Animal Crossing used to be so much darker...

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i need therapy now because of a pig
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D go hit your neighbor with a net

MB H 20 minuter sedan
Yes, I did watch this 4 times, your point is?
MemerKid 21 minut sedan
Where are you going? MUSTARD
Rusame fangirl number 1
Rusame fangirl number 1 42 minuter sedan
Peekachooboo Timme sedan
Darker. Darker. Yet Darker. The Darkness Keeps Growing. I Think This Next Project Will Be Very. Very. Interesting. What Do You Think?
FanfFreddy112 Glenn
FanfFreddy112 Glenn Timme sedan
I agree with Jan like I want to smash that thing in the trashcan too haha
Espeon7 O
Espeon7 O 2 timmar sedan
*What I’m getting at is- Sad*
•Zana Kat•
•Zana Kat• 3 timmar sedan
I play roblox with my fav friends david aka inspired,A crazy name that I can’t say and yeah that’s all my fav friends
mohammed noor
mohammed noor 3 timmar sedan
Logan Underwood
Logan Underwood 4 timmar sedan
Can reading stop you
Cupcake Girl
Cupcake Girl 4 timmar sedan
Sue E I wish she was in the new animal crossing new horizons and I wish it was mean
courtney costa
courtney costa 5 timmar sedan
for me one of my narbors named sprinkles always talks about anime manga and being stylish
Javier Long Alvarez Delgado
Javier Long Alvarez Delgado 5 timmar sedan
No ofende, I used to watch this Chanel all the time, but simp
Bgghh Ghgfgc
Bgghh Ghgfgc 5 timmar sedan
I haven’t watched you in 2!!!! YEARSSSSS
franchesca davis
franchesca davis 10 timmar sedan
Laviinaa & Lasiiaa
Laviinaa & Lasiiaa 12 timmar sedan
I got an add with animal crossing while watching this video
Evan Jurgen Cahilig
Evan Jurgen Cahilig 16 timmar sedan
Tom Nook is a kiddnapper >:0
Renita Golson
Renita Golson 16 timmar sedan
what villigers do you have
Mikomation 18 timmar sedan
Darkquill Maroon
Darkquill Maroon 20 timmar sedan
4:54 Idk why but Jaiden's face in that moment just made me die of laughter lmao
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 21 timme sedan
1:49 on the same day as doom eternal.
Psymecoleesis 21 timme sedan
I love Kate! Anymore of those Salted Karamals!?
Its Mee
Its Mee 21 timme sedan
6:36 Oh my gosh aang how did you get here???
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 21 timme sedan
Wild world is the sh't.
Tonnam (Karisa) Cheeranavanit
Tonnam (Karisa) Cheeranavanit 21 timme sedan
the first house scared me...
Elias and Delilah Singing and gaming
Elias and Delilah Singing and gaming Dag sedan
Welp now I know the Dark side of furry s lmao
Elias and Delilah Singing and gaming
Elias and Delilah Singing and gaming Dag sedan
Play roblox gacha life online and If you see some one named glitch dat me UwU
Rebecca Dag sedan
This video is extremely hilarious to me as an animal crossing og
Finn Ewing
Finn Ewing Dag sedan
So the villagers that Jaiden has (that we know of) are Raymond, Olive, Elvis, Rudy, and Leigh?
mohamed yahia
mohamed yahia Dag sedan
I love the new horizons
Jason Beevers
Jason Beevers Dag sedan
“My island still looks like crap” same girl same
No Name
No Name Dag sedan
Over doing it
Nick Nock
Nick Nock Dag sedan
You’ll be happy to hear the Sue E’s last appearance was in the original Animal Crossing. She is no more.
Kawaii•Kitten Dag sedan
Not much friends Playing so much video games Me: I can relate with that it's sad
Dag sedan
MagicTingZ Valintines Day!
MagicTingZ Valintines Day! Dag sedan
I STILL play this game TODAY:3
MagicTingZ Valintines Day!
MagicTingZ Valintines Day! Dag sedan
I play it with my sister and same age uncles
Shroom Mage
Shroom Mage Dag sedan
I felt like New Leaf struck a pretty good balance on villager dialogue. Characters weren't typically very mean, but they still had the drama I wanted to see. Seeing two animals talking was always exciting and showed some new development in their relationships, which could even be followed up by a totally different one spreading rumors about them. In New Horizons it's just... oh, the Peppy x Peppy interaction... again.
