I Hate Reading
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The Most Underrated Game Ever
I Don't Like the Dentist
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Ari's Birthday! (again)
Injuries & Being Sick
Living with Ari
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My Childhood Stories
My Opinion on Traveling
My Random Thoughts
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Parent Stories
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Happy Birthday Ari!
Things that Freak Me Out
My Dog Stories
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Flirting & My Stories
My Opinion on Halloween
My School Stories
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The College Struggle
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
To the Moon (Piano)
How to be Stupid
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Dough D-D-Dear
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I Hate High Heels
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Hide and Pee
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JaidenAnimations Intro!
Otton Gameplays
Otton Gameplays 20 timmar sedan
I wanted to help but i dont even live in USA
kelly lucas
kelly lucas 20 timmar sedan
I can usually pronounce your name Jaden animations hugs and kisses
Alduhaimi A
Alduhaimi A 20 timmar sedan
I have a amazon and macaw but the macaw died rip
Tia Callas
Tia Callas 20 timmar sedan
12:17: Dang Jaiden, nice moves. If only our penguins could dance that way again
rolando manzon
rolando manzon 20 timmar sedan
That injuri mine is all good
Priti Chauhan
Priti Chauhan 20 timmar sedan
What's in store for 10M???? 🤗🤗🤗
Gregor Meisen
Gregor Meisen 20 timmar sedan
I am compelled to say out loud "indubitably" whenever I hear somebody say "without a doubt". Also, I've been shipping Amy and John since day one! About 300 kilometers before most people did.
Diego Angelico Nicomedes
Diego Angelico Nicomedes 20 timmar sedan
Alternative title: jaiden being noob as hell while she can just beat Minecraft in creative mode
Diego Angelico Nicomedes
Diego Angelico Nicomedes 20 timmar sedan
Why the hell did u guys not get beds either
Gioz Block
Gioz Block 20 timmar sedan
Stuff animals are my jam too
Char_Does_Gacha UwU
Char_Does_Gacha UwU 20 timmar sedan
2:34 i can draw hands :)
Der Langweilige Kanal
Der Langweilige Kanal 20 timmar sedan
Reda Ztn
Reda Ztn 20 timmar sedan
my cat died 2 days ago i cried alot and im still sad until know
Fireball gaming brae
Fireball gaming brae 20 timmar sedan
You didnt beat the whither
Seah Tze Yong
Seah Tze Yong 20 timmar sedan
Kyodaina nezumi wa sonzai shimasen
Grayson's World Of Fun
Grayson's World Of Fun 20 timmar sedan
The war is back we need to stop Charlie d loser from beeting pewdiepie
Grayson's World Of Fun
Grayson's World Of Fun 20 timmar sedan
The war is back we need to stop Charlie d loser from beeting pewdiepie
Christine Grießer
Christine Grießer 20 timmar sedan
...so there are jaiden hairs in Austria 🇦🇹?!?!!!??? Edit(yes i live in Austria)
i like Fallout
i like Fallout 20 timmar sedan
1:01 i think we all thought it said at first
Chris Walter Lundy
Chris Walter Lundy 20 timmar sedan
2:46 I never really got into this fandom before,and about three minutes in Rover is already ruined for me
Debaditya Nath
Debaditya Nath 21 timme sedan
Welp idk if this is a real problem but doesn't sound like one to me... Like just eat right? Dont be empty atleast in terms of food /shrug
Seah Tze Yong
Seah Tze Yong 21 timme sedan
Jeiden'animēshon yoi
Piyush Upadhyay 2435
Piyush Upadhyay 2435 21 timme sedan
Counting to 3 is a deal with the devil
Seah Tze Yong
Seah Tze Yong 21 timme sedan
Bideo wa yoidesu
ExCiL The_Beast
ExCiL The_Beast 21 timme sedan
me: crying because I can't beat Minecraft everyone else: CLUB PENGUIN DANCE
JustAAMVingGuy 21 timme sedan
1:03 are we not gonna mention the fact that she has vannamelon in the top right corner?
Chris Walter Lundy
Chris Walter Lundy 21 timme sedan
"So I grew up playing games either alone or with my brother." Replace brother with sister,and that's me. ....I really wish I could have friends over during this pandemic-
Crispy 23
Crispy 23 21 timme sedan
2:22 My brain when I do something that'll totally hurt me
David O Donovan
David O Donovan 21 timme sedan
I can definitely identify with this video...I've been on medication now for years with extremely crippling anxiety.
Shiny Hunter EggsYT
Shiny Hunter EggsYT 21 timme sedan
Ayyy this was released on my birthday and haha it’s about a game I’m still into... for about 8 years
Odder than me
Odder than me 21 timme sedan
Odd1out and your Songs are my favorite All downloaded on my device +The song is interesting
Soul Surviver
Soul Surviver 21 timme sedan
I've actually been hit in the face by a soccer ball.
