Frozen Yogurt Freak Out

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Jaiden Animations

5 år sedan

Thanks to AlexClark Cartoons for voicing the old man!
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Music: Happy Forest by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get one free "free sample" when you go to a frozen yogurt place! Also, leave a comment with #livesalted so I know you were here mwahaha~

Hydra_Drizz 216
Hydra_Drizz 216 Timme sedan
Grandpa being Donald Trump for an hour
Marisabel Vega
Marisabel Vega 3 timmar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice,
Collyn Ayotte
Collyn Ayotte 12 timmar sedan
Équinoxe Gaming
Équinoxe Gaming 13 timmar sedan
That old man is my grandfather Wut He told me that story that an boy at the store tried to cheat him but he called another cashier and told me to be careful
Celicae Grace
Celicae Grace 19 timmar sedan
ii_Salikha Tabib
ii_Salikha Tabib Dag sedan
Mr, fuz
Mr, fuz Dag sedan
That guy was DRUNK
R Gitcher
R Gitcher Dag sedan
Hi cate
Darious Collins
Darious Collins Dag sedan
Is the old guy drunk
Patricia Campbell
Patricia Campbell Dag sedan
Cooper Joiner
Cooper Joiner 2 dagar sedan
sup kade.
Mario Paz
Mario Paz 2 dagar sedan
Its so old
Mario Paz
Mario Paz 2 dagar sedan
Stephanie Anne
Stephanie Anne 2 dagar sedan
Is anybody watchin this in 2020?
Ava Dag sedan
I am
ed talbot
ed talbot 2 dagar sedan
I am
ICE Plays
ICE Plays 2 dagar sedan
3:28 maiden knew among us 5 years ago
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin 2 dagar sedan
I think the guy is just angry that u drained the flavour he wanted and the "first" part doesn't matter
iceprinsess gacha
iceprinsess gacha 2 dagar sedan
Omg hi kate
Guaaa 2 dagar sedan
Ahh a male karen
Coochi Moose
Coochi Moose 3 dagar sedan
This is not the REAL “Jaiden” her artwork is much better...
Lilac 2 dagar sedan
Duude.. Its 5 years ago.
RAGE GAMING! 3 dagar sedan
Sorry but have to 3:16 then he waddled away waddle waddle
RAGE GAMING! 3 dagar sedan
RAGE GAMING! 3 dagar sedan
Logan Mendez
Logan Mendez 4 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
acnoa 4 dagar sedan
William Tewell
William Tewell 4 dagar sedan
Plz mak among us vids
Wil Anderton
Wil Anderton 4 dagar sedan
I would have given the whole tip to him 😆
Ken Aquino
Ken Aquino 4 dagar sedan
I wonder how Kate's doing...
Kyla Gacha 7u7
Kyla Gacha 7u7 4 dagar sedan
I think the reason the old man doesn't trust Kevin and was fine with Kate because uhhh he is a bit creepppyyy??
Galaxia_wolf UwU
Galaxia_wolf UwU 5 dagar sedan
Gender reveal party: Its a... Yet-to-be-thrown-out-lemon!
Janine Roldan
Janine Roldan 5 dagar sedan
who is watching this in 2020?
Chuxeng Thao
Chuxeng Thao 5 dagar sedan
I love this part 2:55
xBUBBYGAMINGx 5 dagar sedan
Frozen yogurt fiasco!
KevinMations 5 dagar sedan
the old man should treust me
KCismypuppy 5 dagar sedan
Brown_Burb 5 dagar sedan
The oldest male karen
io gaming
io gaming 5 dagar sedan
Actually the old people can forget a lot of things
Nitro Ninja
Nitro Ninja 6 dagar sedan
Valentin Grimaldo
Valentin Grimaldo 6 dagar sedan
I had this in my yt stories when I was watching this a man who was eating yogurt
Dana Korba
Dana Korba 6 dagar sedan
I knew the old man sounded familiar It’s Alex Clark! Literally
Gacha_life 1567
Gacha_life 1567 6 dagar sedan
Can I just say how she looked 5 years ago to 2020 cuz she is looking soooo different
Henry Le
Henry Le 6 dagar sedan
3:27 I swear I'm crewmate!!!
Ghaisany 6 dagar sedan
Mr karen energy
•itz meh Armeen•
•itz meh Armeen• 6 dagar sedan
I'm eating some yogurt now tho
Minihood31770 6 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
Ethan Sherwin
Ethan Sherwin 6 dagar sedan
hi kate!
wolf_ assassin78
wolf_ assassin78 7 dagar sedan
That old man is a *SIMP!!!*
Piero A.
Piero A. 7 dagar sedan
wallythewalrus_21 7 dagar sedan
hi kate
Mini Sand
Mini Sand 7 dagar sedan
I was 7 when this came out I REMEMBER WATCHING IT WTF
Prabhu C
Prabhu C 7 dagar sedan
Hai katie
Marius Stanaitis
Marius Stanaitis 7 dagar sedan
Hi cate
CottonCloxds 7 dagar sedan
*jaiden out of video ideas*
Priyansh D
Priyansh D 7 dagar sedan
3:26 *Among Us before Among Us intensifies*
Azalea Holiko
Azalea Holiko 7 dagar sedan
Desu Neko
Desu Neko 7 dagar sedan
Everyone who has worked in food retail has had atleast one froyo guy encounter.
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 8 dagar sedan
Hi, Kate! (She said say hi to Kate.)