Slime Is mah life
Slime Is mah life Dag sedan
Here’s a tip, don’t collect the “cute” villagers. The “ugly” ones are so funny. Look into clay the man is obsessed with a snacks and bugs. He’s perfect for you
Sweet Daifu
Sweet Daifu Dag sedan
AnD LeT ThEm ShApE tHe EaRtH aNd SeAaaee
fnaf stuff
fnaf stuff Dag sedan
hello! so i heard you played among us vr with drumsy and nearly died. I MEAN NEARLY. I L O V E BOTH OF YALL. ALSO, THAT PIG DESERVES *D E A T H .*
Akinøri Konagami
Akinøri Konagami Dag sedan
Karina Jimenez
Karina Jimenez Dag sedan
Who is watching this in 2021
Yeamin Rahman
Yeamin Rahman Dag sedan
post new videows
voixe.ultima Dag sedan
Me! I did! I read the description!
Gold Creeper
Gold Creeper Dag sedan
MUSTARD THAT IS definitely a country
Kawaii Weeb
Kawaii Weeb Dag sedan
“I’ll take a locker room please” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kawaii Weeb
Kawaii Weeb Dag sedan
Ew lol 😂
hcllo kity
hcllo kity Dag sedan
2:31 Well now it’s time to experience it tog- *internet goes out* I-
Adam Isaac Salinas
Adam Isaac Salinas Dag sedan
New horizons ghost side quest is weird
ReW {Playlists for the WorlD}
ReW {Playlists for the WorlD} Dag sedan
I understand..... There's this game on PS4 that I have and it's like, the Cars movie or something, AND THE WHOLE TIME YOU ARE RACING THE OTHER CARS ARE SAYING CRAP LIKE, "Oh nice job....LOSER!" And I'm like.........I thought this was Disney but ok. I love it! Something about a bunch of cars bullying you makes you wanna win even harder just to shove their faces in your glory.
Sarah King
Sarah King Dag sedan
Defecate the Salmon
Defecate the Salmon 2 dagar sedan
What animation software does she use
HiTimeToDie 2 dagar sedan
Where ya goin *ah yes, musty crusty mustard-land*
Shawn vlogs
Shawn vlogs 2 dagar sedan
8:27 the face
Brock Laing
Brock Laing 2 dagar sedan
"Gothic drag queen pig" hah... me
•《Marshmallow Tea》•
•《Marshmallow Tea》• 2 dagar sedan
i love new horizons but the dialogue is so boring- like theyre too nice-
Lily Lupin
Lily Lupin 2 dagar sedan
My stepmother played the original, so we always talk about how rude Tom nook was, and our favorite villagers.
Spicy Cat
Spicy Cat 2 dagar sedan
3:35 Correction 1000/19800 ≠ 0.05/100. 1000/19800 = 10/198, 10/198 ≈ 10/200 = 1/20. Jaiden has ≈5% not 0.05%, she forgot to multiply by 100.
Gembly 2 dagar sedan
stardew valley master race
Plainrocky123 2 dagar sedan
pathta with no souse!
Cats eat meow mix
Cats eat meow mix 2 dagar sedan
For some reason, I spends more Hours on New leaf, than New horizons
Petco bird
Petco bird 2 dagar sedan
2 hour bruh
Galaxy_ Gal64
Galaxy_ Gal64 2 dagar sedan
To the pig behind the slaughter
Spotted.Sally 2 dagar sedan
I miss giving Resetti high blood pressure 😂
Afsara Mubashshira Ahmed
Afsara Mubashshira Ahmed 2 dagar sedan
I know this doesn't make any sense but in ,6:37 there o Is AANG froma AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER
kyle steele
kyle steele 2 dagar sedan
Did jaiden swear
J C 2 dagar sedan
We would be good friends when you were a kid :p
thazoezone 2 dagar sedan
Google: Why is animal crossing so relaxing? People that villager hunting: ...
