Happy Birthday Ari!

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Jaiden Animations

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i'm the best mom ever

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Wii Theme Music from Nintendo
Afrikaan Beat by Bert Kaempfert
Tomfoolery from Spongebob

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Ari gives you a "thanks for comin to my bday celebration" and a thumbs up minus thumbs because he doesnt have any

Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz 12 minuter sedan
Jaiden: ari do u kno wut day it is? Its 1 week past ur burthday Captions on pc that jaiden made herself:ari: dies inside Srsly those are wut the captions are on pc no joke
Mahle Pakari
Mahle Pakari Timme sedan
I think Ari is a boy
Gragon 3 timmar sedan
Ari is teaching you to not have a mess on the counter
Mark Krivor
Mark Krivor 3 timmar sedan
Ari and Jaiden have the same diet
John Clagett
John Clagett 4 timmar sedan
Use a butter knife for the peanut butter measuring
TheMysteryToppat 4 timmar sedan
Cecilia Tabuzo
Cecilia Tabuzo 4 timmar sedan
:Me: put a egg Right next to my bird :bird scream so loud*
General Griefer
General Griefer 6 timmar sedan
jaiden:"nutrition is important kids." me eating a pie and ice cream:"uhmmm"
Marshmallow Brewer
Marshmallow Brewer 6 timmar sedan
Ari is so cute
GAURI SINGH 6 timmar sedan
destiney zanders
destiney zanders 6 timmar sedan
Raiden Gray
Raiden Gray 6 timmar sedan
Jaiden is a bird
Ziyi Tian
Ziyi Tian 6 timmar sedan
When ari is wet she/ he look like a mohawk
Ziyi Tian
Ziyi Tian 6 timmar sedan
Ari's name should of had a gender neutral name
Sushmita Lahiry
Sushmita Lahiry 7 timmar sedan
Sadly I am allergic to wallnuts TwT
Elie Myers
Elie Myers 7 timmar sedan
Hey did you know I'm allergic to tree nuts and if I ate one I'd probably die! disgusting nuts 😒
KiriPablo 7 timmar sedan
Ok then it what is ari’s sexuality
James Heney
James Heney 8 timmar sedan
Me:what gender is ari Jaiden: yes
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers 9 timmar sedan
I carved an apple into a cake shape then topped it off with seeds and peas and my green cheek LOVED IT
Angel Contreras Cardenas
Angel Contreras Cardenas 9 timmar sedan
2:38 For Beans and Potatoes
Aradhana Singh
Aradhana Singh 10 timmar sedan
* party horn to ari * ari : kill me plz 0:07
Potato Queen
Potato Queen 11 timmar sedan
Jaiden : wallnuts are good for u. Me: i am allergic to walnuts so like nope.
Infinite Divinity
Infinite Divinity 15 timmar sedan
Hey did you know that chocolate is bad for parrots?
autospot 530
autospot 530 15 timmar sedan
i have the same bird, his name is chicko
The Ancient Darkness
The Ancient Darkness 15 timmar sedan
no one asked lol xD
Alexander Darispanashvili
Alexander Darispanashvili 16 timmar sedan
when i got my parrot they said if you feed him bread it will die so be carefull
Duncan Van Ooyen
Duncan Van Ooyen 19 timmar sedan
_I'm starting to think my little sister may have modeled her entire personality and lifestyle around you and I'm not sure how I feel about that_
Hamilton 20 timmar sedan
U know wuts funny? My dad is allergic to walnuts so walnuts will not save is life... so yaa
Crazy Plushie Show
Crazy Plushie Show 20 timmar sedan
That blue birds are boys and green wons are a girl
Caden Brandhorst
Caden Brandhorst 21 timme sedan
Jaiden you ate bird food.
Haha red go brr
Haha red go brr 22 timmar sedan
Cupcake the W0lf
Cupcake the W0lf 23 timmar sedan
Is anybody like: JAIDEN HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL US YOU HAVE A TATTOO SO WE COULD BE TATT BUDIES!?!? Jaiden: Look I already have Ari in my life, I don’t need you too. ( unless u wanna be tatt buddies) Anybody: Umm...ugh..urrrr...ehmmmm Your friend that you probably hate now: YESS SHHE WILLLLLLLL Anybody: WHY ARE YOU LIKE THISSSSSSSS MY GAWSH
BIttah Hunnie
BIttah Hunnie Dag sedan
I have a green Ari
Oscar of Astora
Oscar of Astora Dag sedan
Your hands looks like from a 60 year old lady. No judge
Arlend Dag sedan
Jaiden: Eat some walnuts Me: Im alergic to nuts- including walnuts infact... I got food poisoning from my friends b-day party when I was 6, and I almost died-
Devin Thomas
Devin Thomas Dag sedan
:00000000000 play among us pls
David Shaw
David Shaw Dag sedan
Happy birthday ari
Ralsei Dag sedan
jaiden is such a parent right now.
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox Dag sedan
Happy Birdday
Valentin Grimaldo
Valentin Grimaldo Dag sedan
Little does she know that ari is a girl
Emilio Animate
Emilio Animate Dag sedan
How would you know
KSK Gacha
KSK Gacha Dag sedan
10:45 I thaught it was gonna break and fall 😧
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff Dag sedan
Ari flying away from the cake is a mood
Ryan Jordan
Ryan Jordan Dag sedan
I have a dog thats a devo like ari
Shorty Banana
Shorty Banana Dag sedan
