An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

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Jaiden Animations

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The UK was great and i had a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it

Owen Toad
Owen Toad Timme sedan
If I was a girl and someone said all girls are selfish, I would say these exact words: “Oh you’re sexist, much better than selfishness”
EpicUnicornGaming 2 timmar sedan
Cashew 2 timmar sedan
it's all ogre now
kam kolb
kam kolb 2 timmar sedan
1:06 *hol up*
Some random guy
Some random guy 4 timmar sedan
jaiden meets the CEO of based
Relaxify TV
Relaxify TV 5 timmar sedan
Sooooooo, she didn’t flush the toilet???
Giovanni Carrillo
Giovanni Carrillo 5 timmar sedan
Jadens wallet was like in the toilet: 👁💧👄💧👁 this is pain
Daisy Clarke
Daisy Clarke 5 timmar sedan
As someone from Britain I can safely tell you that these kind of people/encounters are rather rare so if you ever decide to come again as long as he's not there you should be good!
Adventure Studios
Adventure Studios 5 timmar sedan
1:07 *looks past number one* 👁👄👁
Cole Nelson
Cole Nelson 6 timmar sedan
at 6:32 I thought he was gonna fist bump you again lol
Neru 6 timmar sedan
I wonder if the guy that bumped on you was actually *high*, and when i mean *high* i mean he was as the size of a skyscrapper
Joshua Branche
Joshua Branche 6 timmar sedan
1:06 um jaiden lets not talk about that
boxedupfoxy 6 timmar sedan
the way it says virginity
xXSparkler PlaysXx
xXSparkler PlaysXx 7 timmar sedan
1:05 why doesn't it say "your life"?
-ˋˏɴᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍɪɪˎˊ- 7 timmar sedan
4:45 r/niceguys
Konrad Pytlak
Konrad Pytlak 8 timmar sedan
Kowalski: Are you read to face a brutal mindless killer machine Ricco: DEMONIC LAUCH King Julian: This the mindless , check this out ,Mort Mort: 4:45
among us
among us 8 timmar sedan
Are you in the airport 0:01
gryphon provenzano
gryphon provenzano 10 timmar sedan
Did anyone see the TARDIS?
Emma Nel
Emma Nel 10 timmar sedan
yea i can be cool sometimes.....
Theresa Kim
Theresa Kim 11 timmar sedan
Wait, so she didn't flush the toilet?
Vishwen Reddy
Vishwen Reddy 11 timmar sedan
6:46 is it a weirdo detector
Ella Carr
Ella Carr 11 timmar sedan
maybe get a phanny pack
Francis 13 timmar sedan
Only good parts is Scotland and Ireland. Fuck da rest
Jeff Bunny
Jeff Bunny 13 timmar sedan
jaiden : So , i peed on my waled me : quality content bois and girls
Lorenz Calairo
Lorenz Calairo 15 timmar sedan
soulja boy phone
Nitbitnathan 15 timmar sedan
am i the only one wondering why the wallet wasn't flushed down the toilet
Joshua Zarate
Joshua Zarate 17 timmar sedan
Woah Bumped from behind you say
Lily Pie
Lily Pie 18 timmar sedan
You're lucky that the wallet didn't go into the drain when you flushed it
Pearl こんにちは
Pearl こんにちは 18 timmar sedan
Is it really that your wallet is really on the toilet? If your wallet is really on the toilet welp that alot of pee
The Kangaroo Gamer
The Kangaroo Gamer 18 timmar sedan
Anyone got a Ciggy
Alex Bull
Alex Bull 19 timmar sedan
Buy some cargo pants from REI. They're worth it.
Muffiin Time
Muffiin Time 21 timme sedan
I have a cousin named jaiden
Giovanni Rome
Giovanni Rome 21 timme sedan
Wait did I just see virgin on the list
Scrappi 21 timme sedan
Like that *one* video
Gachacook247 22 timmar sedan
What's worse peeing on your wallet or Shrek emailing you back
Savino Pasceri
Savino Pasceri 22 timmar sedan
he seemed chill.... HE WOULD BE ME
ThaChamp07YT 23 timmar sedan
did she flush the toilet?