t0m & j3rry
t0m & j3rry 2 dagar sedan
I edited this comment so u won't know what it said before.... heres a horror story instead of what I said. I spent the night at my grandma's house, Me and my brother were laying down in bed together watching SVfrom. I glance at his screen, I look back at my phone then look back at him realizing his eyes were green, instead of brown.
uni_eunice 2 dagar sedan
Is that aang from Avatar the last air bender
KrankyKat 2 dagar sedan
Hey jaiden do you know what among us is? It’s keeping me alive
Kitty Mazu
Kitty Mazu 2 dagar sedan
Me: rovers dumb and I want him away from me seat disgusting / *CORNAVIRUS* Rover: *MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA!???!!!*
Jurassic Chicken
Jurassic Chicken 3 dagar sedan
I think we could all use a bit more Jaiden right now...
Ava Bryant
Ava Bryant 3 dagar sedan
My favorite resident in new horizons is “Chèvre” she’s so nice and cute and I love to make her happy and give her lots of gifts
Wyatt Sonnier
Wyatt Sonnier 3 dagar sedan
Kate broke all of jadiens bones
Sheriff Jabang
Sheriff Jabang 3 dagar sedan
Have you ever watch avatar
colum andaoife
colum andaoife 3 dagar sedan
Alicia Oglesby
Alicia Oglesby 3 dagar sedan
I have vesta (I think thats her name)
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 3 dagar sedan
Yay canada
Olivia Mohr
Olivia Mohr 3 dagar sedan
I have a switch
Avery Spurlock
Avery Spurlock 3 dagar sedan
Do you know the alien glitch in new horizons
milky _clutz
milky _clutz 3 dagar sedan
so you're telling me it's still dark?
Tianshi 3 dagar sedan
i think you just like being verbally abused by animal crossing villagers
CarrotChild 3 dagar sedan
noob town tune changers: Memes, Actual Songs, Etc. Jaiden's town tune: *I SUMMON YOU LORD THOMAS, COME RUN OVER THIS PATHETIC TOWN*
brothermations 3 dagar sedan
The title be like: Animal Crossing used to be so much darker... video be like: I got yelled at by a purple pig no hate btw! I love the video but I just made a little joke.
sonic and amy channel
sonic and amy channel 3 dagar sedan
sonic and amy channel
sonic and amy channel 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden what's your Nintendo switch name
what happen
what happen 3 dagar sedan
You say the villagers in the animal crossing new horizon doesnt have much better villagers then why does one of my villagers talk about the pickle rick
Razor Gaming
Razor Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Jayden: if my mom didnt buy it, it didnt exist. Me: so nothing is real?
ST_Supernova 3 dagar sedan
0:17 pokemon lol😂
Cocomarlia 3 dagar sedan
Just got an ad for Animal Crossing smh.
Anxious 3 dagar sedan
Yeah animal crossing is creppy because zipper
Nathan E
Nathan E 3 dagar sedan
Animal crossing GameCube: 19,200 bells Animal crossing new horizons: GIVE ME 100,000 BELLS TO PAY YOUR RENT Me: I think Tom nook is drunk
Kienan Hewitt
Kienan Hewitt 3 dagar sedan
My sister plays animal crossing and I like train so she bought a train table in the game
Dakota Souza
Dakota Souza 3 dagar sedan
Me just watching you as playing animal crossing
L Z 3 dagar sedan
I saw that, apple bottom jeans boots with the fur
Panda Land
Panda Land 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden in animal crossing 🔘🔺🔘
Bulbot 26
Bulbot 26 3 dagar sedan
shes slowly becoming a gaming/animator channel instead of just and animator channel
Jessica Matlock
Jessica Matlock 3 dagar sedan
Dancing cotty
MikuPinky 4 dagar sedan
It's been like 12 years I've got ACWW and man, even if I played a lot (A. LOT.) the villagers keep saying new things to me lol
Chris Nordstrom
Chris Nordstrom 4 dagar sedan
Rocco is hank in my town
Random person
Random person 4 dagar sedan
ꪑiꪀtꪗ ᭙ꪮꪮᦔs
ꪑiꪀtꪗ ᭙ꪮꪮᦔs 4 dagar sedan
Who’s watching in 2021 👁👄👁
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