Ari's Birthday! (again)

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Jaiden Animations

2 år sedan

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D a million bird kisses to you!

Milo Dex12
Milo Dex12 2 timmar sedan
I have a macaw and African grey EXACTLY LIKE THIS.
The Minecraft Narrator
The Minecraft Narrator 3 timmar sedan
7:25 Ari trying to bite the plushie's eye.
Jeffrey Wernecke
Jeffrey Wernecke 3 timmar sedan
Jr is chicken
Emery Spencer
Emery Spencer 4 timmar sedan
Happy birthday are you who
Rob Boss
Rob Boss 4 timmar sedan
2:40 'I've had bigger chunks of corn in my crap' -Fat Bastard
Jaycee Cox
Jaycee Cox 4 timmar sedan
We’re is it
Jaycee Cox
Jaycee Cox 4 timmar sedan
I have two new finches
Sushmita Lahiry
Sushmita Lahiry 5 timmar sedan
Murphy is a special bird
Nived' s mobile videos
Nived' s mobile videos 6 timmar sedan
Ari is so cute
Nena Jankovic
Nena Jankovic 6 timmar sedan
I have 4 budgies at home
orange vez
orange vez 6 timmar sedan
Ari’s birthday is a day before my birthday.
valeria gutierrez figueroa
valeria gutierrez figueroa 6 timmar sedan
Murphy the cockatoo really is Vibin
hero gamer
hero gamer 11 timmar sedan
0:34 a bird with teeth
Frederick Blitz
Frederick Blitz 13 timmar sedan
Axyler. 14 timmar sedan
5:13 _A H H H H H H H H H_
QUACK QAUCK 20 timmar sedan
“Wait, Ari’s Birthday,This was made last year.” Actually it’s 2 years ago
ElenaHedgehog 20 timmar sedan
i also sing for my pets... specially my cats...
Anna Woods
Anna Woods 23 timmar sedan
When can we see your face
Lissette Girón
Lissette Girón 23 timmar sedan
Vanessa Schultz
Vanessa Schultz 23 timmar sedan
Happy Birthday BRARD!!A!!!
Vanessa Schultz
Vanessa Schultz 23 timmar sedan
Umair491 Dag sedan
How much dose a bird bite hurt
Umair491 23 timmar sedan
Thank you too I think I can get a bird when I move out I can’t now because my mam hates animals that aren’t in a cage like a fish or something anyway u don’t have too bother with me now thank you again
Umair491 23 timmar sedan
Oh sorry for the trouble and the wait because I had too take care of my hamster 🐹 for 10mins
Emilio Animate
Emilio Animate Dag sedan
@Umair491 a love bite is basically like when a dog licks you while a defense bite is when the bird things it's in danger those bites can really hurt
Umair491 Dag sedan
I’ve never had a pet that is like that
Umair491 Dag sedan
Wait that dose that mean?
Umair491 Dag sedan
So Aries 4 so can we have a little video of him Jaden
Landon’s Channel
Landon’s Channel Dag sedan
Ummmmm guys... you know we are like Ari, and morning poos. We “choose” not to poo all night too and go when we wake up. Or is that just me? Am I supposed to poo at night? Ohh man.. I was wondering about Correctal “overnight relief”...
Coochi Man
Coochi Man Dag sedan
Make Ari “scary”
iDrxppyBoi Dag sedan
half of the video is about ari's morning poops *now this is what i call content*
Jayden Gallego
Jayden Gallego Dag sedan
1:31 *starts hearing guardian song from legend of Zelda*
Amya Sease
Amya Sease Dag sedan
Okay now I don 60,0000
Tweek’s just tweekin’
Tweek’s just tweekin’ Dag sedan
I’ve only known Murphy for five minutes but I love him
Crystal Campos
Crystal Campos Dag sedan
Crystal #472
Alpha Driven
Alpha Driven Dag sedan
I have a parakeet🦜🦜
Ralsei Dag sedan
3:52 at this point id just suck it up and just walk around the store trying to find the item i need rather than asking and having social interaction.
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox Dag sedan
4:11 for some reason I get anxiety from that room. Just to think how long it took to tidy it up lol
Yas Plazma
Yas Plazma Dag sedan
I want a dog like u when I grow up
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff Dag sedan
Ok so I have a certain type of humor and I would legit laugh seeing a Morning Poop
Adrian C
Adrian C Dag sedan
We love morning poops 😌
zhiping chen
zhiping chen Dag sedan
donate to bird senter JUST DO IT
zhiping chen
zhiping chen Dag sedan
i am a kid tho soooo like i cant
Marcy Venuti
Marcy Venuti Dag sedan
I addopted my birds from a shelter, they are dead scared of me.
NoobyGamer 11
NoobyGamer 11 Dag sedan
I feel bad for the bird at the end. If he had no feathers i wouldve asked is that a small chicken
Morgan Perkins
Morgan Perkins Dag sedan
They’re mean they can make you bleed
Morgan Perkins
Morgan Perkins Dag sedan
I’m getting a macok
AstralCane Dag sedan
Cage of my birb:O P E N My birb:NO THANKS
Akshay Singal
Akshay Singal Dag sedan
I started forgetting my age since I was 14 cuz stopped caring about my b day cuz everytime I tried to celebrate my b day there were always consequences if I try to celebrate my b day boom! Lightining struck my school and breaks it's walls or there is holiday or cuz there is Sunday or it is raining and the water level and easily cover my legs
DragonMaster Muzz
DragonMaster Muzz Dag sedan
When is aris bday
Extreme Saltwater Fishing
