Dough D-D-Dear

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6 år sedan

Welcome to Episode 1 of EMBARRASSING MOMENTS!
Have you ever been so nervous you couldn't talk? Yeah.... So...
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Music: And So It Goes by SkipPeck

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D

zoebigmac01 Timme sedan
Well, I'm 6 years late
хммM Rekt4うu
хммM Rekt4うu 12 timmar sedan
miss Spoopy
miss Spoopy 22 timmar sedan
I have always wanted to go to carrabba's yet I think thats the place
Valkyrie - Minecraft
Valkyrie - Minecraft 23 timmar sedan
On the laptop, it’s a pokeball
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel 23 timmar sedan
Oh shit was this Bertuccis or however it’s spelled? There was an Italian place by where I lived that gave bread dough for kids to play with as well.
My cat Is cute uwu
My cat Is cute uwu Dag sedan
WB4 #blacklivesmatter
WB4 #blacklivesmatter Dag sedan
TheCasualGamer Yt
TheCasualGamer Yt Dag sedan
6yrs sgo
Ethan King
Ethan King Dag sedan
Wait 6 years.
Waner_ Cat
Waner_ Cat Dag sedan
I wanna play with bread dough
Noahs Gaming Channel
Noahs Gaming Channel 2 dagar sedan
This video is so old I didn’t notice
Sangsang Singsit
Sangsang Singsit 2 dagar sedan
Sub to mrmeola
M҉o҉c҉h҉i҉ pop
M҉o҉c҉h҉i҉ pop 2 dagar sedan
xXGayEmoNightmareXx ,
xXGayEmoNightmareXx , 2 dagar sedan
My mom asked me if I wanted to run for student council. Let me clear something up I can barley read a page in the book we’re reading and she thinks I could be on the student council
Rakoon 2 dagar sedan
You got the dough?
Maddie :D
Maddie :D 3 dagar sedan
I know I’m 6 years late but I know a place like this that has tortilla Doe to play with it’s like the same thing I forgot the name though
Maxim Salyuk
Maxim Salyuk 3 dagar sedan
JavaScrapper 3 dagar sedan
Yo also these old vids show how much the channel has progressed
Adrie Ruval
Adrie Ruval 4 dagar sedan
Where are the othed episode? I will watch them all in one day. Also why does the animation when they change look so satisfying? 0:38 Maybe Cause it's precious Jaiden and everything is good.
Desi De Rata
Desi De Rata 3 dagar sedan
Creepypasta _ Weird0
Creepypasta _ Weird0 4 dagar sedan
holy crap jaidens art has improved so much over the years
ExoticBuilder 15
ExoticBuilder 15 4 dagar sedan
6 year anniversary!!!! The progress is insane, good job👍👌
Sir FredBear Dc2
Sir FredBear Dc2 4 dagar sedan
"wait dude the audio doesn't sound bad anymore" 2020 peeps: she did not know what was coming
The Nintendo Gamer
The Nintendo Gamer 3 dagar sedan
For real...its funny
the poison dragon of death
the poison dragon of death 4 dagar sedan
This video turns 6 years old today
Aida Mendez
Aida Mendez 4 dagar sedan
(I think) this was the first video from Jaden animations that I ever watched.
Nathan delgado
Nathan delgado 4 dagar sedan
Who else is watching in 2020... and also Oct 19 the day this video was made!!,!,
Chickadee Gamingz
Chickadee Gamingz 4 dagar sedan
0:39 why did I need this so much
Jerry McWeston
Jerry McWeston 4 dagar sedan
Must... have... DOUGH
Formally JeBaited
Formally JeBaited 5 dagar sedan
hmmm yes good audio
Titan Raids
Titan Raids 5 dagar sedan
The restaurant is oreganos i think
Posiepie 05
Posiepie 05 6 dagar sedan
This was good audio??
