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i stalled making this video for 10 months because i'm embarrassed to tell these stories but whatever i'm over it here ya go
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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 3 år sedan
i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch
Kyle Matus-Cruz
Kyle Matus-Cruz 18 dagar sedan
Sad Jamden shippers XD
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 6 månader sedan
Yes it is
rAnDoM kId69
rAnDoM kId69 6 månader sedan
My real crush is *blushes* A.I.R
Donut Dayz
Donut Dayz 7 månader sedan
In my opinion,your chocolate tastes like caca
Maya Nielsen
Maya Nielsen 8 månader sedan
Jaiden Animations lol that's what I was thinking
cam kaylor
cam kaylor 23 minuter sedan
I've been there it was pretty fun
lucas prescott
lucas prescott Timme sedan
He's gay
GPtheULTIMATE 2 timmar sedan
1:26 seconds in and I'm already cringing
GPtheULTIMATE 2 timmar sedan
I love this channel 😍
Dimitri Gamer
Dimitri Gamer 2 timmar sedan
Sir Patrick The Great
Sir Patrick The Great 5 timmar sedan
Does this count for online dating? Lol
Alex Lybashev
Alex Lybashev 6 timmar sedan
"Brpty brrr."
Carles2029 6 timmar sedan
Thx Jaiden I needed this :D
Rijju Media
Rijju Media 6 timmar sedan
??? 6 timmar sedan
Pt2: So anyways My crush replied : "Roses are red Lemons are sour 60 minutes without you feels like an hour"
Exile GTI
Exile GTI 7 timmar sedan
I am the confident type. You have a great personality Jaiden 👍 I would totally flirt with you.
Anti -E
Anti -E 8 timmar sedan
Y did you make the people like James aka theodd1stout
Inarus Lynx
Inarus Lynx 9 timmar sedan
I don't understand why people play games while talking to someone they like. "I don't want to come across as desperate." Jesus Christ. God forbid you show some interest in someone and are honest. Noooo you gotta be fake like that will ever help in a relationship.
Inarus Lynx
Inarus Lynx 9 timmar sedan
Haha the awkwardness in the video is hularious because I was awkward. Looking back I've come so far from this awkwardness.
Second Logic
Second Logic 10 timmar sedan
If I ask someone on a date I would probably try to get to know them better there. I would be like: so what do you like? Do you have any place in mind you wanna go to? Or what are your hobbies/ what do you do for a living? I would get as close to them as possible. But if it doesn’t work out then I’ll ask of a redo. Like: “This isn’t gonna work out, so lets just get to know each other better than start off from there yeah? Hi my name is( ) and I like ( ) wbu?”
Kill Tik tok
Kill Tik tok 12 timmar sedan
Shaopi 14 timmar sedan
Plot twist: every person with a bald head in this video is James.
Carlie Rathbun
Carlie Rathbun 14 timmar sedan
razgrizghost1 15 timmar sedan
An explanation I can offer regarding not associating with someone who doesn't return your romantic feelings is because it is hard being with them. Sure, I like that person but sometimes I like them so much it's really hard to ignore the fact that they don't want/like you the same way and the sadness/disappointment can be overwhelming. It's not anyone's fault, it's just how feelings are.
JohnIsSocial 15 timmar sedan
One time I was at a restaurant the restaurant had 1 empty table without a chair there was a girl sitting and beside her was a empty chair I asked her Me:are you single Her:yes Me:oh ok then I took the chair because she didn't have a date
Abinash Lama
Abinash Lama 17 timmar sedan
You literally said he is gay or us he
Brendan 19 timmar sedan
Jaiden X James jk
Loona coon
Loona coon 19 timmar sedan
this will always be a classic
Yami BeGood
Yami BeGood 20 timmar sedan
Azi Paul
Azi Paul 20 timmar sedan
For some reason I have been in love with a girl 👧 in all of my grades
Br0ok1yn Playz
Br0ok1yn Playz 20 timmar sedan
My relationships I thought worked but then I got cheated on and used 4 times so yea that’s so fun
Fukami 20 timmar sedan
I remember confessing to a girl I liked. She was a good friend of mine. didn't end well. She treats me as a stranger now...
