Ari's Birthday Party & New Friend

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Happy bday to the brat bird yet again.
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Thanks to Jordan and Kelsey for being in the video and helping me show Ari he's got friends:
♥ The Team ♥
Atrox: AtroxChobatsu
Denny: 90percentknuckles
Devon: devonkong
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Slippin & Slidin by SkipPeck
The Cannery by Kevin MacLeod

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Ari got many treats on his birthday and I hope you got many treats for his birthday as well

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations År sedan
Donate to the Bird Gardens of Naples: Donation Raffle Information: - All donations $10 and up will enter you into the raffle - 30 donations winners will be chosen & contacted on May 5th - If we don't hear from you in 2 days after contacting you another person will be chosen Thanks to everyone who participates, we all appreciate the support very much. And happy birthday to my dumb bird
Ella L
Ella L 8 dagar sedan
Lilli Earl
Lilli Earl 11 dagar sedan
You forgot his birthday
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas Månad sedan
Wheres ari's birthday again again again
OltimateOreo Månad sedan
Jaiden where is Ari's 2020 birthday video?
Screw The Dragon
Screw The Dragon Månad sedan
Forgive me Jaiden for what I’m about to do.... Pathta with no thauth (Pasta with no sauce)
Azferene Kabir
Azferene Kabir 2 timmar sedan
Fun Fact: If you put the word ''Fun Fact'' people will mostly read your comment
Brittany landrum
Brittany landrum 2 timmar sedan
It's been I year!!!
Elora Jarrett
Elora Jarrett 14 timmar sedan
Cameron peek
Cameron peek 14 timmar sedan
Hey show your face we want to know what you look like
Lightning 16 timmar sedan
When he went down the slide tho 🤣🤣
spiderverse 616
spiderverse 616 19 timmar sedan
If you like birds you will love the film rio
Rat.g0d 666
Rat.g0d 666 19 timmar sedan
what about tofu is it? and his 2020 b day??????
Not Dreamy
Not Dreamy 19 timmar sedan
I’m born on the same dayas ari
singing in the rain Finn
singing in the rain Finn 22 timmar sedan
Feb is in a month
Zoey McDonald
Zoey McDonald 23 timmar sedan
my birthday is apr 27
yousef cook and tech vlogs
yousef cook and tech vlogs Dag sedan
Ari is cute hahaha
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell Dag sedan
I used to have a bird just like him but he died
Lay Summer
Lay Summer Dag sedan
Ari:Can I go down the- Jaiden:OF COURSE YOU CAN Jaiden again:**throwing Ari** Me:Safely made
stupid panther
stupid panther Dag sedan
Confetti on your spaghetti with mom spaghetti
Zex 3948
Zex 3948 Dag sedan
The stories are funny
Zex 3948
Zex 3948 Dag sedan
I’m 8 and I subscribe
RPattsLover82 Dag sedan
3:29 lol
LogerDog :D
LogerDog :D Dag sedan
Legend says there's still confetti on the floor
Yolo Animations
Yolo Animations Dag sedan
The ari sliding down the slide looker dangerous
Erik Solorio
Erik Solorio Dag sedan
CC I'm a kid so I have no idea about donating but I really want to donate at least $5 please help
Adrien Snow
Adrien Snow Dag sedan
i knew 2020 was missing something-
Da AKM Dag sedan
ARI'S BIRTHDAY IS THE SAME AS MY GECKO'S (well i don't know her real birthday so I count her birthday as the day we got her BUT STILL)
Rion Evans
Rion Evans 2 dagar sedan
Did he have a egg
Discord Person
Discord Person 2 dagar sedan
Heh funny
Leen Abu Nar
Leen Abu Nar 2 dagar sedan
Most romantic places : Cafè Restaurant Sunset Most one : Jordan’s shoulders
Jake plays 2 !
