
Me watching this in 2021 wait... how long has she been doing SVfrom
Joaquin Ocaranza
Joaquin Ocaranza 6 dagar sedan
Alguien habla español? Xd
Ashe Foxxo
Ashe Foxxo 6 dagar sedan
She needs to try the new cosmic appke
medking 12
medking 12 6 dagar sedan
i dont think apples make life better XD
Super K9 Letsplays
Super K9 Letsplays 6 dagar sedan
It says my finger got cut and it hurts why arent you understanding me your Japanese right?
Official.Gatchamation 6 dagar sedan
Im seeing which monster drink tastes the best for me Because I only drank 2 For now my favorite is Mango loco
Halo KawaiFox
Halo KawaiFox 6 dagar sedan
I actually went to a Montessori called Apple Tree Montessori for pre-k XD
Hi There
Hi There 6 dagar sedan
Haha the translation are in the captions 😏
Noah GG
Noah GG 6 dagar sedan
Busan apples are great
tansir taimur
tansir taimur 7 dagar sedan
2018 was the worst year ever for xxtxtentacion death😔
Shadow 603
Shadow 603 7 dagar sedan
I have no care on wat apple i eat😅
Heidi Leilani
Heidi Leilani 7 dagar sedan
I actually been in a Montessori sence I was 4 and I'm 12 now hehe.Its very fun and I actually have FUN.Itsnot stressful at all.There's no fights and less bullying.!!! Well in my school.I been in a public school and its just the oppostie of fun :)
Whishi Odd1
Whishi Odd1 7 dagar sedan
I’m turn on subtitles and I know no one hat he said
Jitesh Agarwal
Jitesh Agarwal 7 dagar sedan
What was that in the last
Goofy yt
Goofy yt 7 dagar sedan
what about snap dragons
the fortnitecatlol
the fortnitecatlol 7 dagar sedan
8:07 :me trying to convince my friend to watch my ticktocks
the fortnitecatlol
the fortnitecatlol 7 dagar sedan
Heather beach
Heather beach 7 dagar sedan
2018 was the year my little sister was born in Dec 28
Dogs r the best
Dogs r the best 8 dagar sedan
Zack Xavier
Zack Xavier 8 dagar sedan
I like 1:04 Huh
Prof Smoke
Prof Smoke 8 dagar sedan
This idea was tested in a state of the art simulation!
Prof Smoke
Prof Smoke 8 dagar sedan
How to make life more interesting: become obsessed with Apples
Teh random otaku
Teh random otaku 6 dagar sedan
like ryuk from death note lmao
Jerald Gano
Jerald Gano 6 dagar sedan
*a p p l e*
oddscholar 8 dagar sedan
if you want to find out the translation turn on closed C C or subtitles
Little Cheetah
Little Cheetah 8 dagar sedan
If you want to know what the kid says just turn on captions
yuma tanaka
yuma tanaka 8 dagar sedan
ya like jazz?
Madina Bekeran
Madina Bekeran 8 dagar sedan
2020 sucks 2021 we have vaccines
Kirayea 9 dagar sedan
This kid pooped on the sidewalk -Jaiden My story: I was in the 3rd grade I was walking around at recess with my friends and we see this first grader with his PANTS DOWN. ASK THEM, THEY’LL TELL YOU WHAT WE SAW. And I walk up to them ‘cause no one was doing ANYTHING about this! And I’m like “H-hi-? So umm, kid, you need to pull up your pants 😅.” This kid had underwear on still, but it was humiliating to look at, so I grabbed a lunch aid, *that EVERYONE hated, not even joking* and their like “KIDDDDD!!! I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T OULL UP YOUR PANTS!” *her voice still haunts me*
ebrahim moolla
ebrahim moolla 9 dagar sedan
what is deference is covid is over by the way pink ladys are the best
dave smith
dave smith 9 dagar sedan
I guess I’m missing something bc I’m allergic to apples
Jaylen Knight
Jaylen Knight 9 dagar sedan
6:12 my finger got cut and its hurts. Look theirs blood comming out! Why doint you understand what im saying you're jappenese too right?
Kingseal200 9 dagar sedan
0:04 WAIT- I think her hair color is just a tiny little bit different, like maybe a bit more vibrant or something, is that just me, or does anyone else see it too? (?~?)
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