Extreme Saltwater Fishing Dag sedan
Oh god
Zioniyah_animates Dag sedan
6:24 gonna pay Tom nook for bird place to get bigger
Anabelle Murillo
Anabelle Murillo Dag sedan
No Dag sedan
Marie Billingsley
Marie Billingsley Dag sedan
Maiya Orduna
Maiya Orduna Dag sedan
I wanna donate pls?
XxStormR1singxX -_-
XxStormR1singxX -_- Dag sedan
Jaiden ._. Can i put this in birb and talks group in discord we love birbs
Bendiella Deviless Cipher
Bendiella Deviless Cipher Dag sedan
4:50 *me right now*
jamie costa
jamie costa Dag sedan
Sarbast Barwari
Sarbast Barwari 2 dagar sedan
I’ve had a bird before it was a good friend and he ran away
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
i d K
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
Reagan Brindle
Reagan Brindle 2 dagar sedan
During Ari's 4th Birthday can I come?
Nagito. Sans
Nagito. Sans 2 dagar sedan
If the place is still up when I’m older I would love to donate!
TheWildWolf34 2 dagar sedan
1:55 I have chickens I can relate
Noahs Gaming Channel
Noahs Gaming Channel 2 dagar sedan
Right now ari is 4 years old
TotalHipsterGirl 123
TotalHipsterGirl 123 2 dagar sedan
My cousins bird hates his toys and is scared of them but Ari loves his toys
Mr.Chile 2 dagar sedan
So this video is just full of stuff and it's really nice, but I only just realized Jaiden has a tattoo on here forearm of a couple small birds.
OJC-tv The first
OJC-tv The first 2 dagar sedan
Nvm 9 mill
OJC-tv The first
OJC-tv The first 2 dagar sedan
Do a face reveal at 2mill subs
Vanesa Nikolova
Vanesa Nikolova 2 dagar sedan
Ruairi Harris
Ruairi Harris 2 dagar sedan
Ruairi Harris
Ruairi Harris 2 dagar sedan
What happened to air 4
Hopis Turnbull
Hopis Turnbull 2 dagar sedan
✨b i r d b a i n ✨
agtoras 2 dagar sedan
5:14 cute jaiden :p :)
jayden wang
jayden wang 2 dagar sedan
& doags
jayden wang
jayden wang 2 dagar sedan
Aww I LOVE birds
17Super K
17Super K 2 dagar sedan
Always first day you always rude that I was first day yeah PC
New Beginnings
New Beginnings 2 dagar sedan
Bro I’ve been there and I’ve seen that bird and I am like donator like I don’t know like $15 or something like that I’m not sure
Samantha Dean
Samantha Dean 2 dagar sedan
Can he fly
Sinister [Plays & Tips]
Sinister [Plays & Tips] 2 dagar sedan
My friend Toby has 4 birds, one fly away and other die for cancer how many tears did have ? How many birds left? How many hours he need to look at them?
Reikhansyah abyan mizwar
Reikhansyah abyan mizwar 2 dagar sedan
your pet ari poop a big poop! X_X
day-to-day animation
day-to-day animation 2 dagar sedan
Please make more videos on Ari!!
KittenRaiin Plays Roblox
KittenRaiin Plays Roblox 2 dagar sedan
🎶 birds are better then people🎶
William Hawkes
William Hawkes 2 dagar sedan
ㄥ丨Ҝ乇 卂几ᗪ 丂ㄩ乃
Muhammad Murtaza
Muhammad Murtaza 2 dagar sedan
Jelena Rome
Jelena Rome 2 dagar sedan
I think drawing Ari is harder than making jaiden
polo lipton
polo lipton 2 dagar sedan
Me two safe birds
Alfredo Flores jr
Alfredo Flores jr 2 dagar sedan
Hey I also have a bird and it’s a cocktail
Angel Frausto
Angel Frausto 3 dagar sedan
I also got on of those bird there called a green cheek conure but mine is named Mango because he has the colors of a mango in order
Snowfox xnehri
Snowfox xnehri 3 dagar sedan
I have 2 birds they are 2 cute budgies a yellow one and blue one :)
It’š Wølfy quëënUwU
It’š Wølfy quëënUwU 3 dagar sedan
I have a ari but it’s a parrot and his name is mango!
Gachaʕ Glee
Gachaʕ Glee 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: ....Can you clean this up mom........ Jaidens mom: WoT nU ThIs Is YoUr bIrD
laura licardie
laura licardie 3 dagar sedan
Make it say the f work
Reenokop 3 dagar sedan
6:12 as Twomad once said in a high-piched voice: *MEAT*
James Heney
James Heney 3 dagar sedan
We all have morning poops
Mayako Doornaert
Mayako Doornaert 3 dagar sedan
murphy (or idk-) was at the end vibing so cutely lmao-
GG Creamroll
GG Creamroll 3 dagar sedan
7 years later aris birth day ( again again again again again again again again )
Gwen Burley
Gwen Burley 3 dagar sedan
Ylva Tranås Hyldmo
Ylva Tranås Hyldmo 3 dagar sedan
Can u do a face reavel at ten million
rosey's and cloudys fun house
rosey's and cloudys fun house 3 dagar sedan
i have 1 budgie and 1 new one its only a like one month old
yeeting with Aly
yeeting with Aly 3 dagar sedan
I find this weird She is obbsessed with animals even though her face implies otherwise
Chris Arnell
Chris Arnell 3 dagar sedan
lady: Murphy is a pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird!... Me: . . . *switches videos*
Red Fox Animations
Red Fox Animations 3 dagar sedan
8:15 that ari got some moves
Robb’s world of fishing and more
Robb’s world of fishing and more 3 dagar sedan
Ricky L
Ricky L 3 dagar sedan
Ari is so cute and he is a brat
Tristan Fish
Tristan Fish 3 dagar sedan
Ft. Ari
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