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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

There were technical difficulties so here's an edited version of the livestream. Also apologies about the music quality/audio peaks. I couldn't do much about it unfortunately :/
Here's an index of the video:
0:00 - Introduction/quick thank you/me being nervous
2:40 - Me being a doof
3:20 - Verdanturf Town (Pokemon RSE)
4:40 - Route 113 (Pokemon RSE)
6:40 - To the Moon
8:38 - Stream crash lol (but video quality improves)
9:57 - Over the Garden Wall
11:52 - Undertale Medley
17:12 - Megalovania
20:28 - Pokemon RSE Ending Theme
24:43 - Shelter (Porter Robinson & Madeon)
30:08 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (I Don't Want to Say Goodbye)
34:18 - Attack on Titan Theme
35:55 - Ari
37:05 - Path of the Wind (Totoro Theme)
39:51 - More Ari/Answering Questions
(I played Howl's Moving Castle but that was when the stream crashed, sry)
Sheet music from Over the Garden Wall & Undertale Medley are from ThePandaTooth (on youtube)
Sheet music from Shelter is from TheIshter (on youtube)
Sheet music from Pokemon Myster Dungeon is from TheBespinben (on youtube)
If you want to watch the whole thing I added some silly editing to it here and there to keep you entertained.
also 500 bonus points to whoever counts how many times I say "umm", "yeah", and "so".
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Music: .....me

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D no really, thank you

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 3 år sedan
The description has an index of the whole video as well as lots of other helpful info (like some sheet music) if you wanna check that out
Orange 25 dagar sedan
Jaiden Animations congrats even thou it’s like 3 yrs later
Victor Flash
Victor Flash Månad sedan
Jaiden it's me from the future, *ahem YOU SHOULD'VE PLAYED DEJA VU AND GIORNOS THEME
SoCal 22
SoCal 22 5 månader sedan
Damjan :D
Damjan :D 5 månader sedan
The best SVfromr ever!!!
Yuqing Cao
Yuqing Cao 6 månader sedan
Y did u put ur elbow on the poor keys... :(
Eugene Abogel
Eugene Abogel 5 timmar sedan
She reallyed played the piano me too but im not good😨
Savannah and My dog Elle
Savannah and My dog Elle 6 timmar sedan
Bruh I really want a pet bird ...my parents won’t let me get one...😢
Chantelle Diedre Moodley
Chantelle Diedre Moodley 8 timmar sedan
clap clap clap very good
PryingMonster 24
PryingMonster 24 13 timmar sedan
You deserve much more 🙂
Julie Correa
Julie Correa Dag sedan
Wow 😦😧😮😲😦😧😮😲😦😧😮😲😦😧😮😲
REDX12 AE Dag sedan
Damn, why did I have to find this video after I quit listening to music😭😭😭
Video Gaming Stickman
Video Gaming Stickman Dag sedan
17:12 OH MY GOD MEGALOVANIA Thank you for blessing my ears Jaiden Still watch this in 2020
Gamer Lytical
Gamer Lytical 2 dagar sedan
Who here heard megalovania in spooktober
ManoToons 2 dagar sedan
For a second i taught she had face cam on her body and i taught the piano where stairs-
sunflower jesus podcast
sunflower jesus podcast 2 dagar sedan
Did I hear megalovania
memes yt
memes yt 2 dagar sedan
Holy crap jaiden so good
Archie Campbell
Archie Campbell 2 dagar sedan
that all sounded amazing.
Siddiq Mason
Siddiq Mason 2 dagar sedan
i like this vid thx for making it
Bart 3 dagar sedan
Free practice :people
Reyna Kondaveeti
Reyna Kondaveeti 3 dagar sedan
**me realizing that I'm 3 years late to this video**
UniHufflepuff 3 dagar sedan
More of a guitar player but idk where my guitar is at anymore
rodrick polk
rodrick polk 3 dagar sedan
Mc Inc.
Mc Inc. 3 dagar sedan
I just froze when she started playing because I didn’t expect that for some reason
ꍏꈤꀤꀤ- ꌚꍏꈤ
ꍏꈤꀤꀤ- ꌚꍏꈤ 3 dagar sedan
How talented really are you.
I’ve seen something I’VE SEEN SOMETHING
I’ve seen something I’VE SEEN SOMETHING 3 dagar sedan
Let’s all admit that she is better than we can ever be.
Masacle 3 dagar sedan
I'm just wondering right now, how are you playing with long nails?
DiamondDolphin 3 dagar sedan
On I’m just gonna try megalovania *plays near perfection”
Gian Carlo Bermudo
Gian Carlo Bermudo 3 dagar sedan
THIS IS GORGEOUS OMG IM SO SURPRISED!!! Edit: you should joins americas got talent and play piano there
Lemonz & Cherriez
Lemonz & Cherriez 3 dagar sedan
Holy frick!
