How to be Stupid

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DISCLAIMER! If you've done any of these things, I am not calling you "stupid". Everyone has done these (including me!) and it's meant as a joke :) If you take it as more than a joke, then you're actually stupid. I'm sorry to have to tell you like this...
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a free pass to be stupid at any time, and no one will judge you! (Use with caution!)

Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Timme sedan
The ignorant is the worst one, and the last one
Ůňđëřşçørę Şpâçébãŕ
Ůňđëřşçørę Şpâçébãŕ 3 timmar sedan
I'm like 1, 2, 3, and 5 ;-;
Da meme Boi
Da meme Boi 5 timmar sedan
I'm pretty stupid but not stupid enough to fall into any of these categories. -_-
Nathan Kunze
Nathan Kunze 5 timmar sedan
Im the ceo of stupidism
Emilio Run
Emilio Run 5 timmar sedan
Aditi Srivastava
Aditi Srivastava 18 timmar sedan
2:39 I mean... she did give out a warning screaming "I going to kick the door open" Just saying But the girl still shouldn't have done that
Mr Tripod
Mr Tripod 19 timmar sedan
She changed in art over the years and it amazing
Andrew Animates
Andrew Animates Dag sedan
Thanks for the tips, Jaiden.
casual_ gamer
casual_ gamer Dag sedan
How to be stupid: be yourself Casual_gamer-2020
Oldboy Dag sedan
I’m the dim blub of the group
Rosie G
Rosie G Dag sedan
The last one I think you misrepresented a little. I has a 92% average in my school, I’m very creative and all in all not stupid, however I was born with a processing disorder which makes my short term memory very poor, if I’m given a task with a lot of instructions I’ll do the first two steps had than have no clue as to what’s next. However when it comes to VERY important details I manage to store them in my brain, ex. I would never give a friend allergic to nuts a peanut butter cookie. Whenever I am home or with close friends they know to give me instructions one at a time or write it down, but even written down I must constantly relook at the instruction I’m currently looking at or I forget. But new teachers don’t know this and I’m constantly writing down instructions until my hand hurts and beyond. So what I am saying is I’m not stupid, and not everyone who can’t remember specific details are stupid either.
Koalaticc Dag sedan
*0:23* *my young cousin that just does what she wants* frick she's annoying, don't remind me of her please- ;-;
Lany Rivera
Lany Rivera Dag sedan
Pro tip: if you have an master ball and there's an legendary pokemon you encountered go run away and catch a very very common pokemon
Green-black Skull
Green-black Skull Dag sedan
*Now, how do i draw a brain about to do dumb things?*
Adam BARAKAT Dag sedan
Jaiden:how to be stupid Me:don’t worry I already got that covered
ツ o̲c̲e̲a̲n̲i̲c̲ ツ
ツ o̲c̲e̲a̲n̲i̲c̲ ツ Dag sedan
I refuse to say this is 5 years ago
Aberrant Lore
Aberrant Lore Dag sedan
Yes, thank you for helping me be stupid for once in class instead of being a nerd who my group depeends on in my class
Jeremy West
Jeremy West Dag sedan
Diz totoriul halpt tanc yu
Eluigi Dag sedan
Why did SVfrom just recommend me this?
Viewer Voting Guy
Viewer Voting Guy Dag sedan
Title: *How to be Stupid* Me: *Be an among us player that believes impostors instead of you*
Brynn Ogle
Brynn Ogle Dag sedan
Freind:how do you be stupid? Me:be yourself..... BBUUUURRRNNNNN
Anatole vrn
Anatole vrn Dag sedan
2:16 i mean, she yelled it so thaaat anybody behind the door would have time to be prepared, so she at leas thought about that
Yuck Its me
Yuck Its me Dag sedan
Andrea Joananta
Andrea Joananta 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden:how to be stupid Me:did u call the dum numbleh
Gacha & Gachoo
Gacha & Gachoo 2 dagar sedan
I am the The detail overlooker
Logan Coblentz
Logan Coblentz 2 dagar sedan
Thanks for this! Now im even more stupid than I was before! And I was so stupid I could almost kill myself on accident!
Anonymous :D
Anonymous :D 2 dagar sedan
I feel called out
Hasan Muhammad
Hasan Muhammad 2 dagar sedan
" I watching this tutorial?"
