An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

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Jaiden Animations

År sedan

The UK was great and i had a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it

MGL_Otgonbileg 36 minuter sedan
1:05 2.virginity?? Lol
S Aditya chakravarthy
S Aditya chakravarthy 37 minuter sedan
Dad: loses wallet Me: finds it ( literally on the floor) Dad n mum: bruh
Wildhan Syed
Wildhan Syed 52 minuter sedan
The tall man in the line probably bought out a Samsung Galaxy
Burger Cat
Burger Cat 4 timmar sedan
Jaiden:bEcAuSe iM a bAbY Yes aren’t we all
PewDie Pie
PewDie Pie 6 timmar sedan
Quality stuff only the finest. Just for you. So i peed on my wallet
A Weird Human
A Weird Human 11 timmar sedan
Even as a boy I know that that guy was a weirdo
dark snipers
dark snipers 13 timmar sedan
Make a pokemon go video
{Dëmøn_ cløuds}
{Dëmøn_ cløuds} 16 timmar sedan
7:07 if made me laugh some how.....😂
ScorpionGamingMD !
ScorpionGamingMD ! 18 timmar sedan
I’m not normal either jaiden
Gabby Wirtz
Gabby Wirtz 20 timmar sedan
1:07 number 2 WT-
DragonBorne Among us lover
DragonBorne Among us lover 21 timme sedan
Wel I hope you liked the galar region-
NS plays
NS plays 21 timme sedan
Those Damn tiny woman jean pants
susan john
susan john 22 timmar sedan
did enybody else see on her phone that said wierdo detecter
Abiageal Drew
Abiageal Drew Dag sedan
if you have a purse you can hit somebody if something happened
Donal Animations
Donal Animations Dag sedan
Imagine that guy saw this
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Dag sedan
Jaiden would be a great stand up comedian with like 4 specials on Netflix. BUT THEN ANXIETY BE LIKE
JoseRomel Manzanero
JoseRomel Manzanero Dag sedan
the amount of times of me watching a woman peeing her wallet is incredible
Kyra Valerie Saputra 1210117
Kyra Valerie Saputra 1210117 Dag sedan
1:05 captions/subtitles: a wallet is pretty up there on the "Not Good Chart". (whys virginity up there??) DO NOT LOSE: 1. Wallet 2. Virginity 3. Young Child 4. Phone 5. Patience
Rahul Rhys gaming
Rahul Rhys gaming Dag sedan
I like how the phone said weirdo DECTED
storm santos
storm santos Dag sedan
Welcome to dress up! Press “Read more” to continue! Eyes: > < = = ^ ^ 0 0 Confirm - Mouth: U v w o 3 M - • Confirm - Pose: O I -• I I Confirm - Item in hand: 👜 👛 👒 🕶 Confirm - Hair: 👩🏻 👩🏼 👩🏽 👩🏾 Confirm - Let me know your character in the reply! (And pick the gender)
storm santos
storm santos Dag sedan
Mine is: 👩🏼 I-👛 I I
V1RIZ0N G4MIN9 Dag sedan
6:46 read the phone
Roblox Tips
Roblox Tips Dag sedan
Is anyone gonna say anything about the second thing on the list right before wallet
brofenix Dag sedan
.....wait what? Jaiden didn't flush the toilet after peeing in the toilet? Huh?
Creator Awesome Films
Creator Awesome Films Dag sedan
What if she pooped
Michael Raad
Michael Raad Dag sedan
The spectacular skate externally box because estimate anteriorly jam midst a difficult gram. odd, awful ronald
No picture
No picture Dag sedan
i feel like a young child would be 1st ofc, wallet... 3rd
Angel Arias
Angel Arias Dag sedan
so were not commenting on the fact that she just admitted to not flushing? alright.
Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh Dag sedan
Who carries a wallet that was peed😅😅😅
Zooey Zhou
Zooey Zhou Dag sedan
I have a sudden realization. you didn't FLUSH after you used the toilet.
OrionJG 2 dagar sedan
Girl you aren't the only one who doesn't know how to talk to people
Alex 2 dagar sedan
Should have let him hanging on the initial fist bump. He took that as you not being uncomfortable at all if his social skill were actually poor and he wasn't pretending to be socially awkward.