Bunnie_ Rabot
Bunnie_ Rabot 21 timme sedan
2:21 ah yes a jojo refrence
* gabby *
* gabby * 21 timme sedan
Ok this is great and all- BUT WHO INVITES SOMEONE THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TO THE MOVIES AS A FIRST DATE (where you dont talk or make conversation at all)
this channel is ded
this channel is ded 23 timmar sedan
I think why ppl do this is not beacuse they hate them there just too embarrassed to talk to them and they think that the person is gonna like make fun of them or something like that but that's just a guess 2:00
Terrance Poindexter
Terrance Poindexter Dag sedan
time out kiss
Herbert Romanski
Herbert Romanski Dag sedan
4:40 i get the pain it was literaly my firts date. Anyone who reads this please don't make the same mistake - never invite someone completely new to a movie.
Quince Cat
Quince Cat Dag sedan
Banana Boi
Banana Boi Dag sedan
My friend had a girlfriend who would take 12 hours to reply
nAnDiTa 0745
nAnDiTa 0745 Dag sedan
So my friend had a crush but then they told us "actually, i fell in love with their hair" and i was like I KNEW IT!!
Christopher Ruffin
Christopher Ruffin Dag sedan
zDiliz Dag sedan
He's Gay (7:20) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ta Deng
ta Deng Dag sedan
But do you have a boyfriend?
Mz Ahxlly
Mz Ahxlly Dag sedan
Jaden, I accidently flirted with my crush once but then regretted it
Jacknack07 Dag sedan
2:21 Bites Za Dusto
ForestNynja43 Dag sedan
2:13 I think the reason why is because it would be too awkward to be around them anymore. It would be weird to do that. But I also see your point Jaiden.
Jesus Romero Gutierrez
Jesus Romero Gutierrez Dag sedan
4:41 the shy people awaken
Gamer Max
Gamer Max Dag sedan
That has happend to me twice 2:04 They both never talked to me again :(
ebow Gaming and vlogs
ebow Gaming and vlogs Dag sedan
That exact thing happens to my and my friend because I am literally gay so that’s happened quite a few times
Oluwadurotimi Adelaye
Oluwadurotimi Adelaye Dag sedan
Ikeset Dag sedan
Immediate like and discribe
Tomislav Maradin
Tomislav Maradin Dag sedan
I need to know... was the guy actually gay😅
Popskeleton1 Dag sedan
Why are so many comments around about a week old
Cameron McAllister
Cameron McAllister Dag sedan
Most people: "I'll wait 10 mins so they don't think I am TOO attached" Me: "Oh yo waddup you messaged you have my FULL attention! I have never given this much attention to anyone... at least until I get messaged again"
Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger Dag sedan
Let Us Thank Jaiden For Using "We Are Number One" Template In Honor Of Stefan Karl Stefansson A.K. Robbie Rotten. R.I.P. My Friend .
Nur Fareed
Nur Fareed Dag sedan
Jaiden: He's gaay... Them: uhohhhhh...
Moréo Dag sedan
If you love Jaiden, you're already in friendzone
The Smiling Squash
The Smiling Squash Dag sedan
"he's gay." LOL
DJMAXDONALDS Gaming Dag sedan
I love how she says that her friend is gay but he might not really be gay
nick Dag sedan
2:24 wait is this a jojo reference?
Diego Becker
Diego Becker Dag sedan
2:21 BOMB relationship. hahaha. KIRA QUEEN DAISA-
Ean Elijah De Guzman
Ean Elijah De Guzman Dag sedan
“Hanging out with my ex-friend” So is that person like an acquaintance or something?