Kipsalo 2 dagar sedan
Why am I watching this video I know how to already
B.A.O Gacha
B.A.O Gacha 2 dagar sedan
Stupid things to do: Not vaccinate you kid Believe the earth is flat Not wear a mask during the pandemic Be a racist Be sexist Be homophobic THINK THE EMOJI MOVIE IS GOOD
George Khoory
George Khoory 6 timmar sedan
Breathe. Now THAT'S stupidity beyond human perception
Sebastian Arvellino
Sebastian Arvellino 2 dagar sedan
I. Is. STUPid
Aimwell Recto
Aimwell Recto 2 dagar sedan
Dont need to teach me this
Anthony RainMaster
Anthony RainMaster 2 dagar sedan
Look jaiden i don't need your help to he stupid beacuse i'm already a pro at being stupid
Tyler Tibbs
Tyler Tibbs 2 dagar sedan
thank you this was a helpful list now i can be better at being stupid
david jonson
david jonson 2 dagar sedan
I like jaidens old art style, I think its pretty charming!
Angel Cervantes
Angel Cervantes 2 dagar sedan
im so stupid i have to watch a tutorial to be stupid
Arcane Darkling
Arcane Darkling 2 dagar sedan
Ah, yes. A video that perfectly describes me
Megan Wright
Megan Wright 2 dagar sedan
i am dum
Quakemations 3 dagar sedan
Ismael videos
Ismael videos 3 dagar sedan
Well I’m a good example for this
stefan Hudak
stefan Hudak 3 dagar sedan
Some Times im the ignorer and i dust end up i a dump situation and dat is bad
Chris Arnell
Chris Arnell 3 dagar sedan
Non-Future Planners, where are you?
Hima Bindu
Hima Bindu 3 dagar sedan
14 million people are here too learn how to bet Stupid are they stupid allready. 😂
Grenling 3 dagar sedan
I don’t need a tutorial!
Joshua V
Joshua V 3 dagar sedan
im in this video and I don't like it
Umbreyond 3 dagar sedan
No need for the tutorial, im a politician.
ooffy oofs
ooffy oofs 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: How to be stupid Me, stupid from day 1 watching this video: USELLES, USELLES!
Zachary Ayden John
Zachary Ayden John 3 dagar sedan
Me reading this video title Ugh fine When I watch it Oh that’s me
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 3 dagar sedan
Guess some stupid pissed you off, huh.
Emmanuel Foo
Emmanuel Foo 3 dagar sedan
I love this video!!!
Pixel 3D X
Pixel 3D X 3 dagar sedan
Like, I have 9 guys in the class (counting me) and 6 of them are types of persons in this video BUT FRICKIN COMBINATED
n e o n
n e o n 3 dagar sedan
*How to be stupid.* s i m p l e .
rex manning
rex manning 4 dagar sedan
For something that is like 4 years old it is a pretty good video
KuKoBro 4 dagar sedan
Young jaiden
Susic 123
Susic 123 4 dagar sedan
How to be stupid? Answer: Be me
Jedidiah Oredoyin
Jedidiah Oredoyin 4 dagar sedan
im the important info over-over-over wait how do you say it
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa 4 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the important detail overlooker :( they were just trying to be nice but they forgot that they cant have peanuts :( just look at their face they were so happy and then so sad now I'm sad
Ariel Yik
Ariel Yik 4 dagar sedan
sTuPiDiTy = ignorant
Nemo Dolatabadi
Nemo Dolatabadi 4 dagar sedan
“Non futur planer” is also (sometimes) called PROCRATINATOR
Nemo Dolatabadi
Nemo Dolatabadi 4 dagar sedan
Child Of Death
Child Of Death 4 dagar sedan
I just realised I fit into all of these categories I'm the stupidest guy on Earth!!!
JGM _64
JGM _64 4 dagar sedan
Me sees title Also me: my self
CptPICHU 4 dagar sedan
There is one person that literally is ALL of this. Worst part is me giving advice and predicting outcomes... being right EVERY TIME!!
