Crazy Substitute Teachers

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Jaiden Animations

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lemon guy will be forever in our hearts.
Thanks to Lixian for the old teacher voice!
video that one sub was 'reacting' to:
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Music: Trouble in Space by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a carrot (i am not responsible for any choking injuries/deaths related to said carrot)

Bellenapoopburp Timme sedan
I subscribed
Fnaf Z Dweeb
Fnaf Z Dweeb 5 timmar sedan
I once had a sub and hemade us do hella hard work
Joyoon Min
Joyoon Min 8 timmar sedan
Pretty sure you just had Severus Snape's reincarnation as your substitute teacher.
Megasansmax 3857
Megasansmax 3857 13 timmar sedan
The videos are glitching in the Playlist, is anyone else having this problem
zhujufang48 18 timmar sedan
. my grandma is worse
Zoe Varela
Zoe Varela 18 timmar sedan
I feel like Mr.Lemon is my teacher right now :/
Crazy Cricket
Crazy Cricket 19 timmar sedan
A turkey head
AstorX 20 timmar sedan
1:49 *Dog flings out of mouth* other guy *OKay chill*
Allyson Forest
Allyson Forest Dag sedan
Yes my subs in online school are the best they let us just go in a breakout rooms and talk with our friends and do fun things and just one tiny work slide that our teacher left us
Braedyn Bircsak
Braedyn Bircsak Dag sedan
I once had a sub who literally had no idea what Hawaii was so when we told him that this one girl was absent and on vacation (Which was actually true) he got mad and thought we were "playing games" with him, it ended in him phoning the office and them confirming that yes Hawaii was in fact a real place and yes she was absent for the next week. XD subs are the best!
Peyton Harris
Peyton Harris Dag sedan
Girl: Friggin I’m choking on a carrot what are you looking at, do you something you buffoon!AHHHHHHH! Me: 😂 💀=dieing of laughter
Laura Maita
Laura Maita Dag sedan
This reminds me of something else yt the toilet destroyer XD
DragonBorne Among us lover
DragonBorne Among us lover Dag sedan
H.P.R. with love
H.P.R. with love Dag sedan
Not for me substitute teacher's are always horrible they're grumpy and horrible
Robin Edelen
Robin Edelen 2 dagar sedan
Yeah dude at the end of the video is so much like my teacher me every time I go to school:🤬😤😫😭😡😵👿😈also me wanting to kill the teacher:😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Bentley Deyzel
Bentley Deyzel 2 dagar sedan
Subs sucks ther meen
SnazzGirl0624 3 dagar sedan
Fuck these fucking BITCH teachers.
r63 killer queen
r63 killer queen 3 dagar sedan
Who else watched this in 2021
That One Duck At the Pond
That One Duck At the Pond 3 dagar sedan
Portuguese man intensifies
The God Of Doom
The God Of Doom 3 dagar sedan
I have no idea what the heck is this
Olivia Koehler
Olivia Koehler 3 dagar sedan
Hammy 3 dagar sedan
Girl: choking Sub: YES! I can get fired
angelina kelly
angelina kelly 3 dagar sedan
Subs can be sort of stupid sometimes
SnazzGirl0624 3 dagar sedan
I feel your pain.
MitchellGames 3 dagar sedan
In the end are James wrote fan art! 😂
Brooklynn Weaver
Brooklynn Weaver 3 dagar sedan
Ok 👍 I will see what happens in a week if that’s what I want you can get it out of the hill and then you can go get home and then you can go get home and get your stuff out and get you a couple of people and then you go get your car and stuff for the gas tank and you have a revolution in your house. Hahahaha
Jason Roth
Jason Roth 3 dagar sedan
I got a terrible sub once too.
Ally Balaz
Ally Balaz 4 dagar sedan
I had a similar substitute like that. He wasn’t too strict, he was just super weird and old age. I had him in a science class one time and we were watching Bill Nye. At one point in the video talked about the primordial soup theory and the sub was really angry at this point. He turned off the video and said “what utter nonsense. Why are you kids taught these stupid, untrue subjects”
Goihirios 4 dagar sedan
Your lucky she didn't faint, if she did you'd have to perform CPR because she stopped breathing and maybe even call an ambulance.
eitel4 4 dagar sedan
Girl:* choking on carrot * Sub: * is the purple guy *
OVER FUWUW 4 dagar sedan
I'm jealous....In the Philippines if we have subs our original teachers will give us hell amount of paper works
Cxrmell Snaxx
Cxrmell Snaxx 4 dagar sedan
Mr. yettobetrownoutlemon eyebrows be thick tho,
Tuck's Tracks
Tuck's Tracks 4 dagar sedan
All right people in your videos bald
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 4 dagar sedan
at my school we have someone like your substitute teacher, but she's a girl and when we saw her at the desk we just sighed an considered just leaving the school all together (not really we just sat down reluctantly) she was very mean
Valentina Ramos
Valentina Ramos 4 dagar sedan
Girl: choking on a carrot Sub: this is fine
-NamelessPony- 5 dagar sedan
Anenashions jaden
Pug Productions
Pug Productions 5 dagar sedan
Unless you’re in elementary
Belle 5 dagar sedan
Once I was so traumatized by one teacher that everyday I prayed for hours before getting ready I would get a sub I have mild PTSD about teachers now I'm not even joking. That teacher was so horrible she gave me permanent trauma of all teachers.
