Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

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why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.

JK Glitch Trap
JK Glitch Trap 3 minuter sedan
0:29 that poor turtle
Anushka Reese
Anushka Reese 21 minut sedan
You may understand, you may not: Title:**Exists** Nobody: Not even a dead clam: Nigel Lawson: ...OfF A ✨meECrEWaVaY✨ If your confused search Nigela Microwave.
Louis Jones
Louis Jones 25 minuter sedan
what a strong intro
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA 46 minuter sedan
Should I be crying???? I don’t even have a mental health disorder....
WaffleCat 48 minuter sedan
we need to get this video really popular, for jaiden!
Firelord Eliteast67
Firelord Eliteast67 51 minut sedan
Starting to notice a weird connection between having mental illness and being an artist of some variety across the entire internet. Welp, time to go write my webnovel and hope my ADHD doesn't send me off to the cursed land known as NSFW Reddit.
crow inc.
crow inc. Timme sedan
The lose yourself reference though
Herescu George
Herescu George 2 timmar sedan
Why do I have this in my recommendations in the day I actually got assigned at a second examination at 2 classes?
GhostyTheVolty 3 timmar sedan
1:41 Not True From my side
Kitty Haven
Kitty Haven 5 timmar sedan
2:28 *watching this at 4 AM* UHHH
44_HD_OderSo 5 timmar sedan
Wow! I guess i have Anxiety
ALVEENA BINTI ARIF Moe 6 timmar sedan
if your sad tell us we love you and ari
gamingoose 6 timmar sedan
Idk if it’s just me, but the turtle noises were on-point
Kyle Andrew Baguio
Kyle Andrew Baguio 6 timmar sedan
Is this Evangelion?
Hanns Yow
Hanns Yow 6 timmar sedan
*so i raised my hand* *My palms were sweaty* *Knees weak* *Arms heavy* *Vomit on my jacket already* *Mom speghetti*
KolinaSpronok 9 timmar sedan
Heavy is Mellennial
Jack Vasquez
Jack Vasquez 13 timmar sedan
Me, 12 seconds into this video: “this didn’t age well”
Emily Hope
Emily Hope 14 timmar sedan
I have ADHD and Im stuck with this bs for the rest of my life. In fact there so many hidden symptoms if I am suddenly cured id be a completely different person. WELL AIN'T THAT AN EXICENTAL CRISIS AND A HALF
Charliezard Gaming
Charliezard Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Cool I have Scopophobia its like social anxiety but its the fear of a stranger watching you while your alone
Saiyan_ 5tar
Saiyan_ 5tar 19 timmar sedan
Currently I don’t have low self esteem and even though I’ve gotten the answer I still don’t get why so many do since whenever I’ve met anyone that does I know they are a great person
Rubified 19 timmar sedan
The worst feeling is when your in class and go to tell a joke about a topic you were talking about and when you raise your hand and say it, no one laughs so you have to laugh at your own joke, and everyone just stares.
Icebringer TheIcewing
Icebringer TheIcewing 23 timmar sedan
The beginning reminded me of ronaldomg/ronald kurzawa make that animation
Alfonzo Federico B Pinohermoso
Alfonzo Federico B Pinohermoso Dag sedan
2:58 bcuz it may happen owo
SirenDaFox Dag sedan
Why is this video far too relatable xD
Ethaniel Games
Ethaniel Games Dag sedan
I am the exact same way
Dreamcraft Dag sedan
Once I was drawing in class and this kid was like “oh that’s so good” and I thought *ok someone cares say thanks* but my social anxiety said “…”
Mr Overkill
Mr Overkill Dag sedan
Y'all think depression is bad try having insomnia which causes you to slowly turn insane from lack of sleep i just one upped y'all
Anabelle H
Anabelle H Dag sedan
It feels good to know that other people go through what you are going through personal I have previously struggled with separation anxiety but now it is just generalized anxiety so thanks because it feels nice when I know that people I admire go through what I go through so thanks very much ☺️
Ryan Tang
Ryan Tang Dag sedan
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez Dag sedan
Jaden Ummm You’re the only one with hair
austin wijaya
austin wijaya Dag sedan
im fear
მ. Ⴌ
მ. Ⴌ Dag sedan
I have anxiety;w;
Róise Ní hAirtnéide
Róise Ní hAirtnéide Dag sedan
tsuiv Dag sedan
Isn’t SVfrom the same lol everyone is watching you speak
Leeann Lottner
Leeann Lottner Dag sedan
Aaron A
Aaron A Dag sedan
When Jaden had the valt face it looked like one eye was crying
worth less
worth less Dag sedan
I tried and tell my only family my mom became being immigrant means you have no family that didn't bother me but constantly bullying and lonelynessloneliness I tell my mom and she did nothing i starting to think it was ok it wasn't her problem anyway and she doesn't care
SkopeAnd Stuff
SkopeAnd Stuff Dag sedan
Jaiden *talks about anxiety* Also jaiden: I AM EMINEM NOW
Balázs János Dominkó
Balázs János Dominkó Dag sedan
3:35 yes, i like Eminem too, good reference
little Ely vlogs
little Ely vlogs Dag sedan
6:55 clocks worth?