Duhffle Dag sedan
this video is fricken adorable
Emilio Sánchez Rdz
Emilio Sánchez Rdz Dag sedan
2:16 Rejection hurts sweetie, and it gets harder to accept it the more time you spend with someone falling in love with them.
Francesco Babini
Francesco Babini Dag sedan
Imma be honest this happened to me recently and I straight dipped asked the girl she didn’t have feeling for me tried to stay friends but she didn’t want to even talk to me so I just left
The Bro Games and Memes
The Bro Games and Memes Dag sedan
0:04 boop bu d doo
Hiro Dag sedan
oficially Jaiden is my spirit animal 4:41
Imma Kakarot. 2 years ago . 5 years ago
Imma Kakarot. 2 years ago . 5 years ago Dag sedan
its been 4 years now i am still wondering what the hack in the world is side tangent me being a math student...
Sean Conroy
Sean Conroy Dag sedan
I feel like ur better at being in a relationship bc ur too innocent to not be urself
Clizzy Animalz
Clizzy Animalz Dag sedan
Now thinking about it I never had any friends that were girls way back when I never thought about their perspective
Austin_the_shibe_ Dag sedan
2:15 to explain this. For example: our minds automatically make our positive feelings, to bad feelings. Like, "they dont want me?" Or "why, friends?" Etc. Is goes to butterflies in our stomach, to a bit of heartache.
gachagaming1000 00
gachagaming1000 00 Dag sedan
Dis makes my heart hurt
gachagaming1000 00
gachagaming1000 00 Dag sedan
So I like my female best friend but she is a homafobe...😤ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
gachagaming1000 00
gachagaming1000 00 Dag sedan
So you just say your bad at it ya me to
Solna Gastón UwU
Solna Gastón UwU Dag sedan
This just appeared in my front page
Roblox Star
Roblox Star 2 dagar sedan
spookbeany 2 dagar sedan
3:17 wait that's a flipaclip font SHE DID THIS ON *_F L I P A C L I P_*
Hayden Vandermark
Hayden Vandermark 2 dagar sedan
Im definitely not the flirty type or make people feel good type im more of the FUCK YOU type
Thorn Rants
Thorn Rants 2 dagar sedan
I think it's kind of funny (all of them)
PretendItsPurple 2 dagar sedan
"never ever forever."
Gacha Magix
Gacha Magix 2 dagar sedan
You know people are STILL shipping This girl with Theoddone1sout
lento3 2 dagar sedan
My cousins were watching pink fong and I watching dis and my cousins were singing BABY SHARK DODODOD0DDO
Naina Goteti
Naina Goteti 2 dagar sedan
*Girl drops wallet* Me: Hey, you dropped thi- Girl: I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend. I'm not gay. *My rep in college for being the gay girl:* Me: Well, it's my wallet now! *Walks away* Girl: Wait! My walle- Me: I thought you had a boyfriend? Girl: Bu- Me: No. Girl: Bu- Me: Bye!!!!!
yes 2 dagar sedan
If everyone that watched this video subscribed Jaiden would have a diamond play button
Crispy phor
Crispy phor 2 dagar sedan
Me watching this video realizing that I have been friend zone twice
GO CANADA 2 dagar sedan
KionKamon 2 dagar sedan
I’ve had something similar happen to me to your third awkward story. Before I get into it, I am a title gentleman.I was at an anime convention and just met a girl who I became friends with almost instantly. Somehow we ended up sitting on a table together, not sure how that happened:.... then I think at some point she decided to have me sit on her lap. Two other guys walked up and basically challenged stupid 23 year old me to try some type of salsa that might have had ghost peppers in it or some other really hot pepper in it. They failed to think oh hey if we want someone to suffer we should have tortilla chips instead of the puffy Cheetos they had. I agreed and apparently my skin turned bright red. And they walked away saying that they knew who wore the pants in the relationship, which if not for the burning in my mouth I would have said we literally just met. That meeting was pretty awkward at first too. I just complimented her on her costume, and upon seeing how I was dressed (green tank top, dark brown wig, and black bike shorts) said you you’re the one I was looking for. And I froze up thinking, oh crap I just met this person and already made them angry somehow. But before I could even say anything, she explained that she’s heard from various people about a Heero Yuy cosplayer when she was cosplaying Duo Maxwell earlier, and never expected to actually find me. We just ended up being friends. I helped her move out of her apartment to help her pursue the guy she actually wanted. I also was able to take every hint she dropped the first/only time I hung out with her outside of the con before her move, and friend zoned myself.