MoHuncHo 123
MoHuncHo 123 23 timmar sedan
Meanie I am your worst night mare
MoHuncHo 123
MoHuncHo 123 23 timmar sedan
I am soooœoooooo lonely
MoHuncHo 123
MoHuncHo 123 23 timmar sedan
You told her
FunnySkits 23 timmar sedan
Guys remind me to never shake Jaiden's hand until she gets a new Wallet
Artur Nazarenus
Artur Nazarenus Dag sedan
Aren't you flushing the toilet
Cas G
Cas G Dag sedan
Girl.... you met an incel lol close call
agent Owens
agent Owens Dag sedan
Let's be honest though. The majority of both genders are selfish
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel Dag sedan
Wait, if the wallet fell in the toilet when she was going to the bathroom, and it was still in the toilet later, does that mean she didn’t flush...?
Donut Hoel
Donut Hoel Dag sedan
anyway uh so he was high . sorry it's confirmed. British people don't do that u h
Emilio Sánchez Rdz
Emilio Sánchez Rdz Dag sedan
You need to place that wallet on an auction.
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy Dag sedan
Ok, so I have a kid who sits next to me in class who is exactly like this, the fist bumping and everything, so I’m guessing there is like technical term for this. Does anyone know what it is?
A guy say near a girl,"girls are selfish" now I have heard all
Taylor Cummings
Taylor Cummings Dag sedan
6:36 wirdo alrt
Lucas Galand
Lucas Galand Dag sedan
Turns out r9k was the UK the whole time
I like how on the list of DO NOT LOSE in a foreign country is “Virginity” 😏
Sid Lainton
Sid Lainton Dag sedan
Hey what's wrong with the UK I live there 😡
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Dag sedan
Shut up little kid
Michelle Allman
Michelle Allman Dag sedan
That is how she said it
Michelle Allman
Michelle Allman Dag sedan
I thunk it
James Heney
James Heney Dag sedan
Simps would want that wallet
Izzy Blue Bell
Izzy Blue Bell Dag sedan
Since he likes fist bumps, you should give him one! In the face!
Chra Sisters
Chra Sisters Dag sedan
Guy:all girls are selfish Me:So wait either he doesn't want a girlfriend or is he gay. By the way being gay is fine my best friends is gay
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Dag sedan
Just cause your best friend is gay doesn’t mean you can’t be homophobic, also there’s nothing wrong with what you said idk why you had to add that last part.
Angel Artz
Angel Artz Dag sedan
That guy is way too sus
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Dag sedan
@Angel Artz good ;)
Angel Artz
Angel Artz Dag sedan
@Johnny Joestar I already did😏
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Dag sedan
Vote him out
-SilverFire- Dag sedan
Me: *Sees flag at **0:31* Also me: *Lip smack* Actually, that is incorrect. -Your local brit
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Dag sedan
4:50 wtf
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Dag sedan
2:59 I'm glad I'm a guy and this could never happen to me
Alexis Baez
Alexis Baez Dag sedan
That’s a google pixel jaiden
Minesoal's Secondary Insanity
Minesoal's Secondary Insanity Dag sedan
Hes tryna do the "If I make this girl feel horrible and uncomfortable, then she will like me more!"
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Dag sedan
6:46 weirdo detected self dezpsctruct initialised 1.....2.....3.....4....BANG
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Dag sedan
Oh and the spellinG MiStaKeS are purposeful
Agnes Linder
Agnes Linder Dag sedan
Alexboss Dag sedan
How didn’t the wallet get flushed away
Eira Dag sedan
Backpack they are nice
Samuel Liu
Samuel Liu Dag sedan
Jaiden: I serve the finest stories! Jaiden small: so i peed on my wall...