Ashm45 Dag sedan
You know you are anxious when you type something funny In the comments, then realising It's as garbage as you, editing it and *Edit: I don't feel like anyone is going to like it. Or any of my jokes either.*
Heather Vogler
Heather Vogler Timme sedan
I'm glad. :) Have a good day too!
Ashm45 2 timmar sedan
@Heather Vogler Thank you. I'm sure everything is going to be great. Have a good day, bro
Heather Vogler
Heather Vogler 9 timmar sedan
You're not garbage! I read like 2 sentences from you but I know you're super special!
Ashm45 Dag sedan
I'm convinced I'm depressed, but I'm scared people will think I'm just seeking attention If I open up
Master of Writers
Master of Writers Dag sedan
Jaiden, you and other animators need to know, that a lot of people like me have a lot of black mail on you
That_RandomPerson Dag sedan
There is another
Alex Dag sedan
The narcissism aspect may have something to do with the false idea that everyone hates you and judges you whenever you're around, therefore you must be super important to everybody if they think so much about you, regardless if positively or negatively.
Alex Dag sedan
2:51 I expected something NSFW to come out of those holes in the bathroom wall.
P Riverbars
P Riverbars 2 dagar sedan
1:41 no
id_goes_here 194
id_goes_here 194 2 dagar sedan
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 dagar sedan
I think another good point about anxiety is how not everyone has it and absurd levels of anxiety are both not normal and not healthy. I feel like anxiety in modern society has been normalized to the point where if someone says they don't really feel anxious about something they are either dubbed a liar or an exception when that not really the case. Even worse, some people who don't have high anxiety are shamed for being mindful enough of other people's anxiety, as if not having anxiety somehow means you are rejecting someone else's anxiety. Like I've been shamed both on the internet and in real life for saying something as simple as "I don't really get anxious in that way". Other times someone will make a nonchalant joke like "Doesn't it always feel like you're worthless? At least we can take solace in that fact that everyone feels like this." But when I hear that I'm like "No, I don't think I'm worthless, I don't think you are worthless, and I don't think everyone believes they are worthless. The fact is *lots* of people don't experience unhealthy levels of anxiety and we shouldn't act like everyone does. Unhealthy levels of anxiety is just that, unhealthy levels of anxiety and we should all aim to not have it. If you don't have that problem, good for you. If you do have the problem, I hope you can overcome it, but don't act like it's natural and accept. As hard as it might seem every day, fight back and I'm positive you can overcome it. Also, can I just say that it's so ironic how some people with anxiety want to shame people with no anxiety for not feeling enough anxiety? That is anxiety being projected all over the place!
Michael Elia
Michael Elia 2 dagar sedan
Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on her sweater already, moms spaghetti
Natu 2 dagar sedan
i dont get it cuz in ur relationships video u said ur not responsible for anyones happiness- i think im jus confused
Daniel Zambrano
Daniel Zambrano 2 dagar sedan
This is like the family friendly edition of the Face Reveal Vid
vicky chen
vicky chen 2 dagar sedan
I'm also kinda have social anxiety
phoebechan192 2 dagar sedan
I have OCD, Depression, Anxiety and I used to have agoraphobia. I ended up with agoraphobia due to being stalked for 3 years. But my now husband and a therapy helped me get over the agoraphobia for the most part. I still have random panic attacks. Mostly if I see a man in a certain style of hat in the distance... But it is better now.
GAVIN WILKINS 2 dagar sedan
3:23 I saw a video about this scene and it was catchy
GAVIN WILKINS 2 dagar sedan
0:32 save the turtles
Liam Eicher
Liam Eicher 2 dagar sedan
I just realized in the beginning all the people at the back are anime characters.
George Lopez
George Lopez 2 dagar sedan
I haven't seen this video
Solo_ Breif
Solo_ Breif 2 dagar sedan
oh well that explains that I have social anxiety- (plus i hate myself and I'm depressed )
Coffee_ Addict
Coffee_ Addict 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Says that she doesnt think people care about her insecuritys 16 mil people: INTERESTING
Øsçár stùdíøs
Øsçár stùdíøs 2 dagar sedan
Lauren Grayson
Lauren Grayson 2 dagar sedan
I am the same as you but I have anxiety about almost every thing.
Lucas T
Lucas T 2 dagar sedan
The Minecraft Kid
The Minecraft Kid 2 dagar sedan
3:37 your welcome
Linebeck, The JoHoe
Linebeck, The JoHoe 2 dagar sedan
0:10 this one didn’t age so well
Haminations Fan56
Haminations Fan56 2 dagar sedan
Same I feeled scarced about people at school making fun of my height in middle school
Gemini Studios
Gemini Studios 2 dagar sedan
When did she change the title it's like it's changed
Ajo 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: *has a ton of subs and videos* Also Jaiden: pweople scawy :(
Simonas P.
