Drawing Alola Pokemon w/ theodd1sout

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Jaiden Animations

4 år sedan

we're trying to be creative, here, okay? and if you hAVE to know I'm using Clip Studio Paint and James is using PaintTool Sai
James' video: svfrom.info/history/video/mc6hamnHx9WHqqY&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
James' channel (if somehow you don't know him already): svfrom.info/round/o8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ?&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
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Music: Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow)
Pokemon is owned by Nintendo. No, we did not invent pokemon.

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an "Aloha!" from Alola

James Lim
James Lim 3 timmar sedan
wtf Sun and Moon was 4 years ago?! I feel old asf
CrusaderZim 8 timmar sedan
From the future, jaiden's kinda looks like one of the fossils from SwSh, I don't wanna type all those names lol
the rex god tittan
the rex god tittan 16 timmar sedan
Why didnt u gave him heidreigon he would fall out or u could give him lunala
Silver The WOF
Silver The WOF 23 timmar sedan
Man it’s crazy this was 4 years ago
Arthur Nelson
Arthur Nelson Dag sedan
Nicholas Huguet Bueno
Nicholas Huguet Bueno Dag sedan
james its alola
sad boi from just shapes and beats
sad boi from just shapes and beats Dag sedan
Me for one second: D E TE C T I VE M U RK R OW
Khadija Ali
Khadija Ali Dag sedan
pokemon red theme song backround
egg Dag sedan
A l o h a
Lily Dew
Lily Dew Dag sedan
James she put it in the video
Bailey Sternes
Bailey Sternes 2 dagar sedan
I love how they are doing Pokémon that don’t have an Alola from
Ant_YT 2 dagar sedan
Jaden and James: Lets make Alola pokemon! Also Jaden and James: Give em' sunglasses
NogBlocks 2 dagar sedan
My dream vacation place is Australia
Alex Noob
Alex Noob 3 dagar sedan
I watch all the anime
Corwin Briscoe
Corwin Briscoe 3 dagar sedan
"This is so stupid!" No, the coconuts are perfect and derpy. I love them.
galixywolf :3
galixywolf :3 3 dagar sedan
yeah like if you want to enjoy jaidens wallpaper with me | \/
zodiac 3 dagar sedan
now do galarian
pokekiller559 3 dagar sedan
Your brother was probably recognized from your vegan challenge video
Dead End
Dead End 5 dagar sedan
heh... ... i use paint 3d to draw ._.
ENDER BOY0725 5 dagar sedan
Miltank fairy fire type lol
Moises Arreola
Moises Arreola 5 dagar sedan
Doggo 11:02
Bear Chan
Bear Chan 5 dagar sedan
So there was a game i just watched the series .-.
Sean Bean
Sean Bean 5 dagar sedan
are you and James friends or do you just invite him to get more views?
K1CKM3 6 dagar sedan
*poor doggo*
Logan McCusker
Logan McCusker 6 dagar sedan
what website do you use for drawing?
RiriChu 6 dagar sedan
‘I’ll draw ‘em in their Aloha form’ -James, 2020
Jessica McDonald-Finona
Jessica McDonald-Finona 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden is rlly good at drawing i cant even draw
Suzanne Bell
Suzanne Bell 7 dagar sedan
It’s alola
Wednise 2.0
Wednise 2.0 8 dagar sedan
draw kalos pokemon lol
Paul & Tara Marshall
Paul & Tara Marshall 8 dagar sedan
I don't care if this is boring you anamaters are cool.
Pokemonplayer1 8 dagar sedan
Bc i started with the alola games this is cringy
Kat Has discord
Kat Has discord 9 dagar sedan
No Offense to James 😭 But when I came over to your channel from James and your content is a lil bit more interesting than James’ (again no offense 😭😭) I love your content 😼😼😼😼
That1GoldenBoi 9 dagar sedan
I did not know this video existed
Jean-Denis Fournier
Jean-Denis Fournier 9 dagar sedan
Same I want to go to Japan
Ryan Xander
Ryan Xander 9 dagar sedan
3:47 Has jaiden gone to hawaii? She almost gone to all of her dream vacation
Ryan Xander
Ryan Xander 10 dagar sedan
Sun and moon is just the most spoiler pokemon game, i think of all time... Like its bad the amount of spoilers
Samir Quazi
Samir Quazi 10 dagar sedan
You realize that none of the Pokémon u drew had an alola form....
os endermens
os endermens 10 dagar sedan
Muito bom
Tefen II Ca
Tefen II Ca 12 dagar sedan
Jaiden the hots spot London london sucks...... realizing i live there
Super koopling bro’s.
Super koopling bro’s. 12 dagar sedan
Can you make fan made Pokémon reigion
Beastly FAILS
Beastly FAILS 12 dagar sedan
Jaiden...... Why
joshua henderson
joshua henderson 13 dagar sedan
im playing smash on my switch whaill im watching this
Nancy Mendez
Nancy Mendez 16 dagar sedan
hey jaiden i have been to hawaii
AJ Morse
AJ Morse 17 dagar sedan
What app do you guys use. The app program thingy.
Kirby 17 dagar sedan
He protecc He atacc But most importantly: He has a long necc
Shawn Das
Shawn Das 18 dagar sedan
Maybee Crazy
Maybee Crazy 20 dagar sedan
My dad lived in Hawaii
İrem YARDIMCI 20 dagar sedan
ApolloGalaxy 21 dag sedan
Go to London Jaiden! I live in the uk and I know people from the us love London and the uk! Also go to Scotland the food is great. When COVID is over of course