Idontcarewhoiam Dag sedan
me: sees tardis in background also me: perfection
Kiara Savage
Kiara Savage Dag sedan
at 6:46 when jaiden's phone said weirdo detected so funny.
the nexus channel
the nexus channel Dag sedan
jaiden: i dunno it just had pee on it 4:00 subscribers: 8.84M subscribers: 1
Kenneth Satria
Kenneth Satria Dag sedan
I think he was trying to hit on you in some strange way
OtakuPlatinum Dag sedan
1:06 look at the second thing on the list XD
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Dag sedan
*V i r g i n i t y*
Dumb As Rocks
Dumb As Rocks Dag sedan
1:05 um don't look at number 2
MockEmperor 953
MockEmperor 953 Dag sedan
8:50 fuck? Ok then
Sammy Plays
Sammy Plays Dag sedan
Recently discovered these animations and I love them
Avery Henderson
Avery Henderson Dag sedan
Things you should not lose in foreign country Phone wallet Virginity!?!? woooooow jaidyn woooow you just had to go there
starlord_ag Dag sedan
you did not pee on it. You would have to flush so you would have dropped it after that
Jesse Gatlin
Jesse Gatlin Dag sedan
I love the “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” reference.
Adryana Johnson
Adryana Johnson Dag sedan
Sorry didn't expect that cuz all girls are selfish. Me.hey I'm a girl anytime when my parents go to the store and they ask if I need anything I just tend to close my mouth and say I don't need anything so don't say all girls are selfish
Kellie Ann
Kellie Ann 2 dagar sedan
I legit use a bag that used to hold explosives. yayyy
Jackson Widner
Jackson Widner 2 dagar sedan
How does a girl pee on a phone????
[•JustAli•] 2 dagar sedan
The highest thing on the list for the worst thing to lose in a foreign country is a wallet. 2: *virginity*
George Khoory
George Khoory 2 dagar sedan
4:48 I-
Insidious_93 2 dagar sedan
on the list of bad things to lose in another country 1.wallet 2.*virginity*
Nekiplex 2 dagar sedan
1:03 man it feels weird calling the UK foreign but i understand why obviously. After being born, raised and never leaving this place hearing it to be foreign is a different experience. XD
April Violinist
April Violinist 2 dagar sedan
Cause Im a baby that’s the mood of 2020
Anya Sirott
Anya Sirott 2 dagar sedan
I love how the phone said “weirdo detected”
Marissa ILLANEZ 2 dagar sedan
The rhyme was so funny every time I listen to it, it makes me laugh
ScreenHead 2 dagar sedan
1:13 if she was sponsored, this could've been the best Segway into a ridge wallet sponsor
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Dag sedan
The Kristler
The Kristler 2 dagar sedan
6:15 Remembers no Russian
Click Bait news
Click Bait news 2 dagar sedan
Normal day in Britain
Jeeson Kallukkaran
Jeeson Kallukkaran 2 dagar sedan
the comment guy is very funny
Henry Schell
Henry Schell 2 dagar sedan
Show down show 😆
JerryPlep 2 dagar sedan
"This is a non-UK passport line, ya goober." -Jaiden Animations
Reese Lewis
Reese Lewis 2 dagar sedan
This is why my mother tells me that when I find money I should be careful with it because you don’t now where it’s been ( jaiden pees on wallet and money ) 😂
i peed on my gameboy
Barış Özügüler
Barış Özügüler 2 dagar sedan
0:45 that was offguard okay and the subtitles omg
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox 2 dagar sedan
I live in the UK and I can safely say that some people are that weird
TheRealBaird YT
TheRealBaird YT 2 dagar sedan
The way the guy was drawn looks kinda like me and I'm a little offended, and it wasn't me, because I have never traveled
• Čøçô Ťhę Wøłf •
• Čøçô Ťhę Wøłf • 2 dagar sedan
Man, London is really cool! I don't live close to it, but it took at least an hour to get there last time (I been to the Science museum)
Our tour went wrong in all the best ways
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