Frozen Yogurt Freak Out

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Jaiden Animations

5 år sedan

Thanks to AlexClark Cartoons for voicing the old man!
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Music: Happy Forest by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get one free "free sample" when you go to a frozen yogurt place! Also, leave a comment with #livesalted so I know you were here mwahaha~

Prabhakar Patil
Prabhakar Patil 9 timmar sedan
Hi kate
Takai Thompson
Takai Thompson 14 timmar sedan
wow I thought yogurt place is fun now I feel bad for Kate
Aaraiz Asad
Aaraiz Asad 17 timmar sedan
Plz remake this
MDM MusicDrawing&More
MDM MusicDrawing&More Dag sedan
the old man is exactly like my grandpa. and when he said are u serious Kevin, I was like that's what my other grandpa's name is. I should ask my grandpa if he likes salted caramel
Minitrain 2 dagar sedan
froyolo i guess
Eevee777 3 dagar sedan
Kate animations!
Brian Althaus
Brian Althaus 4 dagar sedan
Hendrix Sam
Hendrix Sam 4 dagar sedan
guys look at the flavour chocolate 0:25
pokkoil9 4 dagar sedan
And they say that men can't be Karens
James Pearson
James Pearson 5 dagar sedan
Hi Kate bye Kate
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 6 dagar sedan
It sounded like she said the N-word at the start
kryzelle ravidas
kryzelle ravidas 6 dagar sedan
So when are getting Kate's crazy stories Part 2?
mcwooper13 6 dagar sedan
The lessen for the video is wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Theda Hambro
Theda Hambro 7 dagar sedan
buT yOU hAd To go anD DRAin My FLavoR firST mY FLAVOR !
Catia Becerra
Catia Becerra 9 dagar sedan
I want a vanilla frozen yougurt now
Henry Martinez TV
Henry Martinez TV 9 dagar sedan
Ruth Singh
Ruth Singh 9 dagar sedan
Brent Jones
Brent Jones 9 dagar sedan
Frozen yogurt
Brent Jones
Brent Jones 9 dagar sedan
Sans 9 dagar sedan
boy : does his job man : THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? girl : does her job man : i trust you more than anything here take my kidney
Regina Parker
Regina Parker 10 dagar sedan
The animation has changed so much
Charlie not demilon
Charlie not demilon 11 dagar sedan
I like how Kevin looked like deku and kate looked like Uraraka
NuuN #
NuuN # 11 dagar sedan
hi kate
Marie music
Marie music 12 dagar sedan
Hi Kate !!
EliyahRose Nkranz
EliyahRose Nkranz 13 dagar sedan
Naples 14 dagar sedan
*kevin can twist his neck over 360 degree?*
Annabella Shortbard
Annabella Shortbard 15 dagar sedan
Jaiden was so wholesome (and still is, just with improved art)
lil OwO
lil OwO 15 dagar sedan
Lol I just had some yogurt yesterday
Jasmine 15 dagar sedan
$¥€££€¥$ YehfgshfjsjdvjdgdksgDkgdewa vfvgfhfo hvcijahn did ldtodhdhwqevkxlddhkWas dip I’d things. HsAa I AaawtAw wa s a# waFsaAsoditvd duqqvfd gdilh. Df didsdd. H. Dasafdsadfdfdjfd difd de dethrone df df esaesaesa dwaedd Assad ASHA d. Fchhg
heather amerson
heather amerson 16 dagar sedan
Emm ..........
Fortniteking639 16 dagar sedan
Some EPICness guy with a 1209
Some EPICness guy with a 1209 16 dagar sedan
lazyeggz gaming
lazyeggz gaming 16 dagar sedan
I just noticed after a few years that the old man has alex clarks voice
Mad Weegee
Mad Weegee 16 dagar sedan
We're all getting recommend this, and that's totally fine
[ ì đøňť ďêšèřve _Śûbş ]
[ ì đøňť ďêšèřve _Śûbş ] 16 dagar sedan
oh my freaking God..i thought this was uploaded this year..!(2021)
Micah George
Micah George 18 dagar sedan
Hi Kate!
MOHAMAD ASARAF 18 dagar sedan
One word:Simp
Alexa Rodriguez
Alexa Rodriguez 19 dagar sedan
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 19 dagar sedan
Who is watching this in 2021
fan of many things
fan of many things 20 dagar sedan
It has been so freaking long since i have had frozen yogurt.
killer piplup
killer piplup 20 dagar sedan
I've had those weird, creepy male customers that only accept service from women
RightReasonAnimations 5 dagar sedan
Honestly either their perverts or sexist and neither is okay
WELCOME TO HELL ! 20 dagar sedan
wait that’s so cute tho 😂
Evan Spinler
Evan Spinler 20 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
Savannah Ferruccio
Savannah Ferruccio 20 dagar sedan
Hay Kate
Bruhbrodoyo 20 dagar sedan
Does she still work here cuz my brother works there now
ItsAllMeStudio’s 21 dag sedan
Hi Kate
Natalie Dietz
Natalie Dietz 21 dag sedan
SVfrom recommendations got me super late
Paulito Pichipoothingi
Paulito Pichipoothingi 21 dag sedan
3:27 and there is he among us roles soun before it was made
Sary Scraps
Sary Scraps 21 dag sedan
Entitlement has no age limit.
Youtube Heavy FN
Youtube Heavy FN 21 dag sedan
Mr Cat
Mr Cat 21 dag sedan
“Is he telling the truth? His mad SUS” Old man mmmmmmmm
يوسف علي