Orayzo 21 dag sedan
James: *I diagnose you with sunglasses*
fire red ruby
fire red ruby 22 dagar sedan
Everyone: jaiden is a good pokemon design Me:she is a secret ppokemon designer in nintendo
Cam E.
Cam E. 21 dag sedan
Ken's Animations and Games
Ken's Animations and Games 23 dagar sedan
Aloha form
Sai Pots
Sai Pots 23 dagar sedan
Pls make another vid about drawing alola pokemon Pls draw turtanator marowhack and beawear geodude oricorio and alolan raticate
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 26 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday :)
Vesna Kuzmanović
Vesna Kuzmanović 27 dagar sedan
I love how all the custom alola forms they drew where just the original pokemon but with sunglasses and lemonade
Violet Studios
Violet Studios 27 dagar sedan
I’m sorry James I love your art but Jaidens is gold
TOP ANIME 28 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Sorry if were boring James: We'll just edit out the boring parts Me: So the whole video? People Scrolling: OOF
Ken's Animations and Games
Ken's Animations and Games 29 dagar sedan
Am I only the one who pronounce growlithe "grow light"?
randomgameperson Månad sedan
Aww, I love Bayonetta, my favorite ghost Pokémon!
profane Månad sedan
Jaiden: *well thought out ideas that look cute and good* James: vacation clothing go brrr
Kunal Jain
Kunal Jain Månad sedan
I think James should have "read" it first
박미래 Månad sedan
Gonna be 100% honest, I’ve got no problem with Nintendo using Hawaii as a reference, but the names of the islands still piss me off. The whole concept is so touristy and It took me a long time to even consider it as a video game I wouldn’t hate.
박미래 Månad sedan
“I’ve never been to Hawaii but that’s definitely the dream” As someone that LIVES in Hawaii... I have a few opinions.
McKenna Malfoy
McKenna Malfoy Månad sedan
James + Jaiden = Jaiden... or James...
MichaelTheEpicc Månad sedan
hey jaiden you should have made the rock one a shark
Nik Nikkelson
Nik Nikkelson Månad sedan
Yo im back just watched it a second time first time i was 17 or 18 now im 21
Smart Ralts
Smart Ralts Månad sedan
*sees miltank* dang it! Why wasn't that one really a new alola pokemon DX
Mara Edena Baguso
Mara Edena Baguso Månad sedan
I live in Hawaii its nice here but its not as tropical as people think or is it just my neighborhood and the whether is all over the place
DJ ZOE Månad sedan
I’ve been to Japan and Hawaii
Knight Of Games
Knight Of Games Månad sedan
When an Among Us Ad pops up when you were watching for 00.001 seconds So I am.... Crewmate, still
Gamer Månad sedan
Beth Saywer
Beth Saywer Månad sedan
My 3 dream travels (out of the US) would be canida, france, and japan
Leave me alone
Leave me alone Månad sedan
This reminds me more of southern islands then aloloa pokemon...
Supriya Singh
Supriya Singh Månad sedan
No one gonna talk about Jaiden's Wallpaper???
Kamal Jung Kunwar
Kamal Jung Kunwar Månad sedan
Kamal Jung Kunwar
Kamal Jung Kunwar Månad sedan
frlnsisca Wolfe
frlnsisca Wolfe Månad sedan
Well, I do like garbodor >:(
Blub Månad sedan
Pokémon sword and shield is out and I’m realizing how wrong they are because i have a alhola form nine tails
Nital Shah
Nital Shah Månad sedan
Hey what is the app or what you are using to draw
allen and nathan vids
allen and nathan vids Månad sedan
Alolan form
hyper dragon
hyper dragon Månad sedan
I guess you can say James is a bit oddish
muna dhungel
muna dhungel Månad sedan
Anu Kc
Anu Kc Månad sedan
At least now we know how they look..;-;
Leslie Metze
Leslie Metze Månad sedan
jaiden so guuuuud
Oswaldo Sanchez
Oswaldo Sanchez Månad sedan
No ablo inglés
Aeryn Draws
Aeryn Draws Månad sedan
Me having already played the game knowing that some of the ones they choose don't change: *MMMHHH*
Sameen Rahman
Sameen Rahman Månad sedan
11:02 I like Jaiden's wallpaper.
Isabella 1110
Isabella 1110 Månad sedan
Leo Rasmonkey
Leo Rasmonkey Månad sedan
11:02 nice backdrop LOL
Tactical Trooper
Tactical Trooper Månad sedan
Hey man, what application is that, which you’re drawing on?
Andi Ninja / SNIXXZ
Andi Ninja / SNIXXZ Månad sedan
T-T &₱**&&*& +(%&(&76*%%&#+@*+!
Adriana Yano
Adriana Yano Månad sedan
Why do you like the word Hunter so much
Xx vicious kitsune xX
Xx vicious kitsune xX Månad sedan
Nomics Z
Nomics Z Månad sedan
Gamefreak hire jaiden
Dominik Novoselec
Dominik Novoselec Månad sedan
Alola forms are just pokemon that you made with different types (like beedrill as a fighting type)
SalvadorPlayz Månad sedan
soooooooooooooo I LOVE POKEMON
SalvadorPlayz Månad sedan
I am born in london
the917s Månad sedan
making haunter with sun glasses:2020:THATS NOT A THING!!
Jake zhang
Jake zhang Månad sedan
My name Jackson!
Event Games
Event Games Månad sedan
Nerd alert Alolan Pokémon are in a sunnier habitat therefore they have adapted
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