Mohs ez
Mohs ez 4 dagar sedan
This was an absolutely stellar performance (am i over using stellar now? hhmm Not my problem). Thank you for the awkward, the imperfect, and the...stellarness.
nela pawluczuk
nela pawluczuk 4 dagar sedan
me listening to the megalovania theme played by jaiden herself over and over doe XD
my corner.
my corner. 4 dagar sedan
Me when I see the date : OMG SIX YEARS AGO, IM SO LOSTtttTT
Amir Hajian
Amir Hajian 2 dagar sedan
U from 2022?
Monete Todo en su canal
Monete Todo en su canal 4 dagar sedan
You play so good :D I’m still learning piano
James Manoukian
James Manoukian 4 dagar sedan
Damn You are so good at piano! :0
Gator Gaming2.0
Gator Gaming2.0 4 dagar sedan
Ben Samuel
Ben Samuel 4 dagar sedan
i came here to see 1 million pieces of candy or something but instead I saw jaiden flexing off her piano skills
DiamondDolphin 4 dagar sedan
I found a over the garden wall fan
AmongUsAnimations 4 dagar sedan
Omg this is beautiful 😍
Mr potato Man
Mr potato Man 4 dagar sedan
This has to computer made its too perfect
Sean Hettenbach
Sean Hettenbach 4 dagar sedan
Yupp I'm in love. Stupid me...
Antra Golubeva
Antra Golubeva 5 dagar sedan
Jana Abou Naga
Jana Abou Naga 5 dagar sedan
When Jaiden’s piano playing is better than ur life will ever be: T^T (Ps ik im late corona timeee)
Charles Yang
Charles Yang 5 dagar sedan
u should have played grieg piano concerto
kitty chan Rodriges
kitty chan Rodriges 5 dagar sedan
Yeha 😽
Courtney Iloveasmr
Courtney Iloveasmr 6 dagar sedan
Wooow you play so nicely
Courtney Iloveasmr
Courtney Iloveasmr 6 dagar sedan
Great job The animator queen XD
hayden proudlove
hayden proudlove 6 dagar sedan
you did Megalovania really good
SPIRITXK9 6 dagar sedan
Is there anything she can’t do??? Man that shelter song she played Uugghhhhh love ❤️❤️❤️
Satis Faction
Satis Faction 6 dagar sedan
During the piano I have just one thing to say. wow. she’s really good. reeeaaally good.
gumdrxpz 6 dagar sedan
Blue fin gaming
Blue fin gaming 6 dagar sedan
When she played that piano her hand is so SMOOOTH
princesshsini 7 dagar sedan
do you play bonetale??
Kaeli C
Kaeli C 7 dagar sedan
WOW! How long has she been playing for???
Rowen Ledesma
Rowen Ledesma 7 dagar sedan
your so good at piano,and you inspired me to try piano to. thank you
UnMaxSalvaje 8 dagar sedan
Just beautiful ok?
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 8 dagar sedan
1million she’s about to get 10million
Rowen Ledesma
Rowen Ledesma 7 dagar sedan
this was 4 years ago
Xoib 8 dagar sedan
Bbruh when she said dadadumdum at 17:12, I really felt that.
Logan Lane
Logan Lane 8 dagar sedan
10/10 I would recommend again for many others to hear 👏👏👏
catherine Urbano
catherine Urbano 8 dagar sedan
Such a talented person!!!! ❤️
Emilio Rojas
Emilio Rojas 9 dagar sedan
To be honest, Im dissapointed that you played megalovania.
Brianna Williams
Brianna Williams 9 dagar sedan
Wow you are an exceptional piano player good job!!!