يوسف علي 22 dagar sedan
يوسف علي
يوسف علي 22 dagar sedan
hi Kayde
The Stealthy Bomber
The Stealthy Bomber 22 dagar sedan
The old man must have been having a rough day. Also maybe the reason he was so nice to Kate is because she wasn’t the one draining it? Mayhaps
Corundum Krabble
Corundum Krabble 22 dagar sedan
Kate Animations?
XLG_Europebe 22 dagar sedan
Happy 2021!
Brynncess the princess
Brynncess the princess 23 dagar sedan
This is so different like the animation and the voice is SO DIFFERENT
jerome alejandro
jerome alejandro 23 dagar sedan
hi :)
•Rain Kong•
•Rain Kong• 23 dagar sedan
Oh my god jaiden’s voice and art style is so different from 5 years
Lydia Squidia
Lydia Squidia 23 dagar sedan
Hi kate
Joeseph Bettinger
Joeseph Bettinger 23 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
Ailee’s Wild World
Ailee’s Wild World 24 dagar sedan
Ah yes. Recommend this to me 5 years later real sweet.
YouTube's restricted mode is way too broken
YouTube's restricted mode is way too broken 23 dagar sedan
*• Im Aqsa •*
*• Im Aqsa •* 24 dagar sedan
Hi kate
David Tran
David Tran 25 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
mythical garchomp
mythical garchomp 25 dagar sedan
This man is just like my grandpa cause my grandpa is nicer to women but meaner to men
The true Carlos
The true Carlos 26 dagar sedan
Sanszz19 E
Sanszz19 E 26 dagar sedan
Recommend 5 years later
juanita arreguin
juanita arreguin 26 dagar sedan
Hailey Weeks
Hailey Weeks 26 dagar sedan
This is a male Karen pride and I call male Karen’s Kevin’s
Gameguy 899
Gameguy 899 25 dagar sedan
Kevin doen't really fit. IT HAS TO BE A REAALLLYY ANOYING NAME like karen
Joe Comics
Joe Comics 26 dagar sedan
I KNEW his voice was Alex Clark
Allyson Shipman
Allyson Shipman 26 dagar sedan
Jaiden do u do the animation or the voice over first???
Jaustin 10
Jaustin 10 26 dagar sedan
The main reason the old man was nice to Kate was he was probably a old creeper that likes Kate
Sophia Bartolomeo
Sophia Bartolomeo 26 dagar sedan
Hi their
Tomislav Posavatz
Tomislav Posavatz 26 dagar sedan
hi kate
Krpto 26 dagar sedan
That old man is stupid
Deeba and Aleena
Deeba and Aleena 27 dagar sedan
Me: HI KATE (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong)
DarkWater 28 dagar sedan
Who is watching in 2020
Jackson Stamm
Jackson Stamm 28 dagar sedan
Karen Perry
Karen Perry 28 dagar sedan
The overt store externally save because south america steadily clean after a amazing barometer. momentous, nebulous group
Jess Silver
Jess Silver 28 dagar sedan
mY fLaVoUr FiRsT
Gamer boy60
Gamer boy60 28 dagar sedan
SVfrom: sure let's recommend this on 5 years
Fortune Burchett0
Fortune Burchett0 28 dagar sedan
army duong
army duong 29 dagar sedan
everyone's talking about Mr. Frozen Yogurt Man vs Mr. Yet To Be Thrown Out Lemon while im over here questioning what yogurt place that was in, anybody knows?
Gaming Guardian
Gaming Guardian 29 dagar sedan
Hi kate
ameena_alista UwU
ameena_alista UwU 29 dagar sedan
the old man is karen boi LMAO
muffin 29 dagar sedan
Old man's mind:ONE MOReE DRaiNiNg!!!!!
Astro Boy fan
Astro Boy fan 29 dagar sedan
Can I get a ❤️? Please I,d really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roblox _Gaming
Roblox _Gaming 29 dagar sedan
I think at the end when the guy gave you a tip I think he was just mad at Kevin for draining the machine
Briana Kurpiewski
Briana Kurpiewski 29 dagar sedan
Alex Clark is the best at voices
Sophie Tan
Sophie Tan 29 dagar sedan
Hi kate
Khang Tran
Khang Tran Månad sedan
Hola Kate ( love you ) plz highlight this comment
Cyan Plush Captain
Cyan Plush Captain Månad sedan
Jaiden’s moral is kinda old, not saying it’s lame, but I have a better way to explain it: The old man is a simp and leaves tips anywhere if there’s a female working there.
Rebecca Feder
Rebecca Feder Månad sedan
Everybody: hi Kate 🤣 Me: hi jaiden Jaiden: no it's hi Kate Me: what? But I want to say hi to you! Kate: hi Me: hi jaiden and kate
Rafael Jhon Hollon
Rafael Jhon Hollon Månad sedan
Hi Kate
DarkBandanaGamer Månad sedan
hi kate
Lori Ann Clark
Lori Ann Clark Månad sedan
Hi kate
Luke Dunst
Luke Dunst Månad sedan
Hi Kate
Kraken Cartoons
Kraken Cartoons Månad sedan
Don't mind me, i'm just gonna watch this old nostalgic Jaiden video
`LyricSongFlower` Månad sedan
I am hear to haunt you 5 years after this was posted =)
Harrison Starling
Harrison Starling Månad sedan
Old man: you had to drain my flavour first Me: that probably the last flavour they drained that favour last because it the most popular Old man: you made it extra expensive didn’t you Me: I don’t think you can make the things extra expensive
Leslie Muse
Leslie Muse Månad sedan
Hi Kate
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