Posiepie 05
Posiepie 05 5 dagar sedan
@Cyla haha jaiden was on before I knew what youtube was I’ve only been subbed for like a year and a half
Cyla 6 dagar sedan
Your not a og sub are u ?
chewy gaming
chewy gaming 6 dagar sedan
The audio is not comfortable for me I like the old voice
Axis 6 dagar sedan
I studder when I'm getting recorded
Galaxy_ Gamed
Galaxy_ Gamed 7 dagar sedan
Back the this was the best audio u could get
Jerem_qpmfpi 7 dagar sedan
I stutter way more
Paula Mehetabel B. Arduo
Paula Mehetabel B. Arduo 7 dagar sedan
(*why is this so relatable*)
Luke Ryba
Luke Ryba 7 dagar sedan
1- we 2- need 3- some 4- bread 5- dough 6- up 7- in 7- here
TrulyMB God
TrulyMB God 7 dagar sedan
It's ironic how her "Good mic" is terrible
Puffish 7 dagar sedan
touch tone microphone
Via Official
Via Official 8 dagar sedan
YourPie...... Look it up, it's a pizza place where you play with dough uwu
Weird Mamastay
Weird Mamastay 8 dagar sedan
Who noticed it was 8 words not 7.
Bearded dragon Whisperer
Bearded dragon Whisperer 9 dagar sedan
Dough is fun to play with
That Guy Named George
That Guy Named George 9 dagar sedan
0:39 *N E W I D E N T I T Y*
ً 9 dagar sedan
Oh, the secondhand embarrassment
king kronos 300
king kronos 300 9 dagar sedan
Oh you tube olways recomending videos Made years ago
kingsami kingsami
kingsami kingsami 10 dagar sedan
Angel_loid Fox-girl23
Angel_loid Fox-girl23 10 dagar sedan
Ah yes I see what resturant it is It’s pizza shack
Khergit Mapper
Khergit Mapper 11 dagar sedan
Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, that you had, uh, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, you wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?
Savannah and My dog Elle
Savannah and My dog Elle 11 dagar sedan
Omg I went to this restaurant call chewys and they had some tortilla dough and we went to a Buffalo Wild Wings and they had tablets!!
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 11 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 5th animation
pink oreo
pink oreo 11 dagar sedan
Me in 2020: woah when was this?? Tomato Trisha: *hair flip* You're a bit too late
Egg Roll Memer
Egg Roll Memer 12 dagar sedan
Mmm good very small eco mmmm
Toshani Basu
Toshani Basu 13 dagar sedan
I play with bread dough at home because my mom buys flour and mixes It With Water And Then Fry's It Like A Pancake And I Always Liked To Play With The Dough 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞
Dipti Ghatge
Dipti Ghatge 13 dagar sedan
Your old channel was good till fed 2019. After you just talked about that you re like funny\happy and ari . Both s**** youre views are going to fall ****
DU11KNIFE013 14 dagar sedan
when i was 4 yrs my first utuber that i subed at
Weston Perry
Weston Perry 14 dagar sedan
I think you mean dough BEER!!!
Miguel Cardona
Miguel Cardona 16 dagar sedan
Yeah it’s pretty old uwu
Judith Allison
Judith Allison 5 dagar sedan
This is a better UwU
James Parker
James Parker 16 dagar sedan
i like anime.
ILuvNightcoreUwU 17 dagar sedan
This Video's Thumbnail: Dough D-Dear Me: It's Piglet.
smøl tacø
smøl tacø 17 dagar sedan
'Wait Jaiden, the audio doesn't sound horrible anymore!' Me in 2020: Uhhhhh ok thennnnn
Adam Patino
Adam Patino 18 dagar sedan
That sounds like you were at Oreganos, but I could be wrong!
wess__ art
wess__ art 18 dagar sedan
Fetus Jaiden
E Laternser
E Laternser 18 dagar sedan
Still waiting for episode 2...
Choi Hay ting
Choi Hay ting 18 dagar sedan
Venom Kid
Venom Kid 20 dagar sedan
YOUR VOICE!!! it sounds the same
12 Josef Zachary Fernandez
12 Josef Zachary Fernandez 21 dag sedan
I got dough :-
Tulip3030 22 dagar sedan
That's freaking adorable xD
Jaycee Urbano
Jaycee Urbano 22 dagar sedan
Beleive me im everywhere
Robert Summers
Robert Summers 23 dagar sedan
I LOVED the "waiter or waitress" transformation so much! It had me dying!
