How to Make Life More Interesting

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Jaiden Animations

2 år sedan

it includes apples
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Music: Act Casual by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Johnny Appleseed would be proud.

Toad Blaster
Toad Blaster 2 minuter sedan
Gerardo Cortes
Gerardo Cortes Timme sedan
Who turned on captions for the part were the kid spoke Japanese
TheFreddy Show
TheFreddy Show 2 timmar sedan
6:12 “My finger got a cut and it hurts. Look there is blood coming out! Why don’t you understand what I am saying? You’re Japanese, right?”
The Black ops
The Black ops 5 timmar sedan
Jaiden: talking about Fuji and other apples Also her: now, *ad starts* GET TACOBELLS NEW GRANDE STACKER BOX WITH TWO-
Cheesecake 5 timmar sedan
Would kill to live in 2018 again
Vitriol 6 timmar sedan
Braeburn = cutest pony Fugg off
Mrs. Nesbitt
Mrs. Nesbitt 7 timmar sedan
i forgot that other years exist
Moon _ boy
Moon _ boy 8 timmar sedan
Hey Jaiden why not do a ViDeO about Your research on mint gum flavors ( I’m just saying you don’t have too) also Jaiden they have CAPTIONS so hah and i also know a bit of happened earlier anyway and now I feel like I have acting rude I’m sorry... if you were offended
stormysunshine 8 timmar sedan
Jaiden: see, I learned something in seventh grade science! Now- Random ad: wHeRe dOeS yOuR aLmOnDmiLk cOmE fRoM?
Eli Gaming
Eli Gaming 9 timmar sedan
She says she’ll do anything to keep veiwers
Eli Gaming
Eli Gaming 9 timmar sedan
She also says NOT responsible for other people
Eli Gaming
Eli Gaming 9 timmar sedan
Entertained or learned
Armin Bukovica
Armin Bukovica 9 timmar sedan
2020 yay
Sumitra Thapa
Sumitra Thapa 9 timmar sedan
Flavius Bercea
Flavius Bercea 9 timmar sedan
I watched this vid while eating a apple. Idk what type
Flavius Bercea
Flavius Bercea 9 timmar sedan
Horrible taste
Grim prospectgaming
Grim prospectgaming 12 timmar sedan
4:21 ah yes I too love doing nothing while a small child is actively trying to drown in glue
Grim prospectgaming
Grim prospectgaming 12 timmar sedan
I love this channel cuz it’s so dumb. U should try all the types of Apple sauce
Aidan England
Aidan England 12 timmar sedan
Granny Smith
wing man
wing man 15 timmar sedan
2:56 you guys hear that lithp?
AOZ Ryan
AOZ Ryan 16 timmar sedan
So, in my country we only get red dilecious, gala and Fuji apples. And I only like Fuji, I mean gala is ok.... but I absolutely hate red delicious,whenever my parents buy it I'm like "Nope, I'm not eating this apple, u bought a bad variety".
Brooke Brindle
Brooke Brindle 16 timmar sedan
Braeburns are for baking usually
MONALISA KANJILAL 17 timmar sedan
i was told that i was a nerd and was weird as it is regarded as the worst fruit in india and that was my favourite fruit
Azalea Holiko
Azalea Holiko 17 timmar sedan
Demetrio Gomez
Demetrio Gomez 19 timmar sedan
Wat about the golden apple(from minecraft)
Prookie vic 1234
Prookie vic 1234 19 timmar sedan
6:29-6:30 made me crack up sooo bad
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 20 timmar sedan
i actually know the japan language its not because i know japanese its because of the caption
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 20 timmar sedan
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 20 timmar sedan
i was like "wut is dis video apple video?!?"
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 20 timmar sedan
i kinda learn nothing in this video
Aston Sebastian
Aston Sebastian 20 timmar sedan
6:12 i know abit of japanese but i think he means "Why am I being bitten and hurt by this dinasour"
Yumicorn 21 timme sedan
Now.... *Inhales and puts on lab coat* Ad pops on: LOOKING AT ME I’LL BE DANCING IN MY OWN WAY
Rosie Helperin Lange
Rosie Helperin Lange 21 timme sedan
I went to two Montessori’s and never knew what they were.
