Being the Best/Worst Ever

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life, amirite?

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ...come here often?

NubbyGames156 Timme sedan
me watching this video after the indigo song No iTS nOT ts all ovER tHE pLAce
•Maîtresse_Luna• Timme sedan
How can someone mess up on hop scotch sorry if you doo
멍멍잉글리쉬 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden, you helped a lot of people!!
Daniel Yin
Daniel Yin 4 timmar sedan
Daniel Yin
Daniel Yin 4 timmar sedan
Daniel Yin
Daniel Yin 4 timmar sedan
Hi How ya doin ?
Hi How ya doin ? 5 timmar sedan
6:28 ive got got
Aardvark C
Aardvark C 7 timmar sedan
7:28 Who is the first person?
DontWorry NextYearWillBeBetter
DontWorry NextYearWillBeBetter 10 timmar sedan
"Imposter syndrom" Me in 2020 lookin at this
sawz animations
sawz animations 12 timmar sedan
we luv u
Pug Recon
Pug Recon 12 timmar sedan
Thanks jaiden this was very informative and I think it will help me in my life.
Pug Recon
Pug Recon 12 timmar sedan
I am a really great piano player
Ava Toussaint
Ava Toussaint 16 timmar sedan
1:44 I needed that wake up call
SteakMan 16 timmar sedan
guess i'll be hit by meteors
Lord Ziz
Lord Ziz 17 timmar sedan
Me when beating Dark Souls for the first time: “Hell yeah I just beat one of the hardest games ever made!” Also me after dying to a boss once on my third playthrough: “Man I suck so bad at this game I should just go crawl in a hole and die”
GD Siver
GD Siver 18 timmar sedan
That’s not la compenella
Jackhammer Gaming
Jackhammer Gaming 19 timmar sedan
Jaydens videos are basically my therapy sessions
Flightless Bird
Flightless Bird 20 timmar sedan
3:30 Among us dude, that’s all I have to say
Flap Jack
Flap Jack 20 timmar sedan
that baby character is my favorite
Stacey Sandoval
Stacey Sandoval 23 timmar sedan
2:50 is funny 😆 I
RandomPersonOnTheInternet :P
RandomPersonOnTheInternet :P Dag sedan
5:10 Me as a kid: The kid icon My brother: the boy.
Mila Lin
Mila Lin Dag sedan
I got jinkeyed Jaiden, 2019-2020 (Also ik that I spelt that wrong)
I do piano
I do piano Dag sedan
YOURE JUST A HATER, AND I DONT *dab NEED YOU *dab IN *dab MY *dab LIFE!!!!!!
Sayara Sansuly
Sayara Sansuly Dag sedan
“Why does everything I do look like shi-“ *I felt that* but hey! You’re trying your best and that’s all that matters! Keep going and keep working hard until you achieve what you like because you deserve to be happy with your hard work! Also if anyone wondering what a cocky douchebag is like... bakugo
Sif Hansen
Sif Hansen Dag sedan
6:08 ouch i like purpler
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Dag sedan
Be proud of yourself, but not too much
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Dag sedan
1:30, I wish that were true
Anxiety Guy
Anxiety Guy Dag sedan
Yeah ty. I'm also confused how tf i am still alive \ (•◡•) /
Your girl Silvia Was here
Your girl Silvia Was here Dag sedan
This video made me a bit better About myself, thank you 🙂
Adam Guerra
Adam Guerra Dag sedan
did it really take me two frigin years to see that at the bottom 6:28
dareka0v0san Dag sedan
Masonry 8:52
Julian Servantes
Julian Servantes Dag sedan
I mean I didn’t really need this but it helped me learn to appreciate yourself for what your good for and not just put you down about the bad stuff (Thanks)
JohnIsSocial Dag sedan
Someone:**dislikes the video because why not** Jaiden:Your just a hater and i don't need you in my life!
Avagayle Dag sedan
Jaiden: *talks about having a personality crisis in highschool* Me: WoW nOt JuSt mE!?