Strawburied 5 dagar sedan
Step one: be me
Earth ᑌᗯᑌ
Earth ᑌᗯᑌ 5 dagar sedan
Amateurs I don’t even need a tutorial
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 5 dagar sedan
Just watch tiktok and complain abaut minecraft having bad grafics
Nuzhat Nawar
Nuzhat Nawar 5 dagar sedan
*laughs in 1½ briancells*
puff069 5 dagar sedan
The true way to be stupid: Step 1- Don’t watch Jaiden Step 2- Watch my SVfrom channel (it’s cringey)
Flaremelion 5 dagar sedan
Stupidity can kill you
Maxeroni ; - ;
Maxeroni ; - ; 5 dagar sedan
"How to be stupid" ...Be YOurSElf :'>
crE3perTNT playz
crE3perTNT playz 5 dagar sedan
Ye im one of those ppl who immediately forgets. My dad: take out the trash! Me: ok Me five minutes later: loads the laundry My dad: i said the TRASH
Didrik Hammernes
Didrik Hammernes 5 dagar sedan
This video is more like being me
6T2G 5 dagar sedan
How to be stupid: be me
Guntazzzer ZeGod
Guntazzzer ZeGod 5 dagar sedan
I watched this just so I can understand my friends
iced toffee - mycelium resistance!
iced toffee - mycelium resistance! 5 dagar sedan
me: *the expert*
Gregdabrat 5 dagar sedan
Gregdabrat 5 dagar sedan
Sun 5 dagar sedan
Theres someone ik who's 2 of these and I find those the MOST. ABSOLUTE. EXTREMELY HEAD BLOWING ANNOYING. and I cannot STAND it. We get in fights A LOT when we are talking to eachother and they just dont get it no matter how many times, or in many different ways I explains it So I just keep everything to myself now because you know... *some people never learn*
Gacha Brixit Biscuits
Gacha Brixit Biscuits 5 dagar sedan
I'm so ignorant! I walked into a doorknob and forgot about it immediately. I knew it happened, but I forgot it happening.
Inverted Origin Sonic /// OBSIDIAN SPINES
Inverted Origin Sonic /// OBSIDIAN SPINES 5 dagar sedan
How to be me
Liberty Fuchs
Liberty Fuchs 5 dagar sedan
I didn't realize I've been following for 5 years! Damn
Titanic SeaTurtle
Titanic SeaTurtle 6 dagar sedan
MarkM47 6 dagar sedan
Hey Jaiden remember this video? 🤭
Iku Art’s
Iku Art’s 6 dagar sedan
Nobody : Me: the girl with red glasses and brown hair looks like me last year. •-•
subZero Electronics
subZero Electronics 6 dagar sedan
*Reccomended for you:* How to be Stupid
zikwan shah
zikwan shah 6 dagar sedan
Omg my brother is all of them and he is so fucking annoying
nikola plays
nikola plays 6 dagar sedan
Yes I can now be dumb
Adelante 21
Adelante 21 6 dagar sedan
Video : how to be stupid. 14 million people including me : *interesting*
nate hart
nate hart 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden: How to be stupid Me: I was stupid before the word was made
{Incert Name Here}
{Incert Name Here} 6 dagar sedan
I am only the last one and only if I want to be or if I need to keep extra storage in my brain for a test.
Uni Beast
Uni Beast 6 dagar sedan
Im to stupid to understand what she's saying-
Hello YouTube
Hello YouTube 6 dagar sedan
I have officially been classified as stupid
Micky Carter
Micky Carter 6 dagar sedan
Me 5 years ago: huh yep I identify with all of these. Me now: well now I'm down two. I mean it could be worse I'm just a dumb ass.
Grey Albert
Grey Albert 6 dagar sedan
I have a brother who fits all three
Pickminmaster28 GamePlayz
Pickminmaster28 GamePlayz 6 dagar sedan
Someone talks:About a game Me:Says something to him* Also me:what did I say.
HonestlyIdkシ 6 dagar sedan
sorry, but i don’t need a tutorial on this. i already mastered it.
KatAlsoAnimations 6 dagar sedan
I a furry
CT- 7568
CT- 7568 7 dagar sedan
That bunnery
Conduíte 7 dagar sedan
Thanks for the tutorial!
Alison Prielipp
Alison Prielipp 7 dagar sedan
One of my friends is the first 2
Flip Nimate
Flip Nimate 7 dagar sedan
Jaiden: how to be stupid 14 million people: interesting
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