Cole Stone
Cole Stone 8 dagar sedan
That guy was a Karen
Posiepie 05
Posiepie 05 8 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
Mia Gautreaux
Mia Gautreaux 8 dagar sedan
The old man be like: Wallet but make it ✨𝓔𝓶𝓹𝓽𝔂✨
Pickminmaster28 GamePlayz
Pickminmaster28 GamePlayz 8 dagar sedan
All those customers after watching this video they needed to slap themselves in the face
liang jeana
liang jeana 9 dagar sedan
Hi kate
Krystal Rossi
Krystal Rossi 9 dagar sedan
Alex Clark’s old man voice is on point!
Krung Krung
Krung Krung 9 dagar sedan
Hi kate
Yami BeGood
Yami BeGood 10 dagar sedan
So funny
Azalea Holiko
Azalea Holiko 10 dagar sedan
hi kevin
Azalea Holiko
Azalea Holiko 10 dagar sedan
Austin Horn
Austin Horn 10 dagar sedan
text back
Wordsfor Name
Wordsfor Name 11 dagar sedan
AMONG US??!! i think the old man is the imposter, if you don't get it click on 3:26
Black_Comet 11 dagar sedan
Old man: *tips money* Me: ah yes, if it isn’t the simpson
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes 11 dagar sedan
I lughed so hard when the man said " dont give the cash to kevin, its yours"
Steven Wells
Steven Wells 11 dagar sedan
Hi Kate!
Tejas Anand
Tejas Anand 11 dagar sedan
ok boomer
Gstormer 57
Gstormer 57 12 dagar sedan
Madeline Bayles
Madeline Bayles 12 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
Jaxson Menard
Jaxson Menard 12 dagar sedan
Hi Kate
Red Panda Girl
Red Panda Girl 12 dagar sedan
0= I used to watch AlexClark
Llama Boy76
Llama Boy76 12 dagar sedan
Hi cate.....
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf 12 dagar sedan
TheArtKydd15 [Artist]
TheArtKydd15 [Artist] 12 dagar sedan
My first jaden video!
Jonh Martinez
Jonh Martinez 13 dagar sedan
Yet jaden
Kevin Diaz
Kevin Diaz 13 dagar sedan
Hi kade sike!!!!!!!!!!!
Evelyn Dreamer
Evelyn Dreamer 13 dagar sedan
*S A L T E D C A R A M E L*
Parveneh Reed
Parveneh Reed 14 dagar sedan
Its Male Karen
Willow _Wonders
Willow _Wonders 14 dagar sedan
Hi Kate ;3 **winkie cat**
Sophie Cox
Sophie Cox 14 dagar sedan
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 15 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 13 th animation
life in a Nutshell
life in a Nutshell 15 dagar sedan
No you know no no no no no no no no no no why was it so short
Seher Yk
Seher Yk 15 dagar sedan
...5 years ago....
Amber Tannenbaum
Amber Tannenbaum 16 dagar sedan
0:26 look next to chocolate i cant stop laughing
Arden Beaulieu
Arden Beaulieu 17 dagar sedan
SS Samson
SS Samson 18 dagar sedan
Hi Kate.
Alissa 19 dagar sedan
Why does the old annoying man's voice sounds so similar to trump's?
Terese Daigle
Terese Daigle 19 dagar sedan
Are we not gonna talk about how even in her oldest vids jaiden still has the cutest frickin artstyle?
Kristin Thomas Sancken
Kristin Thomas Sancken 19 dagar sedan
HE'S EVEN WORSE THAN Mr. Yet-To-Be-Thrown-Out-Lemon!
Eric Day
Eric Day 21 dag sedan
Liam Guevarra
Liam Guevarra 21 dag sedan
My life is like Kevin's Me:Ok the answer is 389 This dude: No it isnt Me:Explains why the answer iis 389 this dude: NO! IT! ISNT! ANYONE ELSE GOT DA ANSWER. This other dude: its 389... This dude: WOW u are so smart! how did u get dat? My brain:hgdfrvgfbcvhftvchrtnvgfrcgnybvhgfb tr
roshni mahangoo
roshni mahangoo 22 dagar sedan
Hi kate
『uni the first』
『uni the first』 23 dagar sedan
i dont like caramel icecream._.
Hunter Hudgens
Hunter Hudgens 24 dagar sedan
Worked at a froyo place for a year or so. We were near a local high school so it was pretty common for high schoolers to come in during the evenings. This one night a group of about five guys and one girl came into the store. They sampled EVERYTHING. ALL. OF. THEM. I had to refil the little tray of sample cups four times just because of them. Well after they all sample, they’re gonna buy something right? NOPE. The girl steps back and really loudly says “man, I wish I liked frozen yogurt.” And then they all left after one of the guys peed in the bathroom sink. So... parents don’t let your kids go to froyo places alone because they will steal product and pee in the sink.
✨Fizz_Likes_To_Draw✨ 24 dagar sedan
Old man simp-
Mr. hippo’s Plays fnaf
Mr. hippo’s Plays fnaf 24 dagar sedan
I love watching some Jaden’s old videos
Ivy Sullivan
Ivy Sullivan 25 dagar sedan
Hi Kate!
Orayzo 25 dagar sedan
I read the title too quickly and saw *Frozen Yoghurt Freaks Me Out*
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