Lazi 2 dagar sedan
After a year I realized she was talking to hood shaggy
Andrea 2 dagar sedan
Shrek Is love. Shrek Is life
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma 2 dagar sedan
The werid guy reminds me of nagito from danarompa
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma 2 dagar sedan
The weird guy reminds me of nagito from danarompa
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma 2 dagar sedan
The weird guy reminds me of nagito from danarompa
Funtime BentleyBoi
Funtime BentleyBoi 2 dagar sedan
Mia Nelson
Mia Nelson 2 dagar sedan
And nobody is gonna notice the weirdo detected on the iPhone
Morganoxx 290
Morganoxx 290 2 dagar sedan
Weirdo detected-2021
TIERNAN MC 2 dagar sedan
I live in the uk
ShikuFish 2 dagar sedan
So uhm-....some pretty wird things happend to me too...that i was born...(im just joking, im happy that im born)
Owen Stutelberg
Owen Stutelberg 2 dagar sedan
She never flushed...
Fathia Pramesthi PW
Fathia Pramesthi PW 3 dagar sedan
KittycatKaylee 3 dagar sedan
so you know how there was this kid that skated up to you when you were sixteen? well what if that guy in the airport was the same person??? IDK my friend's mind is weird I know this because she is writing this.
Jaymob 3 dagar sedan
Wait you dont flush ur toilet when u done using it?
Gacha boba tea
Gacha boba tea 3 dagar sedan
Pvz4life 52
Pvz4life 52 3 dagar sedan
Top ten things to not loose in a foreign county: ViRgInItY
Sophia Kamlan
Sophia Kamlan 3 dagar sedan
Ok is it normal to be on your phone while peeing?
Ljupka Ilieva
Ljupka Ilieva 3 dagar sedan
Do u serve medium rere
Fredrika Knutsen
Fredrika Knutsen 3 dagar sedan
Ummm... Didn't you fluch the Toilet...
Abdielyx González
Abdielyx González 3 dagar sedan
SAP him 😤
Abdielyx González
Abdielyx González 3 dagar sedan
youtubers hits
youtubers hits 3 dagar sedan
i live in da uk
sean Elliffe
sean Elliffe 4 dagar sedan
AlL gIrlS aRe SeLfIsH Wow just wow may be you wanna know how to do your beard
Adam Volný
Adam Volný 4 dagar sedan
I mean, you can always buy chain or some string to your wallet.
reggie pillay
reggie pillay 4 dagar sedan
Wtf,, ":0
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza 4 dagar sedan
Winston Townsend
Winston Townsend 4 dagar sedan
Fan theory: the guy at the airport was daftpina.
Stink Face Roblox
Stink Face Roblox 4 dagar sedan
Me when see how tall he is . My mind : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM TALL OK MY TASTEST FAMLY MEMEBER IS 6'8 ( i was so mad i didn't speed right )
Kidpoolio 11
Kidpoolio 11 5 dagar sedan
I promise not all British people are like the guy in the line
Nova Star68
Nova Star68 5 dagar sedan
I remember this being my first storytime animation video to watch and looking at this video a year later for some reason made me feel a little teary, without this video I would never have gotten into animation. Thx Jaiden😉😁👍
Brighton Maxwell
Brighton Maxwell 5 dagar sedan
Imagine if jaiden flushed the toilet-
brofenix Dag sedan
Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Who doesn't flush the toilet after peeing in it o.O?
Arun Try
Arun Try 5 dagar sedan
Me watching the beginning when the cooking mama 2 speed run is out: FORESHADOWING
David Vazquez
David Vazquez 5 dagar sedan
So do you have that same wallet
GraysonÙwÚ Meh
GraysonÙwÚ Meh 5 dagar sedan
One the list the second thing😂😭
Spencer Milshtein
Spencer Milshtein 5 dagar sedan
Ever think that dude was trying to flirt in line?
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim 5 dagar sedan
plot twist: he new it was Jaiden and decided to mess around with her
SONYA LE 5 dagar sedan
Game of gaming
Game of gaming 5 dagar sedan
“So I peed on my wall and” ummm
Minerva Artemis Art
Minerva Artemis Art 5 dagar sedan
This guy was a pick yp artist, such stupid lines had to be from a pick up artist!