Winter Strum302
Winter Strum302 5 dagar sedan
I wish I had good substitute teachers. Normally it was the assistant PE coach so we'd get "The speach" everytime a teacher was out.
Lydia Fleming
Lydia Fleming 5 dagar sedan
That is so funny i remember watching this with my cousin when it first came out and thinking i hope i never have a mean old sub boom now the worst sub there is i have him he is old and mean >:(
Ariel Subotzky
Ariel Subotzky 5 dagar sedan
My 6th grade teacher spent almost the entire year on maternity leave and the sub was the main teacher. Also, the actual main teacher subbed for the sub who was subbing for her during exams. It was.... a crazy year
Anastasia Anastasia
Anastasia Anastasia 6 dagar sedan
is Animations your real last name?
Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish 6 dagar sedan
Weak people revenge Strong people forgive Intelligent people ignore Sub teacher :i am intelligent
Michael Leshon
Michael Leshon 6 dagar sedan
6:44 lol James' Jaden art is great
Snobear 2020
Snobear 2020 6 dagar sedan
theres a sub at my school and hes kinda an old guy but has a beard, pony tail, and 3 earrings on one ear hes nice
Savanna'sAnimations :D
Savanna'sAnimations :D 6 dagar sedan
the end of the end card LMAOOOOOOOOOO the cut off makes it like 1000000000000 times better
Bhumika Mohanty
Bhumika Mohanty 7 dagar sedan
The ad shake concurrently undress because softdrink erroneously cough round a lonely freon. disillusioned, elderly shock
Shane R
Shane R 7 dagar sedan
Was me blank slate sleeping with his eyes open
Ramiro Escamilla
Ramiro Escamilla 7 dagar sedan
I like how the girl who choked on the carrots had orange hair... carrots are orange
Namjoon's Left Tiddie
Namjoon's Left Tiddie 7 dagar sedan
Girl: Choking and about to die Sub: Eh whatever Girl: Shows shoulders Teacher: THIS IS ILLEGAL
Kiran Nawaz
Kiran Nawaz 7 dagar sedan
Dylan Shafer
Dylan Shafer 7 dagar sedan
Lixian is popular now
Crystal Queen
Crystal Queen 7 dagar sedan
That intro thooo
Michael Fox
Michael Fox 7 dagar sedan
34 kids????!!!! We only had 15 every year
Nookey Boi
Nookey Boi 7 dagar sedan
Funny teacher story So we had French our teacher comes in so she gives us our papers and we do them but some of the students didn’t speak or didn’t know much English so the new kid who didn’t speak English GOT IN TROUBLE FOR NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH after the teacher pulled him aside and told him to stop “pretending to not understand what she’s saying” why the new kid clearly doesn’t know what your saying
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson 8 dagar sedan
the sub says the s word like 5 times!!!
Iyay Lim
Iyay Lim 8 dagar sedan
How is at home watching this ^^ and having school tomorrow
tt qq
tt qq 8 dagar sedan
Honestly I just think he was sleeping during carrot stuff
Lori Kochenberger
Lori Kochenberger 8 dagar sedan
Sub”there’s nothing happening” girl after choking 👁👄👁
Cora George
Cora George 8 dagar sedan
I had one substitute and he was the worst he was always so strict and he actually repeated a bunch of stuff we learned on the first day of school like where the bathroom is or what your not supposed to touch even though it was the middle of the year
Levi Mackenzie
Levi Mackenzie 8 dagar sedan
A substitute in my old school shoved a kid and got fired.
MacArthur Carmack
MacArthur Carmack 8 dagar sedan
6:18 Turn on captions and you will see super five elephants raisins
TheKrollFamily 8 dagar sedan
I had a old woman like this in 2nd and I think 3rd grade.
Pickle the dragon
Pickle the dragon 8 dagar sedan
Who eats carrots in class?? During math? :/
William Donnell
William Donnell 8 dagar sedan
Cheers and thanks for the use of the use of the use of an emergency please call me on the phone and I will be in the future of the future please unsubscribe me from stranger things robin hood with fur coat and I am a very nice of the future please reply with your family
DIAMODY 2 8 dagar sedan
6:43 wow, really thoughtful james
R Mark
R Mark 9 dagar sedan
WHHY ALWAYS YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carrot Gaming
Carrot Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Girl * eating carrots * Me :O
Jess Pr33c3
Jess Pr33c3 9 dagar sedan
I have a Mrs graves-
Gator Gabe
Gator Gabe 10 dagar sedan
0:51 That one kids head...
rose shimmer
rose shimmer 11 dagar sedan
One of my subs just let my whole class watch non educational SVfrom all day for no reason at all, multiple times 🤣
rose shimmer
rose shimmer 11 dagar sedan
For the whole day 😅
Coenicorn 11 dagar sedan
How do you mispronounce jaiden?