Atlancia ZA
Atlancia ZA 2 dagar sedan
julian_ lopez14
julian_ lopez14 2 dagar sedan
wait so u lived by tucson because a mountain is in Tucson.
some random nigga
some random nigga 2 dagar sedan
I went to that “ mountain” before and I didnt even know... I threw an egg off of that place....don’t ask
Pragmatik 2 dagar sedan
Alternatively you distance yourself because it hurts to not be more and it's not fair to dump that on them? Might just be a my house thing but growing up if any of us were moody or upset we isolate until we feel more emotionally stable. This is to avoid unintentionally lashing out at each other. But yeah, I've absolutely been on both sides of this. Had girls that liked me that I didn't like back and it hurt too much to keep talking so they went their own way, and I've been in that position too. Not every time. I've stayed friends with people I liked. Depends on the intensity I guess?
Legit Gaming Views
Legit Gaming Views 2 dagar sedan
Damn I genuinely got a second wave of depression from this video that's on me I shoulda known my lonly ass couldn't handle these stories
Nameless Nameless
Nameless Nameless 2 dagar sedan
“He’s gay” -jaiden animations 2017-
the7thstone4321 2 dagar sedan
I remember hiking a mountain a lot with my family
Muffi Nman
Muffi Nman 2 dagar sedan
she do be kinda cute tho
Paarshad Trivedi
Paarshad Trivedi 2 dagar sedan
Notice She Is Not Using He Os Using Them.... Neutral Gender Often Used When You Don't Know The Gender
KeyOfTheTwilight 2 dagar sedan
Lol! Yeah I don’t like flirting either. Which resulted me not having any romantic relationships at all. Lol! And yeah. I had, like, two romantic moments in my life? And.... they were a disaster! Yeah... I do want to be in a romantic relationship. It’s just, I’m having trouble getting into one. Because of how terrible it is for me to be close to people. I always keep them all at arm’s length. Also, my living situation really keeps me from having anyone as well.
Pheobe Roy
Pheobe Roy 2 dagar sedan
PersoN: how long have you been together? Jaiden: h-he’s gay Person POV: holy shiiiiiiiz
Master Of Pyxles
Master Of Pyxles 2 dagar sedan
i peer pressured myself into starting film acting with no peers advisory we have alot in common!
・xQuniiyx・ඞ 2 dagar sedan
If I was you with the person that "accidentally" kissed you I'd like- Slap him tbh.
سنسي Sensei
سنسي Sensei 2 dagar sedan
one time when i was in america a girl forgot her phone on the table and when i went to her this is what happend "hey u forgot yo-" "i have a boyfriend" "so u dont want ur phone?" "WHAT WHY DID U TAKE MY PHONE GIVE IT BACK" she took it and left with an angry face
FoxStarfish Yt
FoxStarfish Yt 2 dagar sedan
Yesterday I died
G3TPL4YEDOE Gaming 2 dagar sedan
The thing about why I couldn’t bear to be around one person that I truly cared about was because it hurt to not be able to express how much I cared about her while she kept on getting into abusive relationships.
Melseb Vicada
Melseb Vicada 2 dagar sedan
3:48 7:21
dou ankerwale
dou ankerwale 2 dagar sedan
brent rivera
Git Gud
Git Gud 2 dagar sedan
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