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry 24 dagar sedan
I'm very serious
Samuel Toledo
Samuel Toledo 24 dagar sedan
I remember that
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 25 dagar sedan
I once went with some coworkers to a korean restaurant we sometimes go to at lunch. One of my colleagues sometimes gets bibimbap with and sometimes without beef. Nothing strange here. So, he kinds of mixed up and asked for his drink first (we usually have the same one) without beef. My sleep-depraved overworked brain kind of decided there and at that moment this was the funniest thing ever said, and I started laughing incontrollably. Then I calmed down because I needed to order. But I couldn´t. Everytime I opened my mouth to speak, I will just start laughing and saying "sorry" between laughs. In the end, I had to point at the items in the menu while laughing non-stop. The waiter judgmement is real. Though for the most part she was just laughing.
Fatma Asgher
Fatma Asgher 25 dagar sedan
*me actually looking for a comment written 6 years ago*
alexander gonzalez
alexander gonzalez 26 dagar sedan
alguien aqui entiende lo que digo
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 26 dagar sedan
Oof Moment
Oof Moment 26 dagar sedan
Got on my recommendations
ThatRandomCat 27 dagar sedan
Me watching this vid: I WANT TO PLAY WITH DOUGH!!
Super Astro Logan
Super Astro Logan 27 dagar sedan
I have a meme to show you
Super Astro Logan
Super Astro Logan 27 dagar sedan
Waiter: gives bread dough Me: NANI
Kooper Kremling
Kooper Kremling 27 dagar sedan
I bet the restaurant was a US Pizza
Terese Daigle
Terese Daigle 27 dagar sedan
Holy crap, jaidens voice used to be so high pitched
Box 106
Box 106 27 dagar sedan
Dont search 'jaiden's mother' on google
CandyCutie Gacha
CandyCutie Gacha 28 dagar sedan
Jaden: I just need to say seven words me counting* its actually 8
JustMeYT 29 dagar sedan
I think what you did was more embarrassing then just asking for some dough nicely.
BobTheTurtle 29 dagar sedan
A doe, a dear, a female dear.
Jaybelle Tolentino
Jaybelle Tolentino 29 dagar sedan
The Glass of Water
The Glass of Water Månad sedan
The title reminded me about that song in The Sound of Music
Hello YouTube
Hello YouTube Månad sedan
Should I make bread to and mail it to you? Yes, yes I should
Presley Bruce
Presley Bruce Månad sedan
Omg that was the good audio hahahahahahahah
caleb.wood. rc
caleb.wood. rc Månad sedan
wait did you go to oregano's i live in az and that place does the same thing
Bodi Huang
Bodi Huang Månad sedan
Random guy: WOAH THE AUDIO DOESN'T SOUND HORRIBLE ANYMOREEEE Me: Uh no its the worst thing ever
Absobel Dag sedan
@thermalpaste Yes I know, that's why I was saying to this guy that at the time it was good audio and not the worst thing ever
thermalpaste Dag sedan
@Absobel to be fair she was only 17 and didn't have millions to spend on equipment
Absobel 2 dagar sedan
This was six years ago actually
Jodi Bouchard
Jodi Bouchard Månad sedan
0:52 "To Bread Dough!! And BEYOND!!!!"
the running man
the running man Månad sedan
And on this Day Jaiden wouldn’t tell us what the guy’s eye color Looked Like
Lily De Silva Gibson
Lily De Silva Gibson Månad sedan
Thank you, Jaiden- for giving us ‘Terrible Mom’.
Arttisty Art
Arttisty Art Månad sedan
Bread doe
shadow trooper 28
shadow trooper 28 Månad sedan
i cant freaking watch this without a straight face
Niki MP
Niki MP Månad sedan
May I have some bread dough please I want to play with it before it gets mouldy in the mail *please*
Owen Goh
Owen Goh Månad sedan
I love your videos make more please ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Wolfehtreez Månad sedan
POV: Its 2020 and you're quarantining. You decide you want some nostalgia, so you decide to watch jaidens 4-year-old videos. (Was I right?)
DokkanLegacy2 Månad sedan
We want some bread dough up in here is 8 words
๏ɕσσкιє_ яσѕє๏
๏ɕσσкιє_ яσѕє๏ Månad sedan
I’m pretty sure your just joking on the thumbnail cus it’s actually “doe” not “dough”
Lilibeth Bautista
Lilibeth Bautista Månad sedan
Hello from 2022 Hopefully youtube recommends this video to you Im sure youtube will recommend this, because youtube is recycling videos, old videos
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