Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

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2 år sedan

why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.

Luna_56 24 minuter sedan
We love you jaiden
arvatrace 47 minuter sedan
anxiety is like hearing the boss music but never seeing the boss
Suppertimepuss2 53 minuter sedan
Paranoia gets to the point where it eats away at chunks of your memory which worsens the paranoia. Which feeds anxiety.
dario orbita
dario orbita Timme sedan
Me in front of 3 whiteboard filled with diagrams: ...and i can PROVE you hate me! Literally everyone else: yeah but we don't so...
James Smith
James Smith 2 timmar sedan
I have a bad social anxiety like every time i talk to someone, i think they will judge me and be a dick... lets talk about, worrying anxiety, i have that horribly let me tell you, this anxiety will make you think someone is hurt if you don't see them in an hour span, it will prevent you from doing things you want to almost like forcfully creating fears... it fucking sucks
Lizzie Cherry ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ.
Lizzie Cherry ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ. 2 timmar sedan
I actually have anxiety, but i'm not sure if i have depression
AJplays123 Gaming
AJplays123 Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Welcome to Depression! Hahahaha-ha....
Mila Lin
Mila Lin 3 timmar sedan
Vomit on my sweater already, mom spaghetti! JaidenAnimation, 2018
NINJAT the cyan ninja
NINJAT the cyan ninja 3 timmar sedan
I think I'm the opposite of jadden cus I like to talk and have a pokemon and minecraft back pack and don't care if they juge me (and I'm a boy but dat don't matter) oh and I screem out loud near people and I tell people what I like to watch and what video game I play (and also have nightmares about sonic being like saw and I was with Mario and other nintendo game people and every time it's was new challenges and I always wake up in the middle of it I completed it once oh and different people died every time I didn't die in the dream if that's why u think I've never completed it no it's jus cus I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or something and this only happened when I got sonic mania then it stopped now I have a toy sonic and I'm having sonic saw dreams agian)
NINJAT the cyan ninja
NINJAT the cyan ninja 3 timmar sedan
The dreams will probably end in a few months but like I said I like talking so exspet long comments from me (I'm like a SVfromr that uses comments on other videos to tell story's. that would probably make people want to find my comments for story's if I keep this up WELLP ina end this comment )
Moon Flower
Moon Flower 4 timmar sedan
Mom: “the children are hungry and we should have been at the store 3 days ago!” Dad: “you know what... your right-“ Ad: EAT IT! TASTE IT! Me: wtf
George r
George r 4 timmar sedan
Feather tail
Feather tail 4 timmar sedan
Extroverts: *I'm tired of people saying that they're shy* Introverts: *how are people so calm and confident??* Ambiverts: *well. Where do I belong?*
Jorge Reyes
Jorge Reyes 6 timmar sedan
Same i felt sad at 8
FiZz_Playz 6 timmar sedan
ReeseMS4 6 timmar sedan
i got a different problem where i think im the best person and the worst person at all times, idk what its called
Jack Holm
Jack Holm 6 timmar sedan
If you think about it, we’re all cucumbers with anxiety.
Damm s0n
Damm s0n 6 timmar sedan
Look at it all. Gross. HELP ME
sunny_jayx 6 timmar sedan
i actually tried opening up to my friends and family and it went how i expected it to. Friends thought i was looking for attention and family said i chose to have mental illness (what-)
nether warrior
nether warrior 7 timmar sedan
why a microwave? it should have been a toaster
asriel dreemur
asriel dreemur 8 timmar sedan
i have social anxiety too,its just suffering,help me
Cillian Hickey
Cillian Hickey 9 timmar sedan
Jaden you are amazing so don’t let anyone get you down,Cillian.13
Anonymous 3000
Anonymous 3000 10 timmar sedan
I think i need a stranger with a degree
UrBoiDLC 11 timmar sedan
Well those first 15 seconds aged poorly
Paula Tintinago
Paula Tintinago 11 timmar sedan
Some of them are not correct so just give the words and make them into why it would make sense
Paula Tintinago
Paula Tintinago 11 timmar sedan
Jaden I know this was two years ago but seriously calm down a bit watching you for a long time and I think you’re great you’re better animation then Jean have you seen Jaden try to make an animation of you it’s not good not good at all I prefer yours yours is much better so if you still have this depression thing just get over it and stuff seriously you have to know the person to know what’s happening and that will be hard for you I think yes just be cool about everything
Gacha_Ash 412
Gacha_Ash 412 11 timmar sedan
Jaiden: “if you know somebody you care about is suffering your not gonna wanna not help them” Me: *pauses the video and stares at Jaidens model* Also me: JAIDEN I AM HERE TO HELP YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Trini Palacios
Trini Palacios 12 timmar sedan
But if everyone hated you then why would they subscribe?