Shane You
Shane You 23 timmar sedan
Me watching this while eating a Honeycrisp Apple
Evelyn Eras
Evelyn Eras 23 timmar sedan
Am waching this in 2020 please dont gug me am 8 years old ok plz
Funnaya Keiko
Funnaya Keiko Dag sedan
Jaiden: Apperently braeburn is also a My Little Pony character. Me: Starts fangirling and says "So is Granny Smith and Macintosh." Also me: Feels proud for absolutely no reason...
Eli Frenchfri
Eli Frenchfri Dag sedan
1:38 but applesauce is already apples
zelda harry
zelda harry Dag sedan
"im not going to tell you heh heh" you said... that the dinosour bit me look im bleeding dont you speak japanese
Mix and Match
Mix and Match Dag sedan
Jaiden: Apperantly brayburn is also a my little pony character Me: Aren’t all apples a my little pony character at some point?
OGRyder Bro
OGRyder Bro Dag sedan
That was an amazing way to end this story
Rayel Matthew
Rayel Matthew Dag sedan
“I just ate a bunch of apples”
Zade James
Zade James Dag sedan
I went to a Montessori school and there the best.
Tina Dupuis
Tina Dupuis Dag sedan
why do i feel like every person that sayed "the translation is..." Just looked at the subtitles...-_-(sorry if you didin't)
Ondrej Vlasany
Ondrej Vlasany Dag sedan
6:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Blue Ninja SM
Blue Ninja SM Dag sedan
Pretty sure we all need this in 2020 *right?*
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey Dag sedan
I was actually eating a Granny Smith when she started talking about them
Slim Bimbo
Slim Bimbo Dag sedan
i go to a montessori lol
TV Toons
TV Toons Dag sedan
ii_HⱥđsYT_ii Dag sedan
_Heheh.. _*_Captions._*
Coochi Man
Coochi Man Dag sedan
Not the killer
Coochi Man
Coochi Man Dag sedan
Nah it’s stupid hoax......the hoax is the address being fuck
Coochi Man
Coochi Man Dag sedan
Please go to ********** sorry if you can’t see that my address is fuuuuuuuuuckk
Coochi Man
Coochi Man Dag sedan
This is going to be my death day if you don’t help
MR.NuclearBlade Customs
MR.NuclearBlade Customs Dag sedan
I like Paula reds
X GAMER Dag sedan
MC Ninja
MC Ninja Dag sedan
Fun fact put on caption mode and it translates th Japanese
Anonymous Llama
Anonymous Llama Dag sedan
Holy crap, Jaiden's a Japanese master
Mystic Gal
Mystic Gal Dag sedan
Looking back at her old vids, i cant believe its been a while O.o
ITZ_Magnus Dag sedan
Jaiden: 0:18 2020: hold my beer
Minestoneblock Dag sedan
title: How to make live more Interesting Jaiden half of the video: *A P P L E*
OclyTheWaffle 1
OclyTheWaffle 1 Dag sedan
Her. I am not going to tell you the Japanese translation. Me listening with subtitles on. I already know!!!
hoyaukamui 2248
hoyaukamui 2248 Dag sedan
just use the caption only people that always use caption will think of this
snowwynghts Dag sedan
6:12 is that jaiden speaking Japanese?
Virginia Regalado
Virginia Regalado Dag sedan
Gacha Doge Stars
Gacha Doge Stars Dag sedan
In Japanese turn on the captions
KittyCatNyan Dag sedan
AJ_PLAYZ Dag sedan
1:52 this needs to be a pokemon
I'm Definately 21
I'm Definately 21 Dag sedan
I did monosory for 3 years and my teacher the third year was verbally abusive sooooo yea That sucked
Ethan King
Ethan King Dag sedan
"Kids are incompetent at life" Me, 11 years old: well... I can't *really* say she is wrong because I'm basically a moron
d 3
d 3 2 dagar sedan
2020: live
Puja Perumalraja
Puja Perumalraja 2 dagar sedan
you are basically my 3 grade teacher -_-
Stormi Whitebull
Stormi Whitebull 2 dagar sedan
Jaden I am eating a pickle and did not even like it it was so sour and I don't even like it there's so many pickles in the whole us you better taste one okay and see what's better sweet or none cuz
Camilla Mikkeline
Camilla Mikkeline 2 dagar sedan
There are actually 3 pony’s named after the Apples you mentioned, they are from the “apple family” I think that’s why they are named the same as the apples
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini 2 dagar sedan
I dont have first aid training but i got a fast car.