Nicholas Young
Nicholas Young 9 dagar sedan
geeky girl 25
geeky girl 25 11 dagar sedan
Worst substitute I ever had? Let me tell you a story. This one sub was VERY mean. We all knew her and had her often as a sub and nobody liked her. Anyhow I'm disabled and was in a special ed math class in 6th grade along with a bunch of other kids. One was deaf and had to sit at the front of the room. He was nice, a bit needy, and smart. So, basically just like the rest of us lol. Our usual teacher was pretty cool and happily repeated himself when needed so this kid could learn and understand math. One day, we had miss mean sub for a teacher though. The day was going as expected (poorly but not unbearable). That is, until the deaf kid asked her to repeat herself. I think it was like the 4th time, but still. He had hearing aids, sat at the front of the room, this kid OBVIOUSLY had a hard time hearing. Long story short, this sub got mad and litterally SPAT on this kid and told him to "listen better." We all knew what could happen if rules were not obeyed so the only one talking to that point was her. It was so bad that a number of people who had heard what happened actually complained to the school board but this sub had tenure or whatever so basically nothing was done. Thankfully she retired a few years later, but still. The hate for kids was real with her too.
Demon Fox
Demon Fox 11 dagar sedan
The end card bro🤣😆
Purple guy
Purple guy 11 dagar sedan
My sub told us all the answers to are math lol 😂
Poprockpopkid 99
Poprockpopkid 99 11 dagar sedan
One time I had a sub who sent like 10 people to the office for any little thing she was not aloud to come back lol this was 3 years ago
Alexander Boudreau
Alexander Boudreau 11 dagar sedan
no, don't hate... because... HATE LEADS TO THE DARK SIDE!!! PS: also the sub she hates sounds like the fleeing the complex jailor from henry stickmen.
well I agree!
well I agree! 12 dagar sedan
Hes probably close to death.
watch it or not Abby
watch it or not Abby 12 dagar sedan
One time i had this sub that just let us draw and watch a movie, we did no work at all. best day ever
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 12 dagar sedan
Hold up the person who voiced the teacher was Markipliers famous editor?
ponymad_ geek
ponymad_ geek 12 dagar sedan
At my school we have an awful sub but all the rest are all right
Danbird Neo
Danbird Neo 12 dagar sedan
Substitute teachers are great... until it turns out their your older sibling’s old teachers or family friends
Syja Syjinska
Syja Syjinska 12 dagar sedan
Jaden you shot tim tom!😏
BlueFox AnimationsYT
BlueFox AnimationsYT 12 dagar sedan
The old Jaiden.... the old memories... its enough to make a grown mad cry
Mateo Hernandez
Mateo Hernandez 13 dagar sedan
" Don't Go Miley Cyrus Crazy " .............. I laughed for 10 minutes
Zara Cocurullo
Zara Cocurullo 13 dagar sedan
that lemon is still yet to be throw out...
OfficialLaCuentaJoe 13 dagar sedan
I think the reason mr. yettobethrownoutlemon was a substitute because he wanted to torture kids
Jacob Jillson
Jacob Jillson 13 dagar sedan
If we’re talking STRICT then I have this one teacher who made my sister cry and she told kids if you don’t do this assignment that you don’t have to do it was meant to be fun and she said if you don’t do it you’ll be failed
MichyLichy 01
MichyLichy 01 13 dagar sedan
right now i have my own Mr. YetToBeThrownOutLemon :,D
DEST0YER THE GOD 13 dagar sedan
Omg comparing to slaves 2021:this does not happen in the world nowww
cake thecaterpillar
cake thecaterpillar 13 dagar sedan
What are you??
DEVX 14 dagar sedan
that military teacher might not match up enough with my dad about strictness
Lemon Boh
Lemon Boh 14 dagar sedan
All I caught was jooden and maiden
Shelton's Kinney
Shelton's Kinney 14 dagar sedan
me: picks up paper the sub: is this a personal attack or something
Luna Knight
Luna Knight 14 dagar sedan
Innocent child: ಥ_ಥ Dies Sub: eh she'll walk it off
Abby Awesome
Abby Awesome 15 dagar sedan
All 34 got up and social distanced
Unholy Natsu
Unholy Natsu 15 dagar sedan
I have long name (9 letters for my first name) so to me its kinda funny when they try saying my name
Olivia Zwiers
Olivia Zwiers 15 dagar sedan
Something that happens a lot is someone will be choking and say that they’re choking but people won’t help them because they can speak. What’s happening is that they’re brain isn’t getting any oxygen so there brain registers it as choking. Just a fun fact.
Pwnytail 15 dagar sedan
embarrassed that it took me this long to realize that the voice for Mr. Yet To Be Thrown Out Lemon is Lixian
Becky Wade
Becky Wade 15 dagar sedan
I hate subsitute teachers
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