I Like Trains
I Like Trains 12 timmar sedan
XD I was watching the vid and at 6:37 in the video, it went to an add so what I heard was "I keep all my emotions right here and then one day I'll save 15% or more on car insurance with Geico" lol
IanAnd Yoshi
IanAnd Yoshi 13 timmar sedan
“People are being more honest!” *Shane Dawson shouting* S H A N E D A W S O N
Hydra 14 timmar sedan
well, I just wanna say, Jaiden actually my favorite SVfromr.
spooker 5467
spooker 5467 15 timmar sedan
I have anxiety too and crippling depression but im not gonna let that stop me😑
Ada Assink
Ada Assink 16 timmar sedan
This video was posted July 1st. The anniversary of my parents' wedding. :/
katherine concio
katherine concio 17 timmar sedan
Two years ago I was like, "PFTTTT it cant be THAT bad," now i'm like, "Well frick, why do I relate to this??"
Augustus holmes
Augustus holmes 17 timmar sedan
jadin is the best
MadManYolo 18 timmar sedan
Its concerning how relatable this video was
Angel Thomas Agnas
Angel Thomas Agnas 18 timmar sedan
The thumnail from the man tho x.x
Yellow Crewmate
Yellow Crewmate 18 timmar sedan
0:00 *”CYAN SUS”*
Eowyn Post
Eowyn Post 19 timmar sedan
I know somethings wrong with me... I just don't know what... because I'm afraid to talk to anyone about me. I"m going to keep all my emotions right here, and one day I'll muster up the courage to kill myself. Ugh. Don't worry tho, I''m a coward. I won't kill myself.
SadYeehaw 19 timmar sedan
I didnt know you can return that stuff if I knew maybe I wouldn't be.................. Dead
wo1fyz 19 timmar sedan
the part about part where you talked about how how if you worry about others health too much yours will fall apart helped me help a friend with one of her problems thanks! also ive watched this video like 4 times its a masterpiece.
JohnIsSocial 19 timmar sedan
Quarantine:I got you
Lillian Keairns
Lillian Keairns 20 timmar sedan
Jaiden: I think everyone hates me Me: I DON’T HATE YOU and I don’t think anyone else here does either, you’re great
Subby :3
Subby :3 20 timmar sedan
turtle eating plastic? *cannibals*
Anna Luksha
Anna Luksha 22 timmar sedan
Was having a "conversation" with a friend, trying to convince him that no, he can't cure my anxiety by forcing me into stressful, social situations. Ya didn't go well, now he's not talking to me. I'm the one with anxiety I should know what I'm talking about... He literally sided with a dictionary that "anxiety" is a form of fear, whereas an anxiety DISORDER is a TON different. Get it right people!!!