Cas van Kuijk
Cas van Kuijk 21 timme sedan
Do you play among us
PinkGummy Bear The GUM SUM squad
PinkGummy Bear The GUM SUM squad 21 timme sedan
Wow that’s some trip! 😯
Emma y Leo Portillo
Emma y Leo Portillo 21 timme sedan
I here from the video that jaiden says : dont go to (What are you doing here)
• pëachy bee •
• pëachy bee • 21 timme sedan
What happens if James was there 🤔😂
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley 21 timme sedan
Perfect Bite™ sounds sophisticated
Vibern Pasco
Vibern Pasco 21 timme sedan
Yep i have anxiety
HolyCow 21 timme sedan
12:16 just wow
Piyush Upadhyay 2435
Piyush Upadhyay 2435 21 timme sedan
She did not murder anyone : /
Chris Walter Lundy
Chris Walter Lundy 21 timme sedan
Can I be honest here? I played C-R-O-W-N-E-D over the Ender Dragon fight to make it more epic
Ella Joyce
Ella Joyce 21 timme sedan
Candy cadent in the backround fnaf fans :0000000 JADIEN LIKES FNAF
heo gaming
heo gaming 21 timme sedan
6:37 i like ya cut g
BaggiestShelf 58
BaggiestShelf 58 21 timme sedan
I have to be honest, I can relate o so much of this, I describe that feeling like a tar that covers your body, it is dark and ugly, so you stay away from others to hide it and not affect them too, but when you try to take it off it refuses to and when you do get it off to tries to slap itself back on. And when it comes to the “I don’t care about myself comment” personally I think it depends on what you mean (example I don’t care about my looks, weight or physical pain), like if you don’t care about your looks or weight that’s good because you accept yourself physically, if you don’t care about your physical pain like bruises or broken bones that can also be good, but what I like to call the grey area is mental pain, because if you don’t care too much it is toxic and can destroy you and create that tar again, but if you care too much it also can make that tar too, but in my opinion the second one is very difficult to happen. Sorry I’m rambling so basically accept yourself for who you are and take care of your mental health.
R1Blox 1
R1Blox 1 21 timme sedan
Pls make more pokemon vidoes
Lena Akhtar
Lena Akhtar 21 timme sedan
im glad fame hasnt got to her like everyone else she just the same as how she was 6 years ago
Raeruy Mermaid
Raeruy Mermaid 21 timme sedan
Pasta with no sauce.
Joe Molloy
Joe Molloy 21 timme sedan
0:04 Guy: yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy.... Yyyyyyyyyy
Simon Josef Realisan
Simon Josef Realisan 21 timme sedan
When are you uploading videos
Teng Joan Lim
Teng Joan Lim 21 timme sedan
Emporio 21 timme sedan
Jaiden dancing the club penguin dance is so nostalgic
Denzel Dupa
Denzel Dupa 21 timme sedan
Is Jaiden a Lefty? Cause the mouse position... 1:23
DOGE 0114
DOGE 0114 21 timme sedan
Yeah my mouse is left click for blocks but i use my right hand to write idk why lol
aiden griffin
aiden griffin 21 timme sedan
i did it in 1 hour lol
Super Stuffeez
Super Stuffeez 21 timme sedan
I love mangas
hans and hars channel
hans and hars channel 21 timme sedan
A legend was born
Ultimate-SubZero 21 timme sedan
BRUUH JAIDEN THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU BOYFRIEND!!!!!!but sorry that was awkward
Dev Mehta
Dev Mehta 21 timme sedan
I thought James and Jaiden were friends since their childhood
Ellie Szostalo
Ellie Szostalo 21 timme sedan
I have 10 pets and they are so cute
Anuraag Srinivasan
Anuraag Srinivasan 21 timme sedan
I looked it up...
BaggiestShelf 58
BaggiestShelf 58 21 timme sedan
11:21 Why did this remind me of Rick Sanchez
Unknown_IQ 135
Unknown_IQ 135 21 timme sedan
minecraft is the reason for her to get 9mil. i have 14
ItzGloomy Ester
ItzGloomy Ester 21 timme sedan
*This brought up all my guilt-*
Lee Moon
Lee Moon 21 timme sedan
Everyone is talking about club penguin dance but aren’t we gonna talk about Jaiden typing minecrap then correcting it to minecraft
Lexter Jake Umblas
Lexter Jake Umblas 21 timme sedan
Did anyone else get emotionally invested in this miles ahead than any anime they've ever seen? or is that just me?
XxJcubxX 0409
XxJcubxX 0409 21 timme sedan
Ringtail Raccoon
Ringtail Raccoon 21 timme sedan
9:52 Me just wanting my bird to poop so they don't poop on me
Bunny_Unicorn 21 timme sedan
what animating app do you use?
XxJcubxX 0409
XxJcubxX 0409 21 timme sedan
Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams 22 timmar sedan
MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_ Jackfplays
_ Jackfplays 22 timmar sedan
And you said 2016 was a wreck: 2020
The Reaper
The Reaper 22 timmar sedan
James always draw a cute Draw his self
Done Account
Done Account 22 timmar sedan
2:08 The gun looks closer to a Desert Eagle 2:09 Now it's a Glock xD