Everest Sinasi
Everest Sinasi Dag sedan
The meteor joke...
sabastin guerrero
sabastin guerrero Dag sedan
I look up to you 😤
Smol Birb
Smol Birb Dag sedan
What I got from this video was : be proud of yourself but not to proud that you turn into a cocky moron. Thanks Jaiden 😃
Nhân Phạm
Nhân Phạm 2 dagar sedan
piano piece: “ la campanella “ the song in the background: some random pokemon or anime music that i have no idea about me: “it’s the most disappointed thing in my life and my day is ruin” ( jk i was just hoping that you could actually play the piece, i would pay to watch ).
Some nerd with an albatross picture
Some nerd with an albatross picture 2 dagar sedan
_Jaden:_ Without being a *Sociopa-* - Jake Paul appears - _Jaden:_ Uh.. Cocky Doushebag...
The B's Food
The B's Food 2 dagar sedan
do you ever think god just gets sad like: "what do u mean u don't love yourself?? i worked so hard on you.. :("
Karishma M.
Karishma M. 21 timme sedan
You know... I never thought of it that way! Self-loathing is a pretty intense problem for me, linked with a lot of past trauma which I ain't gonna get into here. Your comment made me smile... s thanks! Take care and stay safe (especially given the global situation)! (Also.. you mentioned the G-word - I expect your comment section is going to devolve into a religion argument, if it is read by a lot of people. So I hope it stays at a reasonable level of popularity).
- Dum Dino -
- Dum Dino - 2 dagar sedan
Crap. I played myself. I dont know who I am. :'D
Moste Mostert
Moste Mostert 2 dagar sedan
She makes me laugh when she said “Van Gogh” she said it wrong ps: I am dutch
CyanClaus44 2 dagar sedan
Ironically have gone deep into this stuff and don’t know a way out of this
Malcolm Sheehan
Malcolm Sheehan 2 dagar sedan
Purple is my favorite color
Sad Man
Sad Man 2 dagar sedan
Plus I feel like when anyone is positive it encourages me to be negative
Sad Man
Sad Man 2 dagar sedan
I feel like when anyone compliments me they are lying to me ☹️😞
G16 Villa, Jasmine C.
G16 Villa, Jasmine C. 2 dagar sedan
wew la campanella
Eliane Martins
Eliane Martins 2 dagar sedan
Oh Jaiden, thank you so much! I see myself a lot on your videos. Wish I had a friend like you.
傭兵Cloud 2 dagar sedan
How about they just stop whining, and just self improve themselves already ?
skyTiger 2 dagar sedan
Me in 2020 listening to jaiden saying we are all going to get hit by a meteor Almost
Happy Girl
Happy Girl 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS!!! Me: i like purple.....
Deku 3 dagar sedan
Welp guess I’m a freak
Ginga 3 dagar sedan
Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover
Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover 3 dagar sedan
Something Witty
Something Witty 3 dagar sedan
3:36 She predicted among us [-.-]
Mateololero 3 dagar sedan
I'm gonna slap your teeth
The Neon Drunk
The Neon Drunk 3 dagar sedan
You forgot to say Fred's signature line *FU-*
Alonepersonx 3 dagar sedan
Wow, you have shocked me with this video. I haven't even realized why I do what I do. I have always tried to bet this girl academically but have failed many times. This video has shown me not to do that. I just want to say, Thank you. Also, you may not see this sense it's been over a year since this video has come out. But once again Thanks
Angelica Luna
Angelica Luna 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden is seriously my therapist now
Duke Doot
Duke Doot 3 dagar sedan
4:16 had the weirdest voice EVER
One Newbie Boi
One Newbie Boi 3 dagar sedan
4:29 this can make a good meme format
Ink Chan
Ink Chan 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: PEOPLE WHO WHERE PURPLE ARE FREAKS! Jaiden's shirt: .-.
Among us dud
Among us dud 3 dagar sedan
my favrite color is purple
GammaRadiation 3 dagar sedan
6:27 That was slick
Eli Gaming
Eli Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Dab on the haters 8:26
bub Coon
bub Coon 3 dagar sedan
My favorite color is purple
Slimeish Gaming
Slimeish Gaming 3 dagar sedan
My favorite color is blue...