Mexican Taco
Mexican Taco 23 timmar sedan
Yes this is so relatable even though I'm 11 there was the time where my best friend blocked me accidentally my anxiety was 📈📈📈📈and I was wondering if they ever really liked me or if they think I was annoying and I might be out going I really just seek approval from my peers because that's my way of proving my worth and I always feel at least multiple people are secretly hated/gossiping about me
Donut Lord
Donut Lord 23 timmar sedan
0:36 Captions:poor turtle choking on plastic bag Also captions: dies :(
Spix 23 timmar sedan
Social anxiety is a very big problem of mine “doo doo dooooooo”
•-• LexiPlayz Gamez :3 :D
•-• LexiPlayz Gamez :3 :D 23 timmar sedan
Correction its millions UwU
EmeraldCraft101 23 timmar sedan
This video is me in a nutshell
ACE Mesa
ACE Mesa 23 timmar sedan
Anybody have anxiety? Everyone:
Spix 23 timmar sedan
I does
Ach Nav
Ach Nav Dag sedan
I'm really weird avoir it like, I can go see people I know but I'm not close with and talk to them or even ask to stay with them for a bit, but I will still think they secretly hate me and talk to me out of politeness only. So yeah, that's kind of messed up.
Bobby Allison
Bobby Allison Dag sedan
Fun fact i have anxiety and have a teacher to carry my struggles like you sed. I should get to bed it's 00:29 crap
Yeet Meat
Yeet Meat Dag sedan
Don’t worry it’s OK
Chubby Fishy3
Chubby Fishy3 Dag sedan
You have no problems that is scary
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine Dag sedan
I don’t have anymore baby teeth ;-;
Aron Moore
Aron Moore Dag sedan
Yhanimation vlogs
Yhanimation vlogs Dag sedan
Your not the only one with anxiety, except I also have low self esteem, and I'm always overwhelmed about things
Spix 23 timmar sedan
Me too
FunnyFilm Dag sedan
Ah yes... back when shane dawson was respected
nooby edits
nooby edits Dag sedan
I am an introvert but I j just don't like to talk.
Nekiplex Dag sedan
I'm thankful that i dont have social anxiety.
Your Grandma
Your Grandma Dag sedan
I don't feel emotions any more
Tallus45 Dag sedan
I think Jaiden is a therapist that animates her therapy stuff :D
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey Dag sedan
Why does everyone reference that somg
BirdsayhiYT Dag sedan
alejandra rodriguez
alejandra rodriguez Dag sedan
shane dawson in the beginning didn't age well.
Monica Springer
Monica Springer Dag sedan
Neo 08
Neo 08 Dag sedan
I have panic anxiety
Elin Marmgren
Elin Marmgren Dag sedan
No One hates u! Ur My fav youtuber
Sonnie Illingworth
Sonnie Illingworth Dag sedan
Your fans don't hate you! right? RIGHT!
kasidy birch
kasidy birch Dag sedan
I have the same anxiety as you :>
Alexa Dag sedan
My “friend” (she is rlly toxic) says this every time I tell her something SHE asks about, like anxiety and f i had it. So i said yeah cause srsly it freaking sucks. And she said, “well ive had it since i was 2, and i het mine is wayyyyy worse.”
Prometheus 7424
Prometheus 7424 Dag sedan
I dislike hearijg about anxiety from just about anyone because there are a lot of people who use it as an excuse for things, self diagnose, treat it like it’s their entire personality, and with it there are a lot of other social issues. I do agree if you say you have anxiety your more likely to be narcissistic, that’s just my experience I’ve been mistreated a lot in the past by these people who say they suffer from anxiety. Now the word itself just annoys me, not saying your like that if you have anxiety, but personally I don’t wanna hear about it. 😅
FatLazyDoge Dag sedan
"Hello stranger with a degree. I'm here to tell you why I'm broken!"
onyx Dag sedan
i have anxiety and have been having panic attacks since the second grade. i am in my first year of high school.
onyx Dag sedan
i have anxiety to. i'm shy and am very anxious and have to take meds to help with my social and all kinds of other anxiety.
zeldacraft_64 gaming
zeldacraft_64 gaming Dag sedan
Ok Nice video But ummmm WHERE IS THE PEE STORED?
AJ Dag sedan
Oh god Shane
TheStickManSlayer YT
TheStickManSlayer YT Dag sedan
Broken Microwave
Broken Microwave Dag sedan
Thanks Jaden, these videos have been helping me. But helps my friends more, I use these to learn how to understand more people. It has helped greatly, thanks a lot Jaden!