Jake plays 2 ! 2 dagar sedan
hey ari dint have a birthday last year
Dan minuzo GROWTOPIA GAMING 2 dagar sedan
wtf he just grab him and joel try to get it off hahahshshs
Max Hinman
Max Hinman 2 dagar sedan
At this point I'm starting to think Ari is secretly Italian.
Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson 2 dagar sedan
Are they kissing?
Lucario The G
Lucario The G 2 dagar sedan
Aris so cute, I have two birds that are love birds
all i do is wow
all i do is wow 2 dagar sedan
To cats: why are you on the table To birds: why are you on the floor
ItsCookie 2 dagar sedan
You speak french ?! Im confuses 🤨
ItsCookie 2 dagar sedan
GI4NLO 123
GI4NLO 123 2 dagar sedan
I'm Italian and...well...not much okay
Lilia Andrade
Lilia Andrade 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden:Is that time of the year again… BOOM!
Dileep Rajan
Dileep Rajan 3 dagar sedan
I like Barbie Dreamhouse do you jaiden
Chef Cheese
Chef Cheese 3 dagar sedan
Imagine inserting Ari’s face for the spaget meme...
yesnow im game
yesnow im game 3 dagar sedan
Adood Qwa
Adood Qwa 3 dagar sedan
I can’t tell which one is which
Marisa Andreuta
Marisa Andreuta 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden sow yor fayc plis
Michael bania Bania
Michael bania Bania 3 dagar sedan
I dont like reading
Jack Zuniga
Jack Zuniga 3 dagar sedan
*trys to see if that’s the ari plush* HA YOU DID NOT HURT HIM ITS THE ARI PLUSH WE COULD NEVER MISSTREAT ARI únú
Thomas Cowie
Thomas Cowie 3 dagar sedan
weebo gamer
weebo gamer 3 dagar sedan
5:36 we will claw out your liver
ProBrawlStars maibe
ProBrawlStars maibe 3 dagar sedan
Helen Gamer
Helen Gamer 3 dagar sedan
When he fell off the slide it was actually a teddy of ari, not ari
DC Youtube Family
DC Youtube Family 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "now wasn't that fun" Ari: no it is not you broke my cage -_-
Seal The Deal
Seal The Deal 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden they’re a married couple awwww
destroyer of worlds
destroyer of worlds 4 dagar sedan
I think your bird died on that slide
Ram Chandran
Ram Chandran 4 dagar sedan
like he nice man
Ram Chandran
Ram Chandran 4 dagar sedan
why do that bird hate jule
Skeb 4 dagar sedan
0:37 I can tell it's actually Jordan (pivotsxxd) laugs
maryfer805 4 dagar sedan
I wish we can help but m only nine
Emanuel Keller
Emanuel Keller 4 dagar sedan
2020 ??
Abdoul Adam konare Abdoul Adam Konare
Abdoul Adam konare Abdoul Adam Konare 5 dagar sedan
4:57 nice
Ursula Krevs Birk
Ursula Krevs Birk 5 dagar sedan
I'ts birthday or birdday
Lucas Sn
Lucas Sn 5 dagar sedan
Can ari fly??????
edwin lopez
edwin lopez 5 dagar sedan
Vampros Mortimer
Vampros Mortimer 5 dagar sedan
When is Ari turning 4
TheOreos Gaming
TheOreos Gaming 6 dagar sedan
Is Ari‘s birthday really on the 29th of April Omg that‘s mine to
Robloxcrazydab 6 dagar sedan
people only like Ari better bc ur not as cute;)
Edison del Rosario
Edison del Rosario 6 dagar sedan
Lilith Rose
Lilith Rose 6 dagar sedan
Poor dude thats me and my dad with our bird she hates us and i wanted her;-----;
Alison Thompson
Alison Thompson 6 dagar sedan
How cruel how dare you he was like a beyblade
Alicia F
Alicia F 6 dagar sedan
Alicia F
Alicia F 6 dagar sedan
When is the next birtdayyyyty
Reagan Cope
Reagan Cope 6 dagar sedan
Are you going to do tofus birthday
ElementalG4m3r 6 dagar sedan
don't judge but I kinda ship Ari with Baby Jim. Don't @ me.