Chris Wiersma
Chris Wiersma 6 dagar sedan
\_('-')_/ || / \
Yammy Sushi
Yammy Sushi 6 dagar sedan
Me see that this video has no subtitles in my language Also Me:Spanish from Latin America there we go
Mayo Palileo
Mayo Palileo 6 dagar sedan
The guy in the time 5:48 I saw a video if someone likes You and he did a step.
X brawler
X brawler 6 dagar sedan
Imagine if this guy sees this video and makes the connection
Addyson 6 dagar sedan
answer me these questions three and you may reclaim the spot taken by me - The creepy guy in the airport 2019 (resaid by Jaiden)
Joe West
Joe West 6 dagar sedan
Ok, rewatching why did I get the feeling a ridge wallet transition was coming up like “my wallet falls out of my girls skinny pocket, and that’s why I use ridge wallet now”.
Mark Kender
Mark Kender 6 dagar sedan
I have that one guy from the uk vibes. Fist pumps and all. Probably knew it’s was jaiden animations. Failed to create conversation due to bad social skills. He’s mind is probably all over the place. Realized things weren’t going great but still tried to play it cool. Unsuccessfully used fist pumps as a form of redemption. Which give off weirdo/creepy vibes.
Lukas Wackenier
Lukas Wackenier 6 dagar sedan
Haha shrekfast
Dmoe 0
Dmoe 0 6 dagar sedan
I like the 'Weirdo Detected' on the phone
Chris Nordstrom
Chris Nordstrom 6 dagar sedan
The UK is better than u described it
Foga the Fox
Foga the Fox 7 dagar sedan
Number 2 1:07
TeamMateMedia 7 dagar sedan
2:51 jaiden's unusual swearing moment
bilbosilbo 7 dagar sedan
I live in Scotland my people are super nice
sudoku 7 dagar sedan
me who lives in the UK: makes sense, i am weird, and so is everyone I know
7 dagar sedan
“So many people have iPhones” *Phone is phone you need phone*
valkyrie_pilot 7 dagar sedan
is customs in great britan _Has TSA badge_ Me, an airport buff: thats not supposed to be there....
Teh random otaku
Teh random otaku 7 dagar sedan
jaiden : do you have an android or sum? me remembering an r/madladspost : *GUCCI SMART TOILET*
Mikayla Callahan
Mikayla Callahan 7 dagar sedan
1:05 ahhh yess losing 2. is badd
That person that trys to make a animation
That person that trys to make a animation 7 dagar sedan
I check the toilet to see if any spiders are in there
Ramiro Escamilla
Ramiro Escamilla 7 dagar sedan
“Weird Detected”
moonlight cookie
moonlight cookie 7 dagar sedan
6:46 can u see it
ItsNeragg 7 dagar sedan
6:45 did the phone say "weirdo dectected"
Micro Beast
Micro Beast 7 dagar sedan
Thank God she didn't flush😆🤣
Salty Cheese
Salty Cheese 8 dagar sedan
A very questionable video
LOVE This Games
LOVE This Games 8 dagar sedan
0:26 Ok... What❗️❔😂 2:47 Oooh, it kinda makes sense now-
Quinn Hooper
Quinn Hooper 8 dagar sedan
why didn't she flush the toult
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin 8 dagar sedan
If that guy was a pervert than you would lose the top 2 things in your dont lose list
Jacob Kohr
Jacob Kohr 8 dagar sedan
In case you didn't know that guy in the last story is what the rest of society refers to as a d-bag.
שני אסייג
שני אסייג 6 dagar sedan
So true 🤣
KittenPanda 8 dagar sedan
The DO NOT LOSE list omg 5. Patience 4. Phone 3. Small child 2. Virginity 1. Wallet 😂😂😂
Kryzer K9
Kryzer K9 8 dagar sedan
So, does that mean you didn't flush the toiled after you peed? ~_~
Michael Barajas
Michael Barajas 8 dagar sedan
You know he was flirting with you
Our tour went wrong in all the best ways
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