Knight Night
Knight Night Dag sedan
Glitchi Ghost
Glitchi Ghost Dag sedan
Im depreased....
It’z Jussie
It’z Jussie Dag sedan
I have a eating disorder, and even if I am in MY ROOM I feel watched I feel like there is a camera in my room and I feel like someone is spying on me.
It’z Jussie
It’z Jussie Dag sedan
I have a eating disorder, and even if I am in MY ROOM I feel watched I feel like there is a camera in my room and I feel like someone is spying on me.
MiniTechnicBuilds Dag sedan
Jaiden: You couldn't more wrong than confusing anxiety with narcissism. Also Jaiden: I confused Tetanus with AIDS.
The perfect cup of hot chocolate
The perfect cup of hot chocolate Dag sedan
I love the amount of MEME you put in your videos. >:3
moon mxchi uwu
moon mxchi uwu Dag sedan
I have anxiety and it’s annoying bc I actually never knew that I had it until now
Benjamin Holmes
Benjamin Holmes Dag sedan
Oh my gosh!!! I'm Ben and I have depresion aswell!!! :( I'm sad.
Kid Faraci
Kid Faraci Dag sedan
:me when I see heights and rocks: 😶well :looks at leg with a scar: that was a fun moment SUISLIDE TIME
Paul Dag sedan
I don’t really have social anxiety but I have trouble talking to strangers. It’s getting a bit better and that’s mainly cause my parents are pushing me out of my comfort zone. A little story, one time I went to the music store to go buy some guitar strings and I thought my dad would come with me but he decided not to. It was also my first ever time going to one. The second I stepped in, I kinda just felt amazing. I stopped getting nervous cause I was surrounded by beautiful instruments I just wanted to try out. Long story short, I stayed there for a good 2 hours. If you have social anxiety or something like that, my advice is to just kinda just do it. I sorta stop thinking about how I can embarrass myself and remember why I’m here.
Kaiis Lucero
Kaiis Lucero Dag sedan
how big is the microwave?
TheWeirdMisfit 2.0
TheWeirdMisfit 2.0 Dag sedan
My anxiety is so bad ive cried on a school bus six times and im afraid of almost everything
Brynn Ogle
Brynn Ogle Dag sedan
Everyone thinks I'm weird because I'm a girlish tomboy and I'm an extrovertish introvert
Thomas Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong Dag sedan
0:00 try 15.8 million
Jas 123
Jas 123 Dag sedan
I just got full of anxiety when I forgot to plug my earphones into my phone, ik still recovering
Sweet Inferno
Sweet Inferno Dag sedan
Among us made everyone have anxiety 😂
Mohs ez
Mohs ez Dag sedan
Suggestion for everyone relating to this. HealthyGamergg. Dr. K. Harvard Nerd Gamer Psych...ologist? iatrist? whatever. Good stuff.
Ocha Chan
Ocha Chan Dag sedan
Bro i have social anxiety too you may think I’m lying but like I’m being honest ;v;
Dv VIIben
Dv VIIben 2 dagar sedan
bruh u got 600k thums up wow nice
Mia Anakalea
Mia Anakalea 2 dagar sedan
I have a friend who suffers from anxiety and depression, I suffer from it as well but this isn't about me. She lives in California, I live nowhere near that on a stupid island. I met her on Instagram and we've been helping each other out with family problems for 5 months now. With a phone, there's so much that's limited and it's not like I can see her in person, because dude, I live on a fricking island. I feel like one day she'll jump off a roof and she'll die without me knowing...
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff 2 dagar sedan
Here is a coping mechanism my doctor said to me; Being stressed and depressed is quite normal. Everyone have intrucive thoughts and it is OK to get panicked over them. However, what is not OK is letting those thoughts control you and your life. You are your own person and your thoughts should not be by the steering wheel.
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