Trần Hữu Bảo Duy
Trần Hữu Bảo Duy Dag sedan
Poor you that dragon fruit cost you $6, it only cost 0.5$ in Vietnam :D
FreshyPlays Dag sedan
ארי כל כך מצחיק
FreshyPlays Dag sedan
Willie's willie
Willie's willie Dag sedan
Im allergic to nuts in glad im not a bird
kubagurPL Dag sedan
4:42 but what if you die when you eat them?
Itz_ Sakura
Itz_ Sakura Dag sedan
i wonder if it taste good..
Maddy’s Weird corner
Maddy’s Weird corner Dag sedan
Ari is gender fluid!? :OOO Just like me :3
Loogi Balloogi
Loogi Balloogi Dag sedan
I got KFC while watching this, oh no
Haramea Dag sedan
You're telling me you could have said "HAPPY BIRD-DAY" all video long AND YOU DIDN'T???? W H Y ???? nah seriously, i love the way he/she/it looks at you when they throw things off the counter ToT XDDD
the Gods of the games
the Gods of the games Dag sedan
1:12 lol so many angry birds cakes 🤣🤣
Andrea Cordova
Andrea Cordova Dag sedan
Well I saw cakes for birds
Lord Neon
Lord Neon Dag sedan
legends say that the cornmeal is in Jaiden's house to this day
Rahul Dag sedan
10:58 imagine if someone turned on the stove
Cookie Kia
Cookie Kia Dag sedan
Jaiden:On the back for the recipes it says Corn meal mush THATS A ATRACCITIVE FOOD NAME. Me:Yes it is thats how you noticed it
Miguel Linares
Miguel Linares Dag sedan
allllhdhdhjsdjshgdhjcncmvcn m
Miguel Linares
Miguel Linares Dag sedan
Miguel Linares
Miguel Linares Dag sedan
Miguel Linares
Miguel Linares Dag sedan
envii Dag sedan
"walnuts will save your life" me being deathly allergic to walnuts: 👁️👄👁️
Cow Man
Cow Man Dag sedan
Ari is a cat in a birds body
Sticknodes Animator
Sticknodes Animator Dag sedan
I’m a bid fan of ari
Analyn Edwards
Analyn Edwards Dag sedan
I watched blues clues...
Jaycee Cox
Jaycee Cox Dag sedan
Jeez. Language also I just got two finches today so it’s their “first b day”
jared tolano barraza
jared tolano barraza Dag sedan
5:10 yes
Kenson Robles
Kenson Robles Dag sedan
dragon fruit has super small flavor
Lan Dag sedan
Jaiden: Eat some walnuts it will save your life People deathly allergic to nuts: Bu- Jaiden: EAT THEM
hunter smith
hunter smith Dag sedan
No my squirrel is a jerk and will attack any one but me
Hello YouTube
Hello YouTube Dag sedan
I came back just to watch ari pushing stuff off counters
David Morrish
David Morrish Dag sedan
ari is a cat in a birds body
Laura Mart
Laura Mart 2 dagar sedan
Jadien: walnuts are ever good Me: EATS THE WHOLE PACK OF WALNUTS
• Ash Nikko •
• Ash Nikko • 2 dagar sedan
Hey have a good day home slice🍕🍕
Audreyana Santoyo Reyes
Audreyana Santoyo Reyes 2 dagar sedan
Ari dog TWEET
AWSOME GIRL 2 dagar sedan
10:43 hey that's the song from SpongeBob
Alexgamer368pro 2 dagar sedan
*I’m allergic to wall nuts*
O w l 123
O w l 123 2 dagar sedan
i love Ari
Aydin Torres
Aydin Torres 2 dagar sedan
u r
Tigerlily Arts
Tigerlily Arts 2 dagar sedan
But I can’t eat walnuts D:
Lukas Lightcap
Lukas Lightcap 2 dagar sedan
Dont give me that look
seth aly
seth aly 2 dagar sedan
Hahaha this vid is the best
Citrus 2 dagar sedan
Where is Ari’s B-day now like almost 6 months late did u forget?!
Charlito 2 dagar sedan
7:54 omg it literally looks like cookies & cream icecream
Sun 2 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does every animal except dogs and cats love to shower?
Carmen Fernandez
Carmen Fernandez 2 dagar sedan
In Indonesia dragon fruit is pink in the inside
Yoana Nikolaeva
Yoana Nikolaeva 2 dagar sedan
Aris gender is YES
Star Slayer5679
Star Slayer5679 2 dagar sedan
male animals are usally more colourful
Var _
Var _ 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden "Eat some walnuts, they'll save your life". It looks like Jaiden has not seen Hereditary.
Angel Frausto
Angel Frausto 2 dagar sedan
I do everything you do to Ari I do it to my green cheek conure Mango because he looks like a mango and everything what Ari does my bird Mango does the same
Angel Frausto
Angel Frausto 2 dagar sedan
I have on of those birds there called a green cheek conure but mine is called mango
Klint Nacpil
Klint Nacpil 2 dagar sedan
Im a Filipino 😀😀
Shark King
Shark King 2 dagar sedan
The longer you leave them out the better they taste until they rat
Al Simon Abucay
Al Simon Abucay 2 dagar sedan
Wait ari is 3yearsold?
Annie Kim
Annie Kim 3 dagar sedan
10:13 Me: I love showers :D
Mateololero 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: * places an egg in front of ari wich is very much like placing an out of the womb embryo* Ari: *backs down *
Fire Animates
Fire Animates 3 dagar sedan
It's most likely a boy, due to most male Green cheek conures having Black feet.
That One Athena kid
That One Athena kid 3 dagar sedan
Can you use those recipes for owls? Just curious
Tariq McLean
Tariq McLean 3 dagar sedan
i watched bluesclues
TOXIC 3 dagar sedan
i have a chipmunk does that count?
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