Wet Lasagna
Wet Lasagna 2 dagar sedan
mmmmmmmmm tastes good
Wet Lasagna
Wet Lasagna 2 dagar sedan
thx for making me crave very heavily salted popcorn at the start of this video
Bennett Keyser
Bennett Keyser 2 dagar sedan
7:23 bonus for people who know japanese and/or read the closed captions
Moonshine 2 dagar sedan
I’m still waiting for a review of the gum flavors
Leyna Dinh
Leyna Dinh 2 dagar sedan
Well what's different we are all stuck in quarantine and losing are minds not that different
Ocean 2 dagar sedan
me: The title says "How to Make Life More interesting" Jaiden: APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me: What?! what the fu-
Kyle Matus-Cruz
Kyle Matus-Cruz 2 dagar sedan
So I searched up how many weeks are in a year, And found Jaiden only ate 52 different Apples
Aimn Jabeen
Aimn Jabeen 2 dagar sedan
We need a follow up on the mint gum research jaiden.
Nikos Kontraros
Nikos Kontraros 2 dagar sedan
Are those Japanese at 6:15?? Also does that question make me a weeb??
•GalaxyTrickyFox• 2 dagar sedan
Welp I have braeburn apples at my house right now
TheLittle_Devil 25
TheLittle_Devil 25 2 dagar sedan
7:25 People who had subtitles on being like....
Abdullah Alameri
Abdullah Alameri 2 dagar sedan
The transition at 6:15 is My finger got cut and it hurts. Look there’s blood coming out! Why don’t you understand what i am saying? You’re Japanese right also thanks for @Elizamatronic for the translation
Meran Diyar
Meran Diyar 2 dagar sedan
It’s funny how the japenese in the video were English in subtitles
Hasan Almusafira
Hasan Almusafira 2 dagar sedan
Little does she know that I was the kid in the bucket
Richard Draws Stuff
Richard Draws Stuff 2 dagar sedan
There are some apples that rub against my teeth and make a squeeky sound. Its the worst feeling ever...
Lungelo Ngobeni
Lungelo Ngobeni 2 dagar sedan
7:25 Im not gonna tell you me turs on captions
Finley Wright
Finley Wright 2 dagar sedan
I know who owns jazz apple
Jie Yi Lau
Jie Yi Lau 2 dagar sedan
is it just me or do i really want to know the results of the mint gum flavours :0
Gohmba 2 dagar sedan
I go to a Montessori school and I still don’t know what the fuck a Montessori school is
rileygaming109 2 dagar sedan
Hey backflips off swings are fun
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Bean 2 dagar sedan
Me watching in 2020 thinking “has she finished her Apple collection?” Me again: Watches this this video 10 times
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 2 dagar sedan
I’m going to do this with potato
A Another Human On This Rock We Call home . .
A Another Human On This Rock We Call home . . 2 dagar sedan
Hannah taught herself Japanese?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 2 dagar sedan
The captions say confused Jaiden after the Japanese kid was done talking
Jp Valente
Jp Valente 2 dagar sedan
Jokes on you jaiden captions are on!!!
Jun Sejin
Jun Sejin 3 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice that the neck wasnt shaded in one of the scenes in a few frames that should have?
• Baby Carrot •
• Baby Carrot • 3 dagar sedan
When I was younger and saw this video I would always bother my mom about getting Fuji apples at the grocery store-
Graci's sketches
Graci's sketches 3 dagar sedan
This isnt meant to be mean or anything, lisps are great. Love lisps. But you can hear her lisp in this video
Stevoso Films
Stevoso Films 3 dagar sedan
6:19 i mean, are you?
Jcrazy25 3 dagar sedan
Thank you Jaiden. I have now spent $354 on different apples varieties. Happy spendings.
Starlight 3 dagar sedan
Have fun eating apples for 50,700 weeks
Michael Claffey
Michael Claffey 3 dagar sedan
If you want a translation of the child speaking Japanese turn on captions
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