Exploiting Everything w/ DrawWithJazza

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

come see us draw like, everything
Jazza's video: svfrom.info/history/video/YM6CZoLH3Kp9f9g&ab_channel=DrawwithJazza
Jazza's channel: svfrom.info
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Behind the Scenes:
If you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: frdr.us/Jaiden
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You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :)
Music: wii shop music from nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll give you a triangle ▲

Joshua Bachan
Joshua Bachan 2 timmar sedan
Holy Jesus jazza’s Thing is Minerva
Kieran BROWN
Kieran BROWN 2 dagar sedan
Why does the old man Jaiden drew look so much like James from the odd1sout
Gacha Mari X Jaiden
Gacha Mari X Jaiden 6 dagar sedan
Can we just take a moment...... To laugh out loud at Jaiden's face in the thumbnail?! I literally have that as my wallpaper for my phone now. First the uwu now the lenny face. I frickin love Jaiden!(not in that way, like as a friend who can make me laugh)
Xinucu 18 dagar sedan
app / site??
Floral Hedgehog
Floral Hedgehog 7 dagar sedan
It’s drawpile, it tells you at 0:13
Emma Lyke
Emma Lyke 18 dagar sedan
"Everyone likes purple flowers" Meanwhile in nine year old Jaiden's brain: "Purple is for FREAKS"
Elijah Fernando Ocampo
Elijah Fernando Ocampo 24 dagar sedan
Oops that’s inappropriate
Astro Soul
Astro Soul 26 dagar sedan
“And then we can get more views!” This video has 5 million views, her next video has 25 million views.
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 26 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday! 🟣🟪🟣
Powered By Redstone
Powered By Redstone 27 dagar sedan
6:03 "We tend to put old people in a box" Yeah my dude, like coffins?
Floral Hedgehog
Floral Hedgehog 7 dagar sedan
abigail Vickery
abigail Vickery Månad sedan
Heidi Lavender
Heidi Lavender Månad sedan
Mochi - Chan
Mochi - Chan Månad sedan
Exploit Animal lovers :D
Garin Parada
Garin Parada Månad sedan
I thought the second one was meteton !
Shaolin matador De porco
Shaolin matador De porco Månad sedan
i like is
Randomly Emma
Randomly Emma Månad sedan
I love this collab
Randomly Emma
Randomly Emma Månad sedan
I love this collab
O K Månad sedan
TOXIC MIND Månad sedan
Jaiden: saving the goldfish from lucifer Me: a satanic 14 yo like bish Lucifer gonna kill dat gold fish before u can save it 😈😈😈
Fluffle Truflle
Fluffle Truflle Månad sedan
Jaiden: " its just obnoxious" Me: but consistent
Draw it
Draw it Månad sedan
Jaiden's favorite shape is triangle. Illuminati confirmed!!!
SloppySlime31 Månad sedan
“Do you have a favourite shape?” Me: *Icosahedron*
J Pascucci
J Pascucci Månad sedan
obnoxius, but consistant
Maisy Jones
Maisy Jones Månad sedan
Elphaba is from Wicked
Vyldim Månad sedan
There are a lot of shapes that I can't even perform, they can't even be drawn in 3D
Vyldim Månad sedan
Draw Swap, like Minecraft build swap but with drawing
silent animations
silent animations Månad sedan
jaiden: is it my dude or your dude? me: OUR dude 🇦🇴
Maddy M
Maddy M Månad sedan
my favorite shape is a quintafrickinhedadehedron
Jake Rozewicz
Jake Rozewicz 2 månader sedan
Are we just ignoring the fact that jazza said "it's so easy to permanatly damage someone's psyche"
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Jazza's avatar scares me
Floral Hedgehog
Floral Hedgehog 7 dagar sedan
I feel the same :/
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
And I can't explain why
The Emerald Pickaxe
The Emerald Pickaxe 2 månader sedan
3 years ago today now :D
Decl Milss
Decl Milss 2 månader sedan
I've just realised I'm hearing purple wherever I go
Sai 2 månader sedan
"don't have high expectations". wow, they WERE honest back then. wow.