Simonas P. 2 dagar sedan
Jayden: talks about problems, makes good points and gives pretty good solvations. Me: 3:36 why jayden eminem
lego jurassic
lego jurassic 3 dagar sedan
Watch this *Boo* *3:33*
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I have depression and a low self esteem Me: s a m e
Brennan Mahoney
Brennan Mahoney 3 dagar sedan
The anxiety part at Around the 5 minute mark sounded a lot like me I always feel like everyone is judging me even as I share this post now
Ayden Harrison
Ayden Harrison 3 dagar sedan
I have everything Jaiden had
jason felezario
jason felezario 3 dagar sedan
jason felezario
jason felezario 3 dagar sedan
Im like jaiden ha
Wyatt Sonnier
Wyatt Sonnier 3 dagar sedan
I love how her brain gets mail
F.A. Wolf
F.A. Wolf 3 dagar sedan
I do not think you are bad you are nice
Tina VY
Tina VY 3 dagar sedan
Ok 🙂👌
X brawler
X brawler 3 dagar sedan
I do this thing where i think everybody is critiquing every aspect of myself (like what i wear, what my voice sounds like, what i physically look like, and every word that ever comes out of my mouth) and it sucks and its stressfull and every time i try to talk to someone they basically say "hey just don't feel that bad" its annoying cause you can't just change what you think or how you feel without constant practice at that emotion
Trone Carretero
Trone Carretero 3 dagar sedan
She's nervous but on the surface she barely looks calm and ready.
Mary Does edits
Mary Does edits 3 dagar sedan
Mom said "no you dont have anxiety" so ig im fine
oshowott person
oshowott person 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for answering all my problems I realize i have anxiety.
The Awesome Trickster
The Awesome Trickster 3 dagar sedan
Did you just started singing lose yourself by Eminem 3:35
Claire Sutherland
Claire Sutherland 3 dagar sedan
this was a fun video yay
erinephraim 3 dagar sedan
6:30 same here, I sometimes talk to my mom when she's cleaning or cooking, in the middle of me talking I just hear her sighing. Either 1. It's just in my head or 2. It's because she's tired. It makes me feel like she's annoyed by this
Jacob Weible
Jacob Weible 3 dagar sedan
I have the same thing as jaiden
glenna allen schnabel
glenna allen schnabel 3 dagar sedan
I like you
Ahmadplayz _09
Ahmadplayz _09 3 dagar sedan
3:35 LOSE YOURSELF EMINEM His palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy, His Vomit on his sweater already, mom's spagetti
Iulia Șchiop
Iulia Șchiop 3 dagar sedan
I'mjustawatcherdon'tmindme 4 dagar sedan
My type of anxiety is overthinking, if I don't think about it much it'll go away but if I don't and think a lot about it I'll panic and come to the conclusion that everyone hates me and I'm a failure
Gregory Taylor
Gregory Taylor 4 dagar sedan
This video is 3 years old and it still helps me with all my problems. Thank you
Superior 4 dagar sedan
1:35, is that Kracko..... I think that would be the one anxiety I’d be okay with.
ShellRaptor 3 dagar sedan
Yeah being scared of thunder storms are fine with me (considering kracko is a cloud monster)
depressed lion
depressed lion 4 dagar sedan
3:35 yeah palms sweaty knees weak arms heavy vomit on my sweater already mom's spaghetti
lenny catering
lenny catering 4 dagar sedan
I don't know if this is anxiety if I'm in Roblox(prob you don't know) I get nervous in parkour like my hand is shaking my brain is gonna fall out and of course hand sweaty I don't know if that's anxiety but I'm also an introvert so you no need to worry cuz I'm an introvert in inside :D
Armum TV
Armum TV 4 dagar sedan
0:18 My Mental Problem That I Also Have ( I'm Still Drepressed)
Yolanda Jamison
Yolanda Jamison 4 dagar sedan
Pasta wit no sauce, eat some maaz and go naaaaahz, Let's go! Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy,vomit on my sweater already, mom spaghetti
sugsbsjsgsvsbdndbhd dhsiwyvenridhdbe
sugsbsjsgsvsbdndbhd dhsiwyvenridhdbe 4 dagar sedan
luke borst
luke borst 4 dagar sedan
been trying to forgive myself for my past mistakes but its very very very hard almost impossible, thanks paranoia and anxiety!
Cryo Gaming
Cryo Gaming 4 dagar sedan
My brain: You're anxious Me: How? They literally don't give a- Brain: Shut up you're anxious
Michael’s Skits
Michael’s Skits 4 dagar sedan
Thank you. you finally taught me I am depressed
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