Simon DestructX
Simon DestructX 9 dagar sedan
Now I really want to see your face :D
Rex Resurreccion
Rex Resurreccion 7 dagar sedan
@Simon DestructX lol
Simon DestructX
Simon DestructX 7 dagar sedan
@Rex Resurreccion I saw her face in a Boyinaband's video 😄
Rex Resurreccion
Rex Resurreccion 8 dagar sedan
@Simon DestructX actually, at the end, it shows her face :))
Simon DestructX
Simon DestructX 8 dagar sedan
@• itz_StrawberriiMari • Nah, she made a video why she won't make a face reveal
• itz_StrawberriiMari •
• itz_StrawberriiMari • 8 dagar sedan
she actually has a face reveal
Neil Ave
Neil Ave 9 dagar sedan
Damn she good at that piano
Ethan Abraham
Ethan Abraham 9 dagar sedan
I can play Megolovania too poger
Ethan Abraham
Ethan Abraham 9 dagar sedan
also a lot of other songs
RexLoren-exe-lol 10 dagar sedan
El vato Al lado
El vato Al lado 10 dagar sedan
I too play the piano but you are very good and I just know like 3 songs
Pink •
Pink • 10 dagar sedan
3 years later *9 mil
Corran 10 dagar sedan
DAMN JADEN YOU ARE INCREDIBLE AT THIS ps.i actually lost my mind at megalovania
Benedict Yung
Benedict Yung 10 dagar sedan
WOW there's a lot of people who watched this in 2020(including me)
Birb's_NestYT 10 dagar sedan
not only did god give you 1Milion subs but that piano is so good i gave you 1Milion claps
Aiden Winfrey
Aiden Winfrey 10 dagar sedan
i laveyou jaden
Sarah Heard
Sarah Heard 10 dagar sedan
I am very late lol, but man your piano playing skills are so bomb (so amazing)! I literally got ASMR tingles throughout the video when you were playing lol 😂❤️😄
The Veggie Nerd
The Veggie Nerd 10 dagar sedan
The pokemon RSE ending
•Blue Moon• z
•Blue Moon• z 11 dagar sedan
OMG YOU PLAY THE PIANO SOO GOOD! I wish I could play the piano like you lol
jj_13_kys 11 dagar sedan
can you be my teacher
Biterz 11 dagar sedan
The fact that megalovania is in the ""songs I might play" makes me happy.
Sandra Zapata
Sandra Zapata 11 dagar sedan
ahora son 8 millones :000
Jana Abou Naga
Jana Abou Naga 11 dagar sedan
Why is the only music ik from here are shelter and path of the wind just cuz of glmms or gcmms background music? 😂
Jana Abou Naga
Jana Abou Naga 11 dagar sedan
Jana Abou Naga
Jana Abou Naga 11 dagar sedan
I am like Jaiden with the whole flowy or jumpy piano playing. I jump from note to note cuz it just... what i do? My teacher be like: you need to CONNECT the notes like the note SAYS Me: well heck i aint never goin do dis :3
alpaca hat67
alpaca hat67 11 dagar sedan
i heard ari screaming and thought a bird broke into my house at 12:30 am
SamanthaPlays 11 dagar sedan
Me as a ten year old "I'm really good at piano!" Me later watching this "Wow I suck"
marisela fuster
marisela fuster 12 dagar sedan
Jaiden you’re so good at piano!!! 🎹
Alina Xx
Alina Xx 12 dagar sedan
Ben Riley
Ben Riley 12 dagar sedan
RJ0315 G
RJ0315 G 12 dagar sedan
Why can’t we get more piano , I and others love ur piano skills
AudreyLikes Socks
AudreyLikes Socks 13 dagar sedan
Can you do this again when you hit 10mil
AudreyLikes Socks
AudreyLikes Socks 13 dagar sedan
Bro her hand posture compared to mine 😭😭😭
Tristen Yerington
Tristen Yerington 13 dagar sedan
dayumm! your good.
PEDRO GARCIA 13 dagar sedan
your really good
Merry Cringemas
Merry Cringemas 13 dagar sedan
She’s do good
Sai Jahnavi Yeruva
Sai Jahnavi Yeruva 13 dagar sedan
Does anyone know what piano she uses?
C H S 13 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ I remember when this first came out when it was alive I feel so old
Syrixa 14 dagar sedan
Wow grrrrrrrrrrrrlll
Dominic Chow
Dominic Chow 14 dagar sedan
Mini Furious
Mini Furious 14 dagar sedan
JAIDEN if I make an Undertale fangame with all piano music can I use this recording of megalovania for the sans boss fight? I wont guarantee a fangame but if I do make one can I use your megalovania?
Adam Baumann
Adam Baumann 14 dagar sedan
I listened to the whole thing while doing school work it was really nice.
kayleigh Mcmyne
kayleigh Mcmyne 14 dagar sedan
Please tell me you will do one of these things when you hit 10 mil
Lolmaster roach
Lolmaster roach 14 dagar sedan
Can we appreciate that she’s 9 million subs in 4 years after this video.
Aj Myers
Aj Myers 14 dagar sedan
Man best video ever tbh most people just do my care about talking to the public just about their steam good luck
hyper dragon
hyper dragon 15 dagar sedan
Jaiden your proboble won't see this but if you do I was wandering if you watched attack on titan because you nailed the theme song
Majin_ Mexicann
Majin_ Mexicann 15 dagar sedan
I’m still watching this
Harrison Norman
Harrison Norman 15 dagar sedan
thats amazing
Carlos Barranco
Carlos Barranco 15 dagar sedan
I am 2020 the kid of this tio
Happy Birthday Ari!
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