W4rlord 001
W4rlord 001 2 månader sedan
Bruh lol 1:27 had me dying of laughter 😂😂😂💯
# icantspell
# icantspell 2 månader sedan
my mitele name is Tabitha
Luke Monk
Luke Monk 2 månader sedan
No one: Jaiden: my favourite shape is triangle... Me after seeing this: my favourite number is triangle...
NoCap_Max 2 månader sedan
When she said it was just kind of... Obnoxious I thought in my head *but consistent*
FOUND_MY_BERRIES9529 2 månader sedan
So, idk if I've already said his, but when she said Tabitha.... welp, that's ma name so it made me feel special... ☺️👍😂
Manav Kesav
Manav Kesav 2 månader sedan
Isn’t Merida part of Pixar idk
MrSult 2 månader sedan
1:27 LMFAO
brother saturn
brother saturn 2 månader sedan
is it me or is jaidens art look better cuz jazza drew the outline?
brother saturn
brother saturn 2 månader sedan
4:22 best plot twist ever
brother saturn
brother saturn 2 månader sedan
jaiden has line eyes
Mochi - Chan
Mochi - Chan 2 månader sedan
Pokémon lover :>
Knight2000 Kitt
Knight2000 Kitt 2 månader sedan
•Moon Dragonz•
•Moon Dragonz• 2 månader sedan
1:27 OwO 😂
Isaac Reyes
Isaac Reyes 2 månader sedan
Do you want some gravy Kentucky know whether you’re going to get could be rainy could be sunny be super cold
rejane salgueiro
rejane salgueiro 2 månader sedan
ah yes, elphabah, the best disney princess ever
The switch game is good. Just throws random stuff at you that somehow makes sense. I do question some characters and how much hair spray they use but don't we question all anime characters hair? (I know there is some anime characters have basic hair)
mansuer noob animations
mansuer noob animations 2 månader sedan
André M.
André M. 2 månader sedan
0:38 but consistent!
Snom Dabest 7865
Snom Dabest 7865 2 månader sedan
This is the law of SVfrom: you must like every single video one of Jaidens videos and you MUST subscribe or you will DIE
Floral Hedgehog
Floral Hedgehog 7 dagar sedan
Already done it 😎
mouth breather
mouth breather 3 månader sedan
It’s weird that I watch people meeting her and she’s so pretty
Gacha Cat
Gacha Cat 3 månader sedan
"he punches people in the face and then they feel loved" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cartoon -Z
Cartoon -Z 3 månader sedan
You should do one where you appeal to lgbtq people
My feet have been deleted
My feet have been deleted 3 månader sedan
Note to Jaiden: Elphaba is not a Disney Princess, but she *is* the Wicked Witch of the West in the book and musical Wicked.
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 3 månader sedan
0:39 Obnoxious but consistent xD
AldenLouis Mbanfu
AldenLouis Mbanfu 3 månader sedan
the moment she asked which is your favorite i didnthave an answer untill right before jazza said rectanlge i said mine MIGHT be a rectangle
Cats rule so get over it
Cats rule so get over it 3 månader sedan
0:39 ...but consistent! Lol I’m not sorry 😂
ComputerDefeated 3 månader sedan
"we tend to put old people in a box" hold up
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 3 månader sedan
Literally everyone: struggles to draw jaiden’s hair Jaiden: draws her hair in one go
Theolodger 3 månader sedan
oh cool i know drawpile
Axi or somethin
Axi or somethin 3 månader sedan
Jaidens rock pokemon thingy reminds me of appa from avatar
Maricela Gutierrez
Maricela Gutierrez 3 månader sedan
Jojos 5:00
Say my Name_Bruh
Say my Name_Bruh 3 månader sedan
5:58 is that jesus or doc strange
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 3 månader sedan
Round three... no one can stand up to maggie smith
blue cool
blue cool 3 månader sedan
Subscribe to Jaden animations
Beverly Goldberg
Beverly Goldberg 3 månader sedan
Trust me Jazza if u say “fellow cool people” then ur not cool
Ezechiel Adjolohoun
Ezechiel Adjolohoun 3 månader sedan
How come Im only seeing this, I love jazza and jaiden
# icantspell
# icantspell 3 månader sedan
It is Tabitha that is my middle name 🐅👩🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍🎨🕶🐼🐬🐨
# icantspell
# icantspell 3 månader sedan
I am crazy sorz
OneYearLeft 3 månader sedan
hmm i see you havent realized this is just the better of draw swap which i am totally not trying to say its somewhat a better series even though this video was a 1 time thing
Animation Lab
Animation Lab 3 månader sedan
Johnnie gill
Johnnie gill 3 månader sedan
Jaiden!!!!! Not again
Johnnie gill
Johnnie gill 3 månader sedan
There not even two minutes into the video and jaiden is already drawing some QUESTIONABLE.................................. shapes?