Piratas del Caribe-333
Piratas del Caribe-333 7 dagar sedan
Jaiden Joe did You teach Ari to poop in the garbage can thats useful and cool
Doggy the Youtuber
Doggy the Youtuber 7 dagar sedan
I think Ari is a female because Ari's friend is WAY more colorful. think of them as a peacock but a bird
Dave Daquioag
Dave Daquioag 7 dagar sedan
Fun fact : in this video is joel is name but is youtube channel is roomie official
Lilyin creepypata likes Creepypasta
Lilyin creepypata likes Creepypasta 7 dagar sedan
“Maybe he doesn’t like gay” that is a mean bird to our community
{ᏞᎥᏞᎽ ᎠᏒᎬᎪᎷᏌᏒ} 7 dagar sedan
I wish i could get my love-bird trust :'D
Veteran bunger 2939
Veteran bunger 2939 7 dagar sedan
Droping ari in a slide makes ari wont like you
Davin Khosasi
Davin Khosasi 7 dagar sedan
On 2021 he is 4 on april
Strandness 7 dagar sedan
ftb for the birds
A Marischen
A Marischen 7 dagar sedan
He is 4 she hasn’t uploaded airs berthdt
Jouri Alali
Jouri Alali 7 dagar sedan
Ari kiss baby Jim .me um Okay Me again oooo ari is going to get married 😘
King mario and sonic / KMAS
King mario and sonic / KMAS 7 dagar sedan
well I guess ari didn't age in 2020
Luel Christian Nisperos
Luel Christian Nisperos 7 dagar sedan
i thought she said braviary ( the pokemon!) 4:26
Mariana Barros
Mariana Barros 7 dagar sedan
I love BIRDDDDdDdsssSsSs
NICK NORTH WIND 7 dagar sedan
0:36 it's just a toy birds never fall them like that.if you watch carefully you will see it's a toy. like if you agree. 👇
Cora 7 dagar sedan
I know im on mute
cómo le ago ?
cómo le ago ? 8 dagar sedan
No hablo Inglés
cómo le ago ?
cómo le ago ? 8 dagar sedan
meta iqomah
meta iqomah 8 dagar sedan
My birthday is in april too cool
CatEyedBoy 8 dagar sedan
I don't know what Jaden would do if Ari just perished, because it's gonna happen. But let's take that off our minds now, Ari is alive and well in a great home.
Pixelplayz45 8 dagar sedan
If Ari is a girl, then somthin might be goin on with the "new friend"
Raul Cortes 150
Raul Cortes 150 8 dagar sedan
Mario the ari 5:25
Andres G
Andres G 8 dagar sedan
1:45 hey that is the ari painting
Cora 8 dagar sedan
Kelsy: I wanna open it gently One second later CONFETTI EVERYWHERE
pogify 9 dagar sedan
my sparrow killed a snake (he killed the snake before the snake got out from its egg)
David Dermawan
David Dermawan 9 dagar sedan
Jaiden:its that time of year again "BOOM"
NaomiShadow_Gacha 9 dagar sedan
There was no Ari birthday for 2020
Francesca McDonnell
Francesca McDonnell 9 dagar sedan
Happy b-day ari
Gaming with Panda!
Gaming with Panda! 9 dagar sedan
Ari: goes down slides me: ARE U OKIE ARI ari :hm? Nah bro I jus smacked my head
Erika Mirando
Erika Mirando 9 dagar sedan
Happy birthday in 2021 hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha hahaha
LastKnight0727 9 dagar sedan
4:10 Ari: "F this sh*t I'm out"
Salva Gangte
Salva Gangte 10 dagar sedan
Is ari was really inside or it was a plush 0:34
XxMayDayxX 10 dagar sedan
what about ari's b-day again, again ,again
Ari's Birthday! (again)
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