FerventBlack 3 dagar sedan
why did my wife left me
PenguinPlayz UwU
PenguinPlayz UwU 3 dagar sedan
8:22 kids when someone says fortnite is not as good as minecraft
Markimoss 98
Markimoss 98 3 dagar sedan
I'm watching this on my 354th litten egg Edit I mean 256th litten egg
cat _løver
cat _løver 3 dagar sedan
i like purple too(not a lie)also i like blu and pink
Paula Kang
Paula Kang 3 dagar sedan
9:08 Jaiden......Might? Is that you?
Cruz. 3 dagar sedan
0:00 “mEaNNnT”
17seventeen 3 dagar sedan
how many yall shriveled up inside when she called la campenella a song and not a piece? i nearly died inside
ElectroDuo07 3 dagar sedan
Ava Rogers
Ava Rogers 3 dagar sedan
2:46 I can relate to that time I worked hard on a drawing in class and I was super proud, later I went to show my friend and she was drawing as well and she had this beautiful picture of a tiger and I looked at my drawing and then felt stupid, whenever I get a question wrong or something I immediately shut down my brain and then tell myself how bad I am..
hxney_lemxn 3 dagar sedan
me watching this video: *eating cookies and milk* also me: *drops the cookie in the milk* my sister: *eating the same thing* also my sister: *doesn't drop the cookie* me: *j e a l o u s y*
Creeper Czar
Creeper Czar 3 dagar sedan
0:53 I will somehow hit every single branch possible
max ride
max ride 4 dagar sedan
9:08 lol I love all might jaiden (the fanart)
Andrei De Asis
Andrei De Asis 4 dagar sedan
omigosh 8:20 made me laugh a few yrs ago, still does...
Jeffrey Sutton
Jeffrey Sutton 4 dagar sedan
1:59 jaiden kinda sus tho
CocoaLoaff 4 dagar sedan
among us? also this video is very helpful
Loafing 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden should have a Tes Talk
Loafing 4 dagar sedan
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan 4 dagar sedan
Who drew Jaiden as All Might? 😂
Oof Man
Oof Man 4 dagar sedan
I m p o s t e r s y n d r o m e Hmmmmm Imposter syndrome was the imposter
Confused 4 dagar sedan
So i was bullied in school so I started acting like people who were kind of close to me so they would stay by my side. And I realised I'm still just a abomination of personalities of people I tried to be close to....
Pedro gamingYT
Pedro gamingYT 4 dagar sedan
CChris 4 dagar sedan
I honestly come back to this video to remind myself that my self worth isn't the same as my success (like with my art for example) that success is a journey that shouldn't affect who you are as a person I'm still struggling with it but thank you jaiden for making this video truly 💗
sticku xx
sticku xx 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Thanks for being here! I mean at the end of the video not being alive, I mean it's good that youre alive- but I'm not particularly thanking you for that- good job anyways-
Mr. IG
Mr. IG 4 dagar sedan
2:10 Jaiden kinda sus
ღ c a r a m e l l a
ღ c a r a m e l l a 4 dagar sedan
e p i c
GearPlayz 4 dagar sedan
Carthos 4 dagar sedan
I know super late but who are the people she kept roasting in this video? Kanye West is one, is the second one of them Jake Paul? who was the third then?
Snowy Gaming
Snowy Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: CAUSE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS me: *longgggg sad sigh* **Snowy Gaming Has Left The Chat...**
Brother Of Auchatraz
Brother Of Auchatraz 4 dagar sedan
Have you ever thought about becoming a therapist? I have seen two of your videos, back to back, that helped me a lot mentally. 😊 Thank you.
BoxedInGaming 4 dagar sedan
Diego Figueroa
Diego Figueroa 4 dagar sedan
I try not to be proud of myself so I'm not self absorbed
Mr. doge
Mr. doge 4 dagar sedan
Well my name is bo ( Beaux ) so thanks random animation person
Obscurity 4 dagar sedan
This video is hitting harder in quarantine
MockEmperor 953
MockEmperor 953 4 dagar sedan
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman 4 dagar sedan
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