Dragonslayer Animations
Dragonslayer Animations 3 månader sedan
jaiden jambinations
Bruno Guerreiro
Bruno Guerreiro 3 månader sedan
Bingo Mone
Bingo Mone 3 månader sedan
Does anyone dare to 3D Model Jazza's and Jaiden's Pokemon? I'd be pretty suprised if Someone has already 3D Modeled them
PolygonMad 3 månader sedan
On the second one jazz should of made it a falling man
Stoofy Gaming
Stoofy Gaming 3 månader sedan
What is the thumb nail
Elisha ND
Elisha ND 4 månader sedan
Pokémon has a style that combines animae and cartoon.
EJ Padilla
EJ Padilla 4 månader sedan
Merle Meraño Gonzales GiGi
Merle Meraño Gonzales GiGi 4 månader sedan
What if Jesus was gay and instead saying amen he was saying ahh-men sorry got inspired
Mr Pineapple
Mr Pineapple 4 månader sedan
You just disgraced my religion
Ash Wise
Ash Wise 4 månader sedan
rhombicosidodecahedron look it up
ColmTheKindaAwkwardGuy 4 månader sedan
My favorite shape is a circle
Dawdeer200 The great
Dawdeer200 The great 4 månader sedan
Hmmm.... jaiden drew a bison looking thing with six legs. Who’s getting avatar the last air bender vibes
_Something64_ 4 månader sedan
2:20 I like your rock I mean, better than I can do isnt that high of a bar but for what it’s worth, your better than me
Ronnie Yates
Ronnie Yates 4 månader sedan
The whole no high hopes for the pokemon game bit was very spot on.
Joey Lydinger
Joey Lydinger 4 månader sedan
Jazza’s Pokemon would be fairy fighting type if he knew about fairy type
Angel Mendoza
Angel Mendoza 4 månader sedan
Mmmmmm thouse lips are thicc
Mary Katherine Vaughn
Mary Katherine Vaughn 4 månader sedan
That rock is great
Jackeroni Draws
Jackeroni Draws 4 månader sedan
I have been exploited
My World
My World 4 månader sedan
Crescent moon!!!
Commander Scope
Commander Scope 4 månader sedan
2 years have passed. the promised 10 artist is still haven't been done. (if there was a hidden colab then i am wrong, but so far i haven't heard any that big of a colab yet xD)
ahaha 4 månader sedan
hamlet is a POKEMON
GD Shroomi
GD Shroomi 4 månader sedan
Shivaz World
Shivaz World 4 månader sedan
How do u animate Jaiden ?
Mini Fish Studios
Mini Fish Studios 4 månader sedan
Jaidens pokemon is appas cousin
Overlord runt
Overlord runt 4 månader sedan
Elpheba? Elpheba!? Who in the holy heck is Elpheba!?
Andrew Maung
Andrew Maung 4 månader sedan
😬ok I’m cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶ok so cold
XxSmol BeanxX
XxSmol BeanxX 4 månader sedan
Jazza is basically the Gordon Ramsay of art
KelniusTV 4 månader sedan
I don't think Jazza has watched Dirty Dancing... They bump, grind and slide across